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Art and attraction: They go hand in hand
Famous mangaka Go Nagai is well-known for his brilliant mangas/animes Devilman, Devilman Lady, Violence Jack and Cutie Honey. In Devilman Lady, the beautiful protagonist Jun Fudo is recruited to save her city from demon-like humans by transforming into a fierce, muscle-bound monster herself. Conversely, in Cutie Honey the protagonist Honey is well--cute! She is a badass super-heroine in her own right and is one of the earliest examples of a magical girl before Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon. She's not drop-dead gorgeous like Jun Fudo is in her pre-devil form, but she's girl-next door adorable. In the later anime remake New Cutie Honey however, o
Dragon Age Origins:The Ultimate Badass Chick!
Wow! I made the best Dragon Age: Origins character EVER! She's big, she's bad and she's got a crew cut to show for it! How strange... in all my years of video game enthusiasm (is that a word?) I've always played the girls most women hate: big boobs, lots of make up, revealing clothes, and I've never had a problem with that! I still don't. Why do some women put down female characters for the way the dress rather than the fact that in some RPG video games the stats for strength is sometimes lower than that of a male character? Then when a game portrays a female character with no make up, wearing simple clothing like heavy, figure obscuring a


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