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where have you gone and what brought forth such misfortune?
i slowly sulk my way through my hollow crypt, in rhythym with the dirge of my life
no one else can hear the wonderfully dark melody that echoes through my skull
it plays regardless of where i am or what i am doing
it knows that i cannot deny it's existence
it is being tortured
doomed to replay the same notes over and over
the phantom longs for that one key to fall in place
until it is obtained the song will never cease
like the troubles that exist in all of our lives...
i must leave the ghoul to his sorrow
although his sorrow lives in me...
i continue
walking through the graveyard
dodging the arms of the undead
why are they furious?
do they not know of my misfortunes?
i am forced to lay them to rest once more
slowly their souls gather
working to defeat the greater of two evils, for i am the lesser
to be continued...
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In the Shadows
he stands in the corner, leaning against the wall
the world passes him by and no one notices him at all
he stands there waiting for that moment to shine,
but until then he's go nothin but time.
all the people pass him by,
he sees all their actions, their thoughts, and their fears,
every smile, every frown, every laugh, all the tears,
observing steadily, not giving off his place,
he walks in the room and leaves without a trace,
people ask of his name and only know his face,
readily he waits for that moment,
knowing the whole time he's gotta hold it,
take a step forward but then two back,
held captive by fear of anything else he has ever felt
nothing but pain but where it is from,
aint caused by others but comes from within,
he tries so hard to be what you want and forgets to do it for him,
all this time he's getting worse while thinking what to do,
everytime he gets that way,
when he comes out to play,
he hates himself because he is that way,
he knows he needs to change,
others tell him
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Phil Gianakas
United States
Current Residence: Brooksville, Florida
Favourite genre of music: Not overly big into metal or rock. I enjoy more mellow music most of the time.
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