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By day, she's an active duty fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, flying Raptors as part of Air Combat Command. Unofficially, however, she was recruited into black ops operating out at Tonopaw, flying prototype aerospace fighters that were reverse-engineered from crashed extraterrestrial ones. These hostile forces are initially probing the defenses of the various nation-states of Earth, more specifically those of the United States, Russia, and China, with further plans of a planetwide invasion.

Artwork by Audia Pahlevi
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So many aspects of this painting are almost perfect!! though the person's left ankle seems sort of unnatural because at the knee it seems to be facing more towards her right but it curves in a bit of a weird way. You could change the knee to face towards her left a little more. Another thing is that the body seems flat, her left arm's further part is a bit thin. The character's neck isn't much of parallel lines, it curves outward at the bottom. if the hair is covering that part, you could make it clearer by not having it shown as an almost straight line.
The shading in her neck kind of just stops in the middle, maybe make it more gradual!
The person that is in the background [the one closest to the main person] has a weird curving upward to his foot. He also seems a bit big compared to plane but that could just be it's model.
The one edge of the black suitcase is really sharp, i don't know if thats just your choice though!

Hope this helps.
Hot looking redhead going nearly topless on the flight line and not one of the plane directors (US Navy term, I believe they are called plane marshals in the US Air Force) pays the slightest attention? Those are either well disciplined men...or they are gay.
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I know this is not how G-suits work (there is pressure-sensitive compression gear underneath that keeps the body's blood from pooling up in the feet or rushed to the head during high-g maneuvers), but I think people can appreciate the cheese-cake aesthetic from time to time.
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Fantasticly done. Also happy new year to yeah by the way.
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Heh, the civilian part of my mind is looking at this thinking it looks gorgeous.

Then there's the NCO in me who imagines seeing an officer dressed like that: "Ma'am, put a top on for fucks sake."

Great work and interesting storyline.
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Heheh nice. Happy new year to yeah by the way 
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What can I say?

I may or may not have been a real pain in the ass for my officers.

Happy new year to you as well.
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Thank you. And thank you for your service
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I did it for entirely selfish reasons I assure you.
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Still thanks though
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The need... for constant acceleration? ;)
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I know i sound pedantic, but im air crew myself (loadmaster), ya got the pockets and the boots wrong. we aint allowed the high gloss boots because they arent rated for the flight line. Gorgeous work otherwise.
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I'm aircraft maintenance by trade. This commissioned piece was intended to be a cheesecake one, so I indulged the artist's liberty a bit. Plus, I'm not certain a bikini top would work well with a G-suit per say. 
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Yeah, might make things a bit interesting under any amount of g's. whatcha work on?
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F-15's primarily, plus KC-135's, E-3's, and very rarely, HH-60's. A specialist rather than a crew chief.
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Cool, im an HC-130 guy. got a bunch of SMA's for 60's here currently. 
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