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Chun-Li High kick 4

Hi, This my work for the E2046's contest, I wanted to thank dragonwings for prevent me about the rule and publication time :)

This year I wanted to do a kit of my first video game memory.
When I was a child, I discovered street fighter II, the first character I played was Chun-li, and she remind me my childhood memories.I wanted to do a Chun-li kit with a typical posing for the character.

It was a long work with the preparation and painting, but I did it after months of work.
I used 5 differents blue tones for the dress, I wanted to create a sweet harmony between her musculate legs with the stockings, and the softness of her dress.
So I don't made huge effects on the dress because it would be too much agressive with the muscles.

I made the typical " red" chinese make up and sparkling lips. Once again, I like the contrast between fighter but feminine.
I hope you will like my work, it was one of the difficult kit I made, the assembly was very hard because of the weight of the pieces and the posing.
Thank you for watching and support!
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Looks awesome as always! Love all the little intricate details you work up in the dress and face! A very nicely done balance of the fighter and the femininity of Chun-Li!
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I am really glad you noticed the idea I wanted to represent! I like to play with the " fighter " aspect but the fememine touch.I made the same for Iroha and Mina :) thank you very much!
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Je veux la même ! ^_^
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Tu devrais essayer de faire des kits si ça se trouve tu apprécierais beaucoup!
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Je manque cruellement de temps... j'ai une armure qui n'avance pas assez vite à mon gout, d'autres projets bricolage en cours ou à tester, j'ai des modèles de tatouages à préparer en dessin (pour moi et pour d'autres...), je n'ai plus le temps de toucher à la console...

Dur !!! Vivement que les journées rallongent. Et c'est d'autant plus dur de s'intéresser à tout et de vouloir tout essayer un jour... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!

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Daymn that's just such an awesome pose. Both the model and your coloring just work together so well, the shifts between tones are really smooth and save for maybe the slightest hint too much dark tones on the boots, a shade or two lighter mighta been sufficient, I don't think I could imagine anyone doing a better job. I'll mention in this comment too how Chun Li was one of my very first female characters that I played and though back in the day bashing the attack button was about as skilled as I got with any character, I've since realized I'm not very good at playing her at all, but she's still one of my all time favorite characters for being the first and still a very good example of a woman who can and will go toe to toe with the guys and kick ass as hard as the rest of 'em. Also, dem thighs. lol
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Hi ^^ I apologize for late answer I was very busy è_è
I thank you for your positive comment on my work.
The difficult part on the kit was to create the musculature under the tighs, with kind of translucide flesh effects and colors for the tighs.

I was happy with the result because it was a long work, a big sized kit ( around 51 cm high) and lot of peopled liked it.It is the most beautiful reward for me to read people like the kit ^^

thank you again!
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Thank you for sharing the awesome pictures. :) You brought the strength of her legs out really well, which I'd say is very important with Chun.
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