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Hello everyone!

Just to make everyone aware, I am going to be doing an overhaul on my commission prices and what I offer. I don't think I will stop offering anything, but I am going to add some new options and change some of my prices probably.
I am definitely adding some new example work.

Stay tuned!

P.S.: I got a new program for doing art, and fixed a driver in my tablet so expect some new and different looking art in the future! I'm excited!
Hey everyone!

So, I've seen people using ko-fi and decided to give it a try.

In case you don't know, it's basically a way to give someone a little tip, $3, or the price of a cup of coffee (hence the name).

So if you'd love to support me but can't afford a commission, consider buying me a coffee!
I've finally decided to open up for commissions of emoji stickers for Telegram!
They will be $15 per set of five (you can order more than one set).

Telegram Emoji Stickers by ShokiDeNai
More Emoji Stickers by ShokiDeNai

Comment here or send me a PM if you're interested. I will need to know how many stickers/which emojis and be given clear reference material. I will PM you for your PayPal and send you an invoice.

Seeing how much interest this will get, so no specific number of slots. They should have quick turnaround, but if I feel there's too many orders I will close until I am finished.
Hey guys! I got all a couple sleep studies done recently. I do need a c-pap machine. Unfortunately, they're expensive as Hell, even with insurance. I need to bring $300 up front, and make monthly payments after that. Ouch.

So...I could really use commissions! Here's my prices:…
Just PM me or comment in the journal if interested.

If you can't afford a commission, give me a little signal boost, I'd really appreciate it! <3

Please, I'd love to be able to get a good night's sleep. ;-;
I have returned from a short four-day vacation for Thanksgiving. Used some vacation days at work and set off to visit :iconaf-mas: and my sister in WI.
Was a good trip, even though it was hard to balance my time between my pregnant sister and my boyfriend. I needed more time, but I want to save some vacation in case my sister needs me after the baby is born.
Got in an accident on the way there too. The three cars ahead of me decided to play bumper cars, I hit the brakes in time to avoid joining them, but the person behind me hit me pretty hard. I was knocked off the road. The back end of my car is a mess, but I must have a guardian angel because other than some bruising from the seatbelt, I seem to be fine. The other driver's insurance has accepted full liability, so my car will get taken care of. I see them on Monday.

Also, my brother, his wife, and their three kids are living with me now. I don't  know for how long. Untill they can get some money together. Kind of cramped here.

I had a good Thanksgiving though, and spent some time with people I care about. That's what matters. :3

So, I don't Black Friday shop for fear of being trampled and not having the tolerance for the ungodly long lines...But where are some good places for Cyber Monday shopping?

After the death of my dog in April, I contemplated about whether or not I wanted another. I thought about it for a while, and decided to get another cat instead. A little buddy for my siamese/tabby, Aden. 

So, after visiting the animal shelter for a while, I picked out a kitty about three weeks ago. Her name was Luvs. She was found abandoned in a diaper pail of all things. I have renamed her Marcie and she knew she was home from the moment I opened the carrier. 

It took the two cats about a week to decide they might as well get along since neither was going anywhere. They're not buddy-buddy yet, but they are tolerant of one another. 

Here's a picture:…

So, I ended up euthanizing my dog, Max, last Friday. Got someone to cover for me at work that day and had the weekend off to recover. He was declining fast and was miserable, I decided it was time. 

I miss having him underfoot and greeting me at the door when I come home. :c

I had him cremated, which was an extra cost. I am offering chibi's for $10 to help cover the cost. They look like these:……
I have some bad news everyone. Max, my dog, was diagnosed with late stage cancer in his lungs. Aggressive chemotherapy at this point might only buy a few weeks time, and the doctors weren't optimistic about it, so I have opted not to put him through that. He hasn't given up yet though, and I feel he still has some quality time left so we're treating him with some drugs to make him comfortable and hungry so he eats. The doctors could not tell me how much time he has left, but I will have him put down should he start to suffer. Any prayers or just positive thoughts for him to make the transition easier for him would be appreciated.
Hey there! I have been playing Pokemon X (thanks to my super special awesome boyfriend), and thought I'd see if any of you lovely people want to trade friend codes. Mine is 2793-0777-1412.

I've been told my friend safari type is rock, but I don't know much about it as I'm only about halfway through the game.

Oh, and I got a job today. I'll be working at a local nursing home/rehab center/assisted living facility. I have a group orientation on Thursday and will start training on Friday. Yay job! It's a huge relief. 
Well, I finished class on Thursday and took my nursing exam today...I passed! I am officially a CNA!
I'm going to double my job-hunting efforts and hopefully be employed soon. Wish me lots of luck everyone!

Oh, and if you'd like to help me out financially until I land a job, I am open for all kinds of commissions and am still running a half off special on MLP commissions.
Have a My Little Pony character you want drawn or another character you'd like to see ponified? Do they need a reference sheet? Look no further, because I'm running a sale on reference sheets for OC MLP characters (aka ponysonas).

I am offering half-priced pony references at $20.

I will take 5 slots to start:

Comment here please if you would like a slot.

And of course, I am still open to other commissions.
Hey there folks! 

I disappeared for a bit, sorry. My computer had a hard drive failure and is toast right now. 

Affy (ie the best boyfriend ever) is loaning me is old laptop, so now I'm back. It's a band-aid fix until I can figure out what to do. 

Dunno how well this computer will handle an art program, so you guys may or may not see much art from me for a while. 

Peace out
May the Fourth be with you, and happy Free Comic Book Day!

Go out and celebrate your nerdiness!

I'll be hitting up the comic book store in a bit and taking advantage of We Love Fine's Light Side/Dark Side sales. I also ate my breakfast with my light saber spoon. Off to a good start.

I do seem to have a cold though. Bleh.
I had to have my cat euthanized this afternoon.

His name was Felix. He was a black and white short-hair.

He was a wonderful cat. Very affectionate, very bright. He was my baby.

It was a hard thing to do, but not a hard choice to make. He was very sick, and was about eleven. He took a sudden turn for the worse a few days ago, and stopped eating. Stopped acting himself. He looked miserable. I knew. I think he knew too.

The vets agreed there was little that could be done for him, and it was far better for him to go peacefully than waste away over the next few days.

Felix will be missed greatly. I am very heartbroken. It was not just hard to watch him go, but it was hard to see him be so sick, so frail. He was a shadow of himself.

Please excuse me while I grieve.

Here are some photos of him, at a healthier time in his life:……………
:iconfarnsworthplz: :iconsaysplz: Good news everyone!

I think I am finally ready to take commissions again.
I have an email account specifically for art related business, a Paypal, a Terms of Service, a written Price Guide (I MAY made a visual one if the demand is high for one), and I've been working on improving my art work and making a lot of examples with my requests thread on SoFurry.

On a completely unrelated note, :iconaf-mas: is amazing. I just had the best little vacation at his place this weekend. Had loads of fun. Laughed a lot. He's the best boyfriend ever and a ton of fun to be with.

I even saw a shooting star for the first time in my life! That has to be a good sign, right?

Anyway, mushy stuff about my awesome boyfriend is over now.
Carry on everyone.
Yup! Back home after the vacation with :iconaf-mas:. We had a lot of fun! Kind of sad to be home and done with the vacation.
So, :iconaf-mas: and I are starting our vacation tomorrow. I'll be on the road headed to his place in the morning. I'll return home some time on Sunday, but between now and then I won't be online much, if at all. So, peace out peeps! See you later!
Been a really eventful month for me. May is automatically rough because my mother died on Mother's Day two years ago, so that's on my mind a lot for most of the month and especially on the anniversary of her death and then on Mother's Day.

There has been some good though. My very dear and long time friend, Affy, decided to finally take the plunge with me and we are officially dating now. So, I have a boyfriend. A very wonderful boyfriend. This makes me incredibly happy, and I feel I have found a very great man to be with.

However, this month has also brought upon the decision that my teenage sister is going to come and live with me starting sometime this summer. She's had a rough time since my mother died and has gotten herself into all forms of teenage type troubles and is breaking up her father and step-mother's marriage do to her behavior and his lack of wanting to actually parent her and set rules/boundaries. Her father has pretty much created a monster and is passing her to me, hoping I can get her straitened out. I'm not sure how ready I am for this. But I want to be there for my sister, and help her where her father has failed. I just don't want her to resent me when I need to get strict, a lot stricter than her father ever was.

I dunno, it's all kind of overwhelming.

How is everyone else?
So, it's my birthday on Thursday (the 22nd). I am super excited. I get to spend all weekend with my bestest friend, :iconaf-mas:!

Fun times will be had. :3
Hey, so I've got a not-broken computer now, and that means I'm finally uploading to my photography account again! Yay!

So, if you're interested in seeing how well I take photos, head on over to :iconshokitography: !!