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paypal only

BW Sketch 
Headshot (one character) - $15
Waist-up (one character) - $25
Full Body (one character) - $35
+ $10-$15 for NSFW stuff

Headshot (one character) - $35
Waist-up (one character) - $55 
Full Body (one character) - $75 
(example) (example)
(+$15-$25 complicated character (lots of piercings, tattoos, wings, e.t.c.))
+ $15-$20-$25 for NSFW stuff

Robots - TF (CLOSED)
Headshot (one character) - $30
(example) (example)
Bust (one character) - $45
(example) (example) (example)
Waist-up (one character) - $60
(example) (example) (example)
Full Body (one character) - $85
(example) (example) (example)
(+$20-$40 complicated character)
+ $15-$30 for NSFW stuff

Weapons/Armour - $20-$35
I draw only simple background - $15-$25 (CLOSED)
(example) (example)

I don't draw:
Fetish-related stuff (like vore, excessive gore (except robots), macro, inflation, scat/WS and so on)
I don't like draw OC+Canon character (but you can ask me/I can draw it sometimes)
If you're unsure if your fetish is in that no-no list - please, ask before sending a request. Thank you!

Drawing Process
I'll start working only when the payment is received.

Sketch stage is the only stage where commissioner can ask for the picture to be edited.
I will do minor changes (complexion, head size, tail length, hand position, etc) no more than 5 times and major changes (pose, atmosphere, etc) no more than 1 time. What goes beyond it will require additional payment. To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure the request is written clearly and easily for understanding. Avoid changing the whole image in the middle of drawing process.

The finished picture will not be revised. Please refer to the previous stages to ask for any corrections.
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