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Hunter Application: Misfits



Final application for :iconpmdunity:


Name: Jack
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Trait: Proud of its power
Move Set:
Quick Attack, Crush Claw, Flame Charge, Flamethrower

Born from a Sandslash (father) and a Quilava (mother), Jack was raised by his parents to be an academic since his parents don't like to fight. Even if Jack is quite the smart guy, he doesn't like to spend his time reading or studying. He is more of a man -or pokemon- of action.
He decided to join a guild to impress his family (especially his older stepbrother Jeremy).

Jack thinks very high of himself.
He hates to lose, but it happens pretty often.
He has uncommon birthmarks over his eyes that resemble eyebrows.
Jack has an older brother (an adopted Numel) called Jeremy.
Jack's mother used to dress him as a girl when he was a baby.

2nd Memeber
Name: Creep
Pokemon: Archen
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
Trait: Often dozes off 
Move Set:
Scary Face, Earth Power, Acrobatics, Dragon Claw

Before joining Jack's team, Creep lived in the forest with his "daddy" Harlock, an old Umbreon with a patch on his right eye and a scar on his left eye.
It's very hard to understand what Creep thinks because of his blank expression. He often comes out with weird statements and always speaks his mind. Despite not being very bright, Creep is a kind soul and loves the nature.

Creep is stronger than Jack.
Caterpies are his favourite food.
Jack calls him Birdbrain; Creep doesn't seem offended though.
He would like to learn how to fly.

Mission 1:…
Old App:…

Updated with the 2 coins form two previous errands
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Real quick, that fraction under your stats represent the number of points you have left unused. Since you used all 10 points for both members, it should read "0/10". Fix this as soon as you can!