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Thought I'd upload a little something since I've been away for so long...

Before I played Sword, I didn't care much for Hatterene, but then I decided to try her out, and from the Fighting Gym on, she quickly became a mainstay of my team and thus earning her the nickname "Marisa" (yup, it's a Touhou reference.) So, I was having a discussion with some co-workers the other day, and I was talking about how I had gotten stuck at the Stow-on-Side gym, but managed to sweep through it with a Hattrem. And then we got to talking about how so many trainers have this Pokemon, but they're not constantly covered in bruises/have their bones broken on a constant basis, when one of them comes up with this theory about how trainers keep it pacified with alcohol, since Galar is based on Great Britain/Scotland/Ireland, and that combined with Pokemon battles keep Hatterene's violent tendencies in-check.

So essentially, according to him, all Hatterene used by trainers in Galar are constantly drunk.

Also, did some experimenting with adding gradients to linework, and I think it came out nice enough.
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