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Quicksilver Industries: 'Grizzly' Sniper Rifle

The latest addition to the Quicksilver Industries armory is the Grizzly sniper rifle. Firing .408 caseless SABOT rounds designed to punch through walls and do some serious damage to unsuspecting enemies behind it. Combined with a thermal sight, this is one lethal motherfucker.

Quicksilver Ind. produces top of the notch firearms made for easy and cheap mass production, while maintaining very high quality. Our firearms will always be fully ambidextrous, two toned, operator-friendly and accessory-friendly.


Credit to IgorKutuzov for the design of the optic.

Check out the high definition image here:…

Yours truly,
~ Shockwave
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...dangerous -- effective.
lordwolfbane7's avatar
your gun concepts are bad ass as fuck, might consider some inspiration from your designs in my designs as well
Shockwave9001's avatar
Thanks mate! I hope I can inspire you :)
What did you use to make this piece?
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Its called PimoMyGun. It's a free flash app online. (Though unfortunately it only works with internet explorer now since chrome stopped working)
killerdragon558's avatar
Stubby sniper rifle is a sexy sniper rifle. :) Bigger would make a competitor for the LAR "Grizzly Big Boar"!
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Thanks, my friend!
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Seems like that's all you care about.
Either way, it's the know slightly above and in front of the trigger guard. Forgot to add details to it, though.
Archangel-Industries's avatar
I laughed at the use of grenades for the grip textures.
Shockwave9001's avatar
Why? It's an easy and code light way :3
Or do you think it looks bad?
Archangel-Industries's avatar
I think it's clever, honestly. Certainly not something I would have thought to do.

Thanks for the watch, by the way.
Shockwave9001's avatar
Glad you do.
And no problem, you have some neat designs, man.
Archangel-Industries's avatar
Thanks. I really appreciate it.
Shockwave9001's avatar
Honestly it's one of my worst in my opinion, but I'm glad you like it!
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Out of all of your Quicksilver Ind. Firearms, I'd have to say this is my favorite.
Double thumbs up, man.
This is awesome.
thetnknownbrony's avatar
reminds me of that experimental MR-C…Picture
PiplupSTARSCommander's avatar
Super Duper Awesome!!!

These Guns Are Cool!!!

Gotta love these designs!
Shockwave9001's avatar
Thanks a lot, man! I really appreciate it!
PiplupSTARSCommander's avatar
You're Very Welcome!

Keep up the good work!
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