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I did this for my portfolio for the Warcraft tcg.
I didnt find a card of Kil'Jaeden so I decided to do my own.

I'm really happy with the result, although it took much longer than I had planned.

Photoshop 7.0
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Oh shit it's so nice. He looks scary
This makes me scared to do sunwell
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Fuckin awesome o-o
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Don't listen to him; this piece is a thing of beauty. <3
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no, just meh. I've seen three different versions of kiljaeden, the first was a chibi, second was an ultrarealistic, and then this. The ultrareal was best.

yours is meh.
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Great piece of work.
Thanks for sharing...
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Your fantastic work has been featured in Friday Night Features.
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This has to be the best Kil'Jaeden I've seen
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Wow. That's fantastic.
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I Love this one very much....
wonderful work
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I think I saw color thumbnails of this earlier on Awesome Horse fb and it turned out awesome! :D I like that you didn't make it all warm, reddish tones.
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I didnt expect someone from AH to see it on DA.
What a coincidence.

I really liked the red-warm version, too, but I think this one is slightly more interesting.
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And I didn't expect to run into it here. xD I just saw it in my messages, posted in a group, and went "Oheeeey! I know that fayce!".

I'm personally fairly sick of the all-red-and-warm demon pieces (it's not ugly by any means, but it doesn't hold my interest nearly as much - I kinda end up glancing over that stuff a lot of the time), so I'm all happy about this version. Something about it just grabs the eye better for me. :D
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