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I recently came to update a few of my illustrations.

Unicorn and bull editorial illustration by Shockowaffel NSA monster by Shockowaffel NSA goes fishing by Shockowaffel

I reduced the saturation a bit and added lights and shadows to achieve a semi threedimensional look, inspired by papercut art.
Without knowledge of html or css I decided to create my own Web-Portfolio.
It took a while, but now it's finally done and I am proud of how it turned out.

Come and pay it a visit.
The human body in rough forms is relatively easy to reproduce / draw, but
as long as you dont understand what's happening under the skin and what the muscles do,
that long you wont be able to draw with confidence.
At least that's how I feel about it.

So I started to check George B Bridgeman's "The human machine".
I'ts a rather sketchy book for artists that depicts the human body as mechanical joints that follow easy rules of pulling or rotating, etc.
As useful as it may be, I always need another source (internet) to re-check anatomical issues I dont understand, since
Bridgeman doesnt explain anatomy in detail, but the mechanics.
Some sketches might as well be plainly wrong.

It's not my goal to explicitly learn every single muscle (although that would be quite cool) but to
improve my overall understanding of the human body and to transfer the sketches into a
three-dimensional imagination.
The object like thinking will help later to point out where highlights or shadows on a body should be.

Many sketches are very close to how they appear in the book, others are done using other references, like anatomical plastics, drawings, photos or 3d models.
Happy New Year all !
Let's hope it will be better than the last one.
For now, I'm going with some school book style since it's quite close to how I draw and it's fast enough, so I can still do it after I come back from work.
Results from the Frankfurter Book Fair:
Everybody appreciates my work and sees the quality, but it either doesnt fit the publishers style or it's too maga-ish.
I'm sketching around to improve on that part and I'll upload some sketches into my scapboard.
Wow, I've been to the Frankfurter Book Fair a few times now and it is always interesting and very exhausting to walk the area for many hours,
present your portfolio and keep it all together.
Now I'm working on my portfolio again, checking if I can improve something according to the results of the book fair.
I plan to have this done until the end of the week, so I can send it all out.
Ther Frankfurter Book Fair in Germany is coming closer, day by day.
I hope the event will help me get a better foodhold in the business.
I just recently graduated and got my Illustration Diploma and now I'm
strechting out my sensors for all sorts of presentation platforms.
Deviantart one of the better known and I think it will do.