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(I do NOT own RWBY or it’s characters, the copyrights belong to Roosterteeth and Roosterteeth Animations, as well as Monty Oum. The copyrights to the OC’s belong to myself and TF2Bill)

Mason sits as the shadows incase the walls of the room. Jaune hits the light as the entity screams in agony before returning to Mason’s body, causing him to reel back in a sharp amount of pain. He clenches his teeth before taking a couple deep breaths as his body loosens again. There is a short silence as Jaune speaks. “Ok, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?” Mason looks down. “Mávros Thánatos...the monster my ancester, Marcus the Dark, found.”

Ren speaks. “Do your teammates know about this?” Mason speaks. “Yes, the others knew of Haythem says...condition.” Nora pipes in. “Also, Marcus the Dark? Isnt your name MASON DARK!?” Mason sighs. “My last name has been unknown for a long time. My family lineage took on the Dark name due to Marcus himself not even remembering it.”

Nora pauses. “...WOW, your ancestor is a bit of an idiot.” Mason nods. “You think?” Ren speaks. “How did your ancestor find Thánatos?” Mason rubs his head. “Most of it’s foggy, seems Thánatos garners something from each person he transfers to, but I remember him finding a sceptor from an old abandoned castle. When he collected it, Mávros entered his mind and his body. He became Marcus the Dark shortly after that. Couldn’t remember anything except his first name. Mávros then passed on to his son, and his grandson. So on, and so forth, we took on Dark as our last name because, well...we didnt know our last names, and usually the next one to take Mávros were male.”

Nora speaks. “Well, maybe if we find that sceptor, maybe it’ll go back into it?” The voice screams in Mason’s head. “NO, I WILL NOT RETURN TO THAT PRISON, I WILL NOT!” Mason rubs his temples and strains in an attempt to relax as Jaune speaks. “Mason...why did you show us that?” Mason rubs his temples as the pain subsides. “...because I trust the three of you, Ren and Nora especially.” Ren and Nora look at one another as Mason looks down. “...those kids...that day...Kuroyuri.” He rubs his head. “When that grimm arrived. All of them...dead. I ran away in fear of what I would do.” Mason looks at them, ruffling his hair. “But you two, after Beacon. I finally recognized you both from that day.”

Ren speaks. “We didnt figure out you were that boy until we arrived at the nuckalavee’s den.” Nora adds in. “Did the Iron Warriors help you control that...thing?” Mason nods. “Yes, being calm and contained keeps the beast under control, even when I need it to take the reigns to take care of an opponent. Once it’s used, and the battle concludes, I can regain control with relative ease.”

Jaune speaks. “So, why dont you use it more often? If you can control it so well?” Mason runs his fingers through his hair. “Because I cant do it all the time, the strain is bad enough only using it on a handful of opponents. I use it too long, it will more than likely kill me.” Jaune’s shoulders slack. “Oh...” Mason looks at the ceiling. “I always kept this hidden besides my Iron Warrior comrades.” He groans in annoyance.

“Eventually, I’ll let everyone else know. But I put faith in you three enough to expand that circle of trust for the moment.” Ren and Nora sit on opposite ends of Mason and lean in and hug him. The usually black hearted boy sighs and resigns to the embrace. Ren speaks. “Opening up is a good thing, it helps clear the mind of any troubles that plague your conscience.”

Mason nods in understanding as the trio release their embrace as Nora speaks. “We’ll help you in any way you can.” Mason, genuinely cracks a smile as Nora jumpcuts to her feet, a cheery tone in her voice, trying to lighten the mood. “So, who’s ready for more board games?” Ren nods. “It might help us all feel better. We can talk about this amongst ourselves more casually.” Jaune rubs his shoulder. “As casually as can be. Mason?” The trio turn to Mason, who looks down before sticking his hands up, he chuckles slightly. “Alright, alright, count me in.”

Colt and Ruby walk around Mistral. Ruby jump cuts around, looking at certain shops. “Ooh do you think Yang would like those glasses? Oh Weiss would adore that scarf. Oh Blake would totally ask for more books.” Colt chuckles. “Ruby.” He sticks a hand out as he accidentally yanks the hood off Ruby’s shoulders by accident. “Huh?” Colt looks to Ruby, who walks over and sticks her hand out. “Ahem” Colt chuckles and hands her hood back. “Sorry, Rubes.” Ruby pats the dust off her hood. “It’s fine.”

Colt looks around. “Look, it’s nice that you’re thinking of the others, but today is about having a good time and relaxing.” Colt observes the marketplace, before seeing a restaurant across the way. “Hey, there’s a restaurant right there...The shining star.” Colt opens his scroll and searches the restaurant’s name. Ruby looks to him. “Colt, I can tell it’s pretty expensive looking from here.”

Colt rubs the back of his head. “There’s no price too high for my sister.
Besides, reading up on this, the ambience is gorgeous.” Ruby looks at him. “What’s ambience?” Colt grins and shrugs his shoulders. “I dont know, some fancy word for appearance, I guess. Come on.” Colt walks towards the restaurant as Ruby follows. “Colt...” He turns to his sister. “Yeah, Ruby?” Ruby looks up, adjusting her sleeve. “You ok?” Colt smiles as he looks around. “Yeah, I’m fine, Ruby. I promise.”

Colt turns to the window. As he blinks, he sees his Grimm self in the window. The world blurs slightly as he stares at the reflection, Ruby’s voice is faintly heard. “Colt? Colt?” Ruby snaps her fingers as Colt shakes his head. “Huh? What?” Ruby looks at him, concern in her voice. “You zoned out. I said what seats should we get? Are you sure you’re ok?” Colt rubs his head. “Yeah...” Colt looks at himself in the window, his reflection having returned to normal. “I’m fine, just a regular table will do.” The two siblings walk into the restaurant.

Back at the house, Nolan lays on his bed and reads a comic book as a knock his heard on the door. “Come in.” A voice is heard. “....We need to talk.” Nolan closes the book to see Zodiak standing in the doorway before opening the book and looking back over it. “Talking would imply you have anything to say that I care to hear.” Zodiak rolls his eyes. “Nolan...” Nolan throws his comic book at Zodiak. “I dont want to talk to you!” Zodiak looks at him as Nolan gets up and gets face to face with him. “...I hate you. You quit on us, ON THE IRON WARRIORS!”

“Nolan” Nolan cuts him off. “Don’t you effing Nolan me.” Zodiak stares as Nolan continues. “YOU gave up on all those who needed you. YOU ran off to gods knows where, hoping to get stronger. While WE had to go for all of them. I see you again, you’re...covered in bandages, and you want me to believe you got STRONGER!?” Nolan chokes up. “All this...pent up anger...for six months. I LASHED OUT AT JAUNE...BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID, BECAUSE I COULDNT SAY IT TO YOU!” Zodiak looks down. “YOU KNOW WHO HAD TO LEAD OUR TEAM?! IT WASN'T VIC, IT WASN'T MASON, IT WAS ME! I HAD TO BE A LEADER!! BECAUSE YOU FAILED VIC! YOU FAILED MASON AND YOU FAILED ME!”

Nolan looks down, clinching his fists tightly, his fingernails digging into his palms as they bleed slightly. “What happened at Beacon was something we all had to carry as a reminder...that we aren't invincible, that we can't always come out on top. That we HAVE, CAN, and WILL make mistakes. We've lost good people Jacob, really good people we considered apart of our Family...." Nolan runs his finger along the scar on his face. “I've got this scar for my mistake, so did Mason....We aren't getting back in line just because Big bad Zodiak is back with a new mask or whatever else...."

Nolan shakes. “Do you even care?” Zodiak speaks. “I do care Nolan.” Nolan looks up at him. “You’re lying. You told us back at Beacon that if we lived or died, it wouldnt effect you. You fought Cross and as soon as you lost and we went to Patch, you left as soon as you could. What makes me believe you for one goddamned second!?” There’s a silent pause between the two as Zodiak sighs and unclasps his mask, and places it on the table next to him, showing his scarred face to Nolan as his voice loosens. “...I’m here now. I’m not asking you to fall back under my wing. I dont want you to.”

Nolan stares at the giant teen as he continues. “You all are your own people. You can make your own choices. Team IRON was just a title given to us by Ozpin, but the Iron Warriors is worth more than the some of it’s parts Nolan, we all had to grow stronger, in different ways.” Zodiak looks at him. “I’m not the same person I was at Beacon, Nor are you, Mason, Victor, or anyone else. I did a lot of soul searching when I was gone. Maybe I’m not stronger physically, maybe I wasn’t meant to lead, but being strong doesn’t make you powerful. and you showed strength in a way that I never would have imagined.”

Nolan blinks. “...what?” Zodiak adjusts his way lf standing. “Victor told me, barring a few instances, you were strong enough to be gentle, and to lead through example.” Nolan eyes Zodiak up and down as he continues. “I know not all is forgiven, and I understand why. But that can all be fixed once we deal with Salem, that’s the larger task at hand, Once I finish my training with Hunter, I’ll catch up as quickly as I can.” Nolan looks down as Zodiak picks up his mask and turns. “You better show me that you’re here to stay this time, Morris.” Zodiak turns to Nolan. “...I will.” As Zodiak leaves and closes the door. Nolan punches a wall. “Don’t leave again, you masked bastard.”
(I do not own RWBY or it’s characters. The copyrights belong to Roosterteeth and Roosterteeth Animations. The copyrights to the OC’s belong to myself and TF2Bill)

The sun rises over Mistral as the sounds of punches and kicks are heard. Colt and Victoria spar with one another as Colt throws a high kick that Victoria blocks. “You’re getting better.” Colt swings his leg around in an attempt to sweep Victoria, who hops over it and pivots to sweep Colt’s foot out from under him, as he hits the ground, he pops his shoulders and kips up as he enters a defensive stance. Victoria rotates her arms before getting back into her stance. “This early morning huntsmen training isnt so hard.”

She throws a punch at Colt, who places his forearm to Victoria’s thrown punch, he sidesteps and rotates, causing him to use Victoria’s momentum to send her forward and off balance as he adjusts his footing, he takes a deep breath. “This is only the basics, just wait until you get your weapons prepped.” Colt and Victoria exchange punches and kicks as Teal, Belle, Liam, and Oscar look on. “The two of them are almost in perfect sync whilst sparring, I’m impressed.” Liam looks on, a small ammount of annoyance in his voice.

“He’s trained her more in these past few days than he did us when we left for Mistral.” Belle turns to her brother. “It’s his girlfriend, he’s probably gonna give her more attention, in fact, he SHOULD be giving her more attention.” Teal chimes in, appearing over Belle’s shoulder with her index finger pointed upwards. “Also, technically we got our training in fighting Oswald and his group at Haven.” Liam rubs his arm. “Yeah, and that turned out so well, didnt it?” Teal smiles. “We did win, though.” Liam looks at Colt as he and Victoria pick up their exchanges. “Yeah, and Colt lost control AND almost lost an arm, and Weiss almost died.” Teal’s smile vanishes as she slowly goes back behind Belle as she speaks. “Point taken...”

Colt and Victoria rests their hands to the others elbows as they shift their feet, the control of the combative dance shifting back and forth. Colt strains as he shunts her backwards. “You’re strength still isnt what its supposed to be.” Victoria strains whilst returning the favor, sending Colt skidding back. “You’re memory is worse...weren’t you...” She shoves again. “...supposed to take Ruby out for some family bonding?” Colt’s eyes widen as the distraction allows Victoria an opening to kick Colt’s leg out from under him as she pins him to the ground. “Looks like I-“ Colt pushes Victoria off as he darts inside the house.

Nolan walks through the hallways, having a cup of coffee. “Ah, a nice hot coffee to start a brand new-“ A bright lightning bolt zooms past Nolan, causing him to spin violently before he finally stops, wobbling violently. “WHAT THE HELL WAS-“ The bolt zooms by him again, sending him spinning as the cup goes up in the air. As his spinning stops the coffee spills on him before he ends up getting hit in the head with a mug. He falls over with an audible groan. As he looks up, he sees Zodiak, who nestles Bella in his arms. “You ok?” Zodiak sticks a hand down as Nolan swipes it away. “I’m fine.” Nolan stands up as he turns his back to Zodiak. “What’s your problem?” Nolan starts walking away. “You.” Nolan grits his teeth. “You are my problem.”

Zodiak’s head tilts in confusion as Nolan walks past Victor, who is writing his notes. “Ugh...” Victor throws his beanie off and rapidly runs his fingers through his head. Ruby rushes past. “Ah, I gotta go get my bag!” Ruby rushes past the room in a rush of roses as Yang yells to her little sister as she stands in front of the door to Victor and Nolan’s room. “Dont run in the halls, Ruby!” Victor looks up from his notes as he looks to Yang. “Hey, Yang. What’s going on?” Yang turns to him. “Oh, Victor, good morning. Umm, Ruby said Colt was taking her out to have a bonding day together, since he hasnt really had time to be around her since Beacon fell.” Victor rests his head on his palm. “So, why aren’t you going?” Yang smiles as she waves it off, blowing a raspberry in the process. “Pfft, They need the time together, me and Colt had a bit of bonding time back home.”

Victor looks down at his notes. “Yang, would you mind sparring with me today?” Yang straightens up, confused. “Uhh, That’s...odd of you to ask. But, uh, sure?” Victor stretches. “Ok, let me go get Poseidon.” Victor walks into the closet as Blake walks past Yang, bumping into her accidentally, an embarrassed tone in her voice. “Oh, sorry Yang.” Yang nods and smiles. “It’s fine, Blake.” Blake continues walking, her ears go down as she walks down the steps. Haythem pops up from the side of the banister. “SALUTATIONS, SISTER BELLADON-“ Blake punches Haythem, sending him bouncing along the floor. “-Naaaaa.” Blake reels back. “Oh, I-I’m sorry, Haythem.” Haythem sits up, cracking his neck. “Ahhh, that shot was such a great crack to the neck, thank you, Sister Belladona.” Blake tilts her head confused as she looks at Haythem.

“What are you made of?” Haythem shoots straight up onto his feet. “Sterner stuff!” Franklin walks in, plucking a tooth from his mouth as another takes its place. “Dont worry about Haythem, the guys damn near indestructible, Blake.” Haythem quickly darts off. “FAREWELL!” Blake looks to see the shark faunus, adjusting his spear. “Oh, Eberdean. Where’s Sun and Ilia?” Eberdean uses his thumb to point to the outside. “Outside with Victoria and Colt’s team. I was about to head out to the academy, help with any repairs that I can.” Ilia, Sun, and Victoria walk inside. Ilia speaks, adjusting her collar. “Thought you were a demolitions guy?” Eberdean grins. “UNDERWATER demolitions, Ilia.” The group all share a grin as Eberdean rolls his eyes. “Just because I’m good at blowing stuff up doesnt mean I’m not good at building things.”

Blake looks to Eberdean. “How are the repairs to Haven going?” Eberdean shrugs. “About as much progress as you can make. A lot of stuff was damaged. It’s gonna take some time to get everything back to normal, sans the account of having to replace huntsmen lost to Cinder and her cohorts.” Sun smiles. “Well, my team and I are always-“ Sun’s eyes widen. “MY TEAM!” Sun bolts out the door as his fellow three faunus compatriots look on. Eberdean rubs his shoulder, Ilia being the one to notice. “Franklin? You alright?” Eberdean looks to Ilia. “I’m fine, just...thinking about things.” Blake adjusts her jacket. “Like?”

Eberdean sighs. “ I thought the White Fang were doing the right thing. The Iron Warriors worked through means of aggression and tactics. I thought the White Fang were going to do the same thing. But with Adam. His tactics were scare tactics, not what we accomplished in the Iron Warriors.” A door opens, showing Azrael, who lifts his goggles up to his forehead. “Because Adam and Kingsley are two different people, Franky. Two different people can take the exact same perspective and have differing means to get to it.”

Eberdean looks down as Azrael continues, his eyes closed in thought. “Besides, you didnt know of Adam’s coup.” Eberdean nods, running his finger through his teeth. “I didn’t until I heard Adam took control. I assumed at the time, Sienna had been killed in action and Adam, being the next in line, took the reigns.” Ilia speaks. “It also didnt help that Fennec and Corsac helped lead with that.” Eberdean adds in. “ALSO bringing Taven Cross in. That was where I knew this was more than just an abduction mission.” Eberdean turns to Blake. “I really am sorry, Blake. I know you guys still dont trust me, but I promise. I’ll work my rear end off to prove my worth to you and your family.” Eberdean places his fist to his chest. “That is my promise.” Blake smiles. “That’s a large hill to climb.” Eberdean grins. “Eh, I always work my hardest.” Azrael speaks. “Sure you do, Franky. Like the one time-“ Eberdean turns. “WE DONT TALK ABOUT THAT!” The group besides Eberdean share a small laugh amongst themselves.”

In the bathroom, Colt washes his face as he looks down at a sink. “I’m good. Just, gonna go have a good day with Ruby, and go have a fun day with her.” Colt looks at himself in the mirror, his skin was white as snow, the eyes are blood red as he looks at himself. “I’m good.” He looks down his hands as he starts washing them. His eyes look back up to himself seeing Zeke staring at him. Colt looks down at his hands, gritting his teeth as he resumes washing his hands. He looks up again to see Salem, a smile forms on her face as her eyes glow. He lowers his head again before he punches the mirror, shattering it to pieces as he shakes his hand, no blood appears on his hand as he looks at the shattered remnants of the mirror, showing his grimm self, Zeke, and Salem all looking at him.

He takes a deep breath as he pours himself a cup of water from the tap and quickly downs it. He rubs his hands on his face. “I’m good.” Colt walks out of the door to the bathroom as he looks at his hand. “I’m good.” Ruby’s voice is heard, distant at first, but getting closer. “CooooooooLLLLLLTTTTTT!” Ruby tackles her brother, knocking him to the ground with a cartoonish thud. “OW! Ruby!” Ruby plops up to her feet as a red flash as Colt kips up to his feet. “Did you have to do that?” Ruby sways back and forth on her shoes. “I get to have family time with my older brother who I haven’t been around in six months, am I not allowed to be excited?”

Colt rubs his head. “Doesnt mean you have to tackle me.” Colt puts a smile on his face. “You feeling better after last night?” Ruby smiles. “Somewhat, it helped a bit.” Colt one arm hugs his sister as he smiles at her. “Well, at least you’re feeling better.” Ruby looks at him. “Are you feeling better?” Colt grins. “Me? Feel bad? Ha! Don’t worry about me, Ruby. I’m your older brother. I can hold my own.” Ruby nods. “I guess so...” Colt smiles. “Come on, I was knocked off the horse just one time. I can handle far worse.” Ruby smiles. “You can rely on us, Colt. We’re all here for you, just like you’re here for us.” Ruby runs past Colt as he looks down at his hands, taking a deep breath. “It’s...more complicated than that...” Colt puts his smile back on as he walks down the stairs following Ruby.

Ruby bumps into Qrow. “Hey, kiddo. Where are you going in such a rush?” Ruby bops up and down on the balls of her boots. “Colt and I are gonna be hanging out together!” Qrow looks to Colt, who scratches the back of his head. “You taking her out for some family bonding, lightning bug?” Colt nods. “Yeah, I felt it’s been a while since her and I hung out on our own. Besides, I have a few things her and I can do.” Qrow looks at him. “Like?” Colt lifts a finger. “Ummm...actually, was just gonna wing it.” Ozpin speaks. “Like usual, Mr. Xiao Long?” Colt straightens up as he looks as Ozpin turns the corner.

“Uh, I mean...” Ozpin smiles. “It is very much alright. Though, why aren’t you bringing your other sister along?” Colt chuckles. “Yang said that Ruby and I should spend more time together.” Ozpin slinks his head to the sode slightly. “And miss Wolf?” Colt smiles. “Victoria agreed with Yang, said we can have, quote-en-quote, boyfriend-girlfriend time, later.” Ruby starts teasing. “Colt and Vicky, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes-“ Colt turns. “Ruby.” Ruby zips her lips and throws the imaginary zipper behind her back.

Qrow and Ozpin smile as Colt groans. “Well, take good care of her, Colt. Her and Yang are the only siblings you got.” Colt chuckles. “Dont gotta tell me, Uncle Qrow. I’m trying my hardest.” Qrow nods as Ozpin speaks. “I am certain that you are, Mr. Xiao Long. Enjoy your day.” Colt and Ruby nod as they walk through the front door and close it, the latch locks as Colt turns to Ruby as they walk. “Ready, Rubes?” Ruby nods. “Yup.” Colt grins. “So.” Colt kicks the ground. “Whatcha wanna do?” Ruby’s stomach growls. “A good place to eat would be nice.” Colt chuckles. “Alright, well, consider it my treat.” Ruby lightly hops on the balls of her feet. “Yay.”

Up in Mason’s room, he sits with Jaune, Ren, and Nora. Nora is casually kicking her legs back and forth. “Soooo...Mason, what was life like in the Iron Warriors after you ran off from Kuroyuri?” Mason has his head down as Nora repeats. “Mason?” Mason’s head shoots up. “Huh, What?” Jaune speaks, a small amount of concern in his voice. “Mason, are you alright? You conk out for a second?” Mason shakes his head. “No, I was just...thinking about something.” A small growl is heard. “Hungerrrr........” Mason shakes his head as Ren speaks. “You alright?”

Mason rubs his head. “Yeah, just...a little out of it.” Ren speaks. “Well, what is causing you trouble?” Mason looks up. “Jaune, can you kill the lights? Nora, the blinds.” Nora tilts her head. “Uh, ok?” Before they do so, Mason lifts a hand, stopping all three of them. “What you all see here...shall never leave this room. Jaune turns to Mason. “Umm, alright...” Nora pulls the blinds and Jaune kills the lights. As the room falls to darkness, a pitch black entity looms over Mason, it’s appearance altering between different people as Mason speaks, closing his eyes. “This is what’s been bugging me since childhood. That thing I told you all about. That’s what this is.” Nora, Ren, and Jaune all back away as they look on. The creature speaks. “You all look...delicious.” Mason looks to the shadow. “Silence.” Nora speaks, worry in her voice. “I-Is this thing-“ Mason cuts her off. “Docile? No, but so long as I remain calm, I’m in control.”

Jaune looks at it. “What...are you?” The shadow entity manifests itself into Colt. “I am the god of darkness’ first creation.” Colt changes into Nolan. “I am the worst of black magic.” Nolan changes into Zodiak. “I am the being that the gods themselves attempted to seal away, if not for this fools ancestor freeing me from my prison.” The being transforms into a black winged beast. “I am Mávros Thánatos.” The shadows envelop and swirl around the room as Mason’s eyes open, their appearance turning yellow.
(Long time no see, ya’ll. I’m back with more of my...*looks at notes before throwing them skywards, the notes falling all around me.* Never had a flair for the dramatic in my life, anyways. I want to thank all of those who have stuck with me and my friend TF2Bill’s adventures for nearly a year and a half (Thank you, brotha.) I hope you all enjoy this Volume of Firestorm, and as always, have a wonderful day.)

(The copyright’s to RWBY and it’s characters belong to Roosterteeth and Roosterteeth Animations. The copyrights to the OC’s Belong to myself and TF2Bill.)

It is mid-day the day after the battle of Haven, reparations are made to Haven Academy as Alex, Ryan, Bill, and a few faunus work on rebuilding as John, Erron, Ghira, and Kali work and map out repairs on blueprints. As Alex is carrying a bag of nails, he is hit in the face with a wooden beam by Ryan, who is carrying it one handed. “Ow!” Ryan turns. “Sorry.” Bill hits Ryan in the hand with a hammer. “OUCH!” Bill speaks. “Dont hit your brother.” Ryan turns, striking Alex in the head again, knocking him to the ground. “OUCH!” “You hit me!” Bill grabs the beam from Ryan. “You have to learn to carry things better.” Bill walks away as Ryan clenches his fist and shakes it at Bill before walking off, Alex has stars floating around his head. “Mama...”

Colt, Harnage, and Zodiak sit on the roof of the academy, looking over repairs as Colt speaks. “Ah, finally...a moments reprieve.” Zodiak turns to Colt. “For now, best be on your guard.” Harnage punches Zodiak on the shoulder. “Come on, now. It’s time to relax. We have a bit before we’re needed again.” Harnage takes her backpack off and pulls out bottles of juice for the three of them. Jessica dispenses the drinks among the trio. “How’s Bella, Jacob?” Zodiak looks out, shaking his bottle before popping the top. “She’s fine, Lillith is taking care of her, right now.” Jessica leans towards Colt, who pops the cap off his bottle and takes a swig. “How’s Victoria and the others doing, Colt?”

Colt turns to her, taking another swig before speaking. “Victoria’s out shopping with the others, something about a “Girls day out”, it dont matter though, they deserve to rest after what they’ve been going through.” He sighs. “A hero’s work is never done.” Zodiak crosses his arms as Colt takes a drink, a slight joking tone in Zodiak’s voice. “Neither is that of a boyfriend.” Colt’s eyes shrink and spittakes as Jessica starts laughing. “Was that...a smartass remark? From you?” Zodiak lets out a small chuckle. “I’m not the same loner I was at Beacon.” Alex is soaked by the spittake, he looks up. “HEY! I KNOW YOU THINK YOU’RE FUNNY, BUT THATS NOT COOL!” Bill is heard. “Get back to work, Alex!” Alex groans and walks off. Nolan is seen carrying a large piece of roofing as Victor walks over to assist with the repairs. “Mr. Harrison?” Both Erron and John speak. “Yes?”

Victor sighs. “Apologies...John.” John tilts his head, “Yes?”  Victor points to a spot. “I think repairing the roof will be more difficult, your plans here need to be adjusted by...” Vic uses his fingers as he mumbles. “About three point two five centimeters.” Kali looks and politely snatches the ruler from Ghira’s hand as she adjusts it slightly. “Wow...” She lifts the ruler and puts it back in Ghira’s hand. “You are quite intelligent, Mr. Graham. Did you actually take the meassurements up on the roof?” Victor shakes his head. “No, I just looked at it, his plans were just off a little bit, you’d have a three inch gap left in the roof, and given it being cold, I’m certain the students wouldnt appreciate a cold breeze like that.”

Nolan adjusts the roofing as he places a palm on the ground, launching himself upwards with a stone structure, causing him to land on the roof near Colt, Harnage, and Zodiak. He yawns slightly. “Morning, guys.” he walks over as Victor turns and looks at the stone structure that Nolan created, slight annoyance in his voice. “Dumbass, you’re getting rid of this.” Nolan leans over the roof. “Eh, have somebody mold it into something good, like a glorious statue of me with my big-“ Victor grits his teeth. “NOLAN!” Nolan chuckles, sarcasm in his voice. “Muscles, I was gonna say muscles. Something you seem to be lacking, lardball.”

A large ball of water blasts Nolan right in the face, causing him to backflip in the air before falling on his back. “CALL ME FAT, WILL YOU DIMWIT!” Colt, Harnage, and Zodiak all sharing a short laugh as Nolan sits up. “The architect of my pain...” Nolan spits out a little bit of water as he stands up. Colt smiles as he looks to Jessica and Zodiak. “So, what do we do now?” Another voice is heard. “Your training begins in a few weeks.” The trio turns to see Hunter, who slowly walks over and stands over the edge, observing the repairs and the landscape. Harnage looks up. “Training? Ummm...Hunter, sir? Didnt Jacob and I already finish our training?” Hunter turns his head slightly, his eye looking at the trio through his mask.

“Jessica, yourself and Jacob will be refining most of your training. I believe your huntsman training might have made you soft. Mr. Xiao Long, will learn his knight powers in the time being.” Colt stands up, looking at Hunter. “I do apologize ummm...who are you?” Hunter’s eye looks to Colt, a calm tone in his voice. “Hunter Hellqvist, Iron Lord, second in command of the Iron Warriors behind William Kingsley, Mr. Xiao Long.” Colt rubs his head. “Ohhh.....kay? Now, this long will this-“ Hunter speaks. “Around two months.” Colt’s eyes shrink. “Pardon?” Zodiak stands up. “Its intense training, Colt. If we did a casual training to get your knight powers together, it’d probably take two years.” Colt sighs. “How long do we have before that training starts?” Hunter looks up at the sky. “Two weeks, you need your rest, the type of training that is needed to fully achieve your knight powers is both physical and psychological.”

Colt looks down as Hunter leaps from the roof, and ends up smashing the stone structure that Nolan I had created, Nolan looks over the edge. “Aw, man...was hoping for a statue of me.” Colt looks to Zodiak and Harnage, who approach him as Harnage places a hand on his shoulder. “It’s ok, Colt. When the training’s done, we’ll go straight to Atlas, I promise.” Colt looks down and away. “Yeah...” Colt walks away from the pair as Harnage and Zodiak look to one another, Harnage speaks solemnly. “Man, I can tell he cares about his family a lot. Though, he still seems messed up from Beacon.” Zodiak crosses his arms. “He holds a lot more sense of loyalty to his family and friends than even I assumed. Probably hurts him more when things go wrong than you or I.” The two watch as Colt walks off to the house.

In a high level of Mistral. Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and Victoria all walk together through the area, Ruby fangirling over the weapons scattered all throughout the marketplace. “Ooh, look at that lightning sword, it looks so awesome! Ah but that black mace looks sooo strong and destructive.” Ruby’s fangirling turns to incessent background babbling as Victoria and Yang walk side by side, Weiss trying to keep track of Ruby with her eyes. “So, Victoria, how DID you run into Colt? I assume it wasnt just a happy accident?” Victoria turns her head slightly backwards to Weiss. “One day I heard a large explosion, I ran from my village to where the thing landed, and, well...I found him.”

Weiss looks on, confused. “Why do I feel there’s more pieces to that puzzle?” Victoria turns backwards, walking backwards as Yang stops walking, as Victoria doesnt see the large group of men walking with supplies. “That’s all there is to-“ Victoria bumps into the lead man, as the box of supplies falls to the ground, the box breaks, scattering food, grains, and other assorted goods onto the ground. The lead man groans in anger. “Ah, Dammit!” He looks to Victoria. “What’s lower level trash doing up here? This was all going to Vale!” Victoria sitting up, her tail swaying slightly.

“Oh, of course its a faunus. why am I NOT SURPRISED!” Victoria’s eyes catch fire as she shoots up to her feet from the comment, as Weiss and Yang step forward, Victoria lifts a hand, signalling the pair to stop. She looks at the man. “You know...I dont...tolerate...racists.” Yang and Weiss look to one another as a few of the other men carrying supplies set their supplies down. The man walks over. “Oh, I’m sorry, Wolfy.” The man puts a finger to her forehead. “What are you gonna do about it?” Victoria grins as she angles her forearm to the guys chest, a blade being pulled is heard, the guy is confused by the sound, and looks down to see a blade come from Victoria’s sleeve had gone into his belt buckle. “This.”

She yanks back, causing the mans pants to fall. Yang and Weiss immediately cover their eyes as the guy covers his lower regions. “AHHH!” The other men step forward as Victoria quickly rolls her sleeves back to show the blades are attached to a pair of SMG’s. She smiles as the other men quickly lower their weapons in confusion, a mocking tone in her voice. “You know, I gotta ask you guys one question. Do you feel lucky?” She rotates her arms forward and back, clicking sounds are heard as her pinkies rest on the triggers. “...Well do ya, punks?” The men quickly snatch up their pantless partner and quickly run off in a plume of smoke. Victoria grins as she pulls the trigger, small flags with the word “Bang” come from the barrels as she speaks, whilst laughing.

“Those idiots. I wasnt even loaded. Hahaha!” Yang and Weiss uncover their eyes as Ruby finally walks over, having finished looking at the weapons. “What’s going on?” Victoria turns, Ruby sees Victoria’s weapons and her eyes immediately turn into stars as the blades retract. “Oooh lemmeseelemmeseelemmeeSEEE!” She runs around Victoria in a plume of roses as she says this, Victoria sits still, completely confused. Eventually, Yang grabs Ruby’s hood as it brings her to an immediate stop. Yang turns to Victoria. “So, why were you not loaded?” She grins, sliding her sleeves back onto her weapons to conceal them, the triggers sliding out from the palms of her hands and back into the weapons. “Azrael needs to adjust the caliber of the dust cartridges, to be fair, I did steal these out from his workshop.” Meanwhile, in the house, Azrael looks at where the completed guns had been. “...VICKY!” The view cuts back to the marketplace as Weiss speaks.

“Honestly, that somewhat impresses me. The little bit of Azrael I know, he usually is aware of people taking stuff out of his shop.” Victoria grins. “To be fair, Colt helped me steal them before he went to rebuild Haven.” Yang smiles. “His speed, I guess?” Victoria nods as Yang continues. “Doesnt surprise me.” Ruby pops between the two. “Ok, ok, ok. Come on, we gotta go grab food and stuff, let’s go!” Ruby vanishes in a plume of roses as Weiss skates off her glyphs after Ruby. “NO RUNNING IN THE MARKET PLACE, RUBY!” Yang grins as she turns to Victoria and launches herself with a blast from her guns. “WAIT FOR ME, LADIES!” Victoria laughs to herself. “I can tell I’m gonna fit right in.” Victoria runs after the group.

Blake reads a book as Colt walks past the door. “Colt?” Colt stops in his tracks and turns to Blake. “Oh, uh, hey Blake. How are you? Where are Sun and Ilia? Running around, I guess?” Blake sits up from the bed, placing a bookmark in the book and placed it to the side. “Are you...doing alright? You looked out of it for a second.” Colt grins. “Who? Me? Heh, I’m always fine.” Blake’s ears go down slightly, worry in her voice. “You weren’t fine back at Beacon.” Colt cuts her off. “Look, I dont want to talk about Beacon anymore, just leave it alone.” Blake stands up. “Colt, it’s ok to talk about what happened that night, bottling it up doesnt help you.” Colt shakes his head. “Just drop it, Blake.” Blake goes to speak again as Colt turns away. “I-“ Colt turns, a flash of anger in his voice. “DROP IT, BLAKE!”

Colt’s anger suddenly goes away as he looks at her, she lowers her head, her ears drop as Colt lowers his head. “Sorry, I’m just tired, I need to rest. Me helping with the rebuilding of Haven has got me a bit on edge. I’m gonna rest, goodnight.” Colt closes the door as Blake looks on, before taking a deep breath. Colt enters his room and closes the door, turning the door to lock it. He sits on the bed as he speaks. “Mom...” Colt looks around. “Pyrrha? Penny?” Colt pauses. “...Roman?” Colt looks around and sees nothing in the room besides himself. “Great.” Colt takes his hoodie off and places it off to the side and looks down at his right arm, seeing the tattoo over where his scars had once been.

“Right, I guess since this thing covered up those scars. Not only did it seal the Grimm sealed them away, too. Joy be to me.” Colt lays back, resting his head to the wall, before laying on his back and looks up at the ceiling. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Meanwhile, Nora, Jaune, Ren, and Mason all sit together, Ren, Nora, and Jaune all play a boardgame whilst Mason looks at the board, just observing the game. Nora speaks. “So...why dont you join us, Mason? It’d be some fun for you.” Mason’s eyes look up to her before going back to the game.

“Not really interested.” Ren turns to Mason. “You know, playing a game amongst friends can help one relax.” Jaune speaks. “Besides, this game is a lot better with four players than just three.” Mason takes a deep breath as a voice echoes in his head. “Feeeeed, huuuunnngerrrrr.” Mason rubs his head. “Fine, give me a set of dice.” Nora jumps onto her chair. “Hurray! Mason is making progress.” She begins to speak with a sing-song tune. “He’s making improvements, he’s making improvememts.” Mason tries to contain a laugh, though a half cracked smile is seen. Ren and Jaune notice the smile and smile themselves. Eventually, Nora’s chair rocks too much as she falls. “Wo-OAH” She hits the ground with a thud. “OOF!”

This causes Mason to finally cave and start laughing, smacking his palm on the table as he tries to close his mouth, though this causes the laughing to turn to comedic snickering, which causes the rest of the table to start laughing themselves for a few seconds. The group finally calms down from the laughter as Nolan, Victor, and Zodiak all re-enter the house. Nolan looks to see Nora upside down, her skirt slightly covering her face. “Nora...need some help getting back up?” Nora jump-cuts to being on her feet. “No, I’m good. Just had a little laugh here just a second ago.” Nolan looks to the group, Mason covering his mouth, still trying to re-compose himself. “Wait...Mase was laughing?” Mason speaks, a still amount of laughter still stuck in him. “No, not one bit, I’m fine.”

Jaune, Ren, and Nora all turn to Nolan and simultaneously nod as Nolan’s arms slack and his head tilts sideways. “Holy crap the world must be ending then.” Victor looks on. “I...never believed it to be mathematically possible.” Zodiak sits down, taking a deep breath. “Well, there’s a first time for everything.” Mason covers his face, embarrassment in his voice. “dammit..” The group sans Zodiak and Mason all start to chuckle and joke amongst themselves as Ruby, Yang, Victoria, and Weiss enter. Ruby and Weiss carrying a bag in each hand, Victoria having a handful of bags across every arm, and Yang carrying the largest amount of bags. Nolan looks on. “Oh, the foods here.” Nolan walks over and helps get most of the bags off of Yang as Ren, Nora, and Jaune all help get the bags to the kitchen and help sort food out.

Liam slides down the railing of the stairs as Teal and Belle walk down. “WHAT UP, FELLOW HUNTSMEN!” Belle rolls her eyes as Teal walks over to Victor, who had opened up his notebook and began to read through his notes. “Whatcha doin?” Victor looks up at her. “Oh, Just looking over the repairs I can help make to Haven, maybe improve the defense grid, while we’re at it.” Teal speaks. “Well...The mountains are a natural defense to most grimm, but I suppose some mechanical defenses would probably work to help Mistral out.” She takes the notebook and begins to look through it herself, Victor sits still as Teal reads through the notes, his eyes dart to Belle. “Dont worry about Teal...she’s a gearhead. She loves techno-babble.” Liam taps his feet. “Never been a big technical wizard, that’s Teal’s deal.”

“Hmm...” Blitz shuffles. “What?” Teal points it out. “This turret idea here, those can be put on the terraces of Haven, given where they are, they’d help handle most grimm in the area. Though the concern is of dust.” Blitz sits back. “Right, especially with the whole “Borders closed” thing.” Liam walks over to see Ruby and the others were currently cooking as he looked back. “Atlas being petty? What else is new, especially when it comes to the Schnee dust company, no offense, Weiss.” Weiss nods. “None taken.” Belle adjusts Yumi on her back as she looks looks to Victoria, who takes her weapons off her arms and rubs her forearms. “Werent those Azrael’s workshop weapons?”

Victoria nods as Azrael’s voice is heard. “VICKY!” She hides behind Nolan, who looks in confusion as Azrael walks in. “Did you take my guns?” Victoria pops her head out from Nolan’s shoulder. “Maybe?” Azrael slams his palm to his face as he picks the guns up and walks off. “Dont. Touch. These. They’re still a work in progress, so leave them be.” Ruby leans into the room. “Anyone know where Colt is?” Belle turns. “I think he’s in his room, probably asleep.” Yang turns. “Anyone wanna wake him up?” Blake’s voice is heard as she’s at the edge of the stairs. “Colt’s probably not in a mood to be talked to. Seems upset about something.” Zodiak speaks. “Probably because of the training he’s gonna have to partake in when you guys leave for Atlas.” Nolan turns his head. “...what?”

Victoria speaks, confused. “” Zodiak sighs as everyone else either looks to him or overhears. “Colt’s going to have to stay behind in Mistral in order to achieve his knight powers at full strength.” Yang places a hand on her hips. “When does this training begin is it before we leave?” Zodiak breathes through his nose. “Two weeks from today, when you guys have to leave for Atlas. Harnage and I have to stay behind as well.” Nolan grits his teeth and stomps off in anger as Victor looks to his friend. “Nolan...” Victor walks off as everyone looks on, confused. Ruby pokes her head in. “Food’s done!” The room turns to her, looks of confusion on their face. “What?”

“Hello?” Colt’s voice echoes as he stands in a small room. “Ruby? Yang? Victoria? Anybody?” Colt looks around the room, the room being Team RWBY’s dorm, albeit destroyed, small fires spread across the room, Blake’s bookcase being nothing but ash and cinders. Ruby and Yang’s bunk beds toppled over, with Ruby’s bunk having smashed Weiss’ bed to pieces as Yang’s laid toppled over atop Blake’s. Wallpaper peels off the wall from the heat as Colt looks to the desk, though burnt, remained intact, barring the book shelf above it having toppled onto the desk. A hooded individual sits at the desk, flicking a lamp switch on and off.

“What the?” The figure stands up from the desk, and turns to him. The individuals blue eyes shine brightly, his appearance months younger than Colt. Colt’s eyes widen in confusion as the individual speaks. “Hello Colt.” Colt stares at this exact duplicate of himself, they walk in a slow circle around one another, neither one backing off from the other, Colt grins. “Well, aint you one handsome son of a gun, though a little unseasoned, need some more time.” The two keep circling as Colt chuckles. “Ha...Let me guess...I’m my own worst nightmare, that it? Like those old Spruce Willis movies, right? Like the train scene in Cliff Jumper two, me facing off with my younger self?” The younger Colt speaks. “Joke all you want, smartass.” The two of them stop their movement and look at one another.

“But you cant lie to me...I know the truth. I know how dead you are inside, how worthless you feel...” The copy tilts his head. “...the way you look in a mirror, and hate what you see.” The two of them look at one another as Colt smiles. “Not gonna work pal, I feel fine. This is just a dream, you’re like the rest of this place. You arent real. The moment I snap my fingers, you’ll disappear.” Colt snaps his fingers, though nothing happens. He continues to snap his fingers as he looks at the copy, who stares at him annoyed. “I’m not going anywhere...and neither are you.” The door slams behind Colt and locks as he turns back to the copy of him. “Like I said...we need to talk.”

The two of them stare at one another. “You remember this place, right?” Colt stares. “The night of my biggest failure, people got hurt, FAMILY got hurt because of me.” The younger one speaks, a grin on his face. “Biggest failure? Or do you mean greatest success?” Colt tilts his head. “What?” The copy continues a slow circle, Colt countering the walk with a slow circle of his own. “Come on, now. I know just as much as you do. Cutting feels...” He looks up at the roof. “ good.” He turns his attention back to Colt. “Unleashing all of your anger, especially on those that harmed your kin? Heheheh. It felt invigorating, didnt it?” Colt looks to his duplicate, shaking his head. “You’re wrong, I’m not proud of the blood I spilt that night.”

The duplicate grins. “Is that what helps you sleep at night?” Colt looks on as his copy continues speaking. “Come on, now. You know without the girls, you have nothing.” The two simultaneously stop in place as the duplicate continues. “ are nothing. You’re a good little soldier, and nothing more. Looking for someone to point a finger and say they harmed your siblings.” Colt looks at his duplicate. “That’s not true.” His younger self grins. “Oh really? Would you have chased after Roman if he didnt cause Ruby problems at the dust shop? Would you still want to go after Adam if he didnt do what he did to Blake and Yang? How about your vindication against Cinder for Pyrrha and Weiss? You have no free will of your own.” Colt shakes his head. “Pal, you’re just wrong.”

He grins, adjusting his hoodie. “Oh really? What do YOU desire? What do YOU dream of? Hell, you take care of everyone’s baggage, yet you never deal with your own. Selfless to a fault, like a useless pawn.” Colt shakes his head. “Just shut up.” The doppelgänger smiles. “Because you cant deal with your own issues. Your failures, the pleasure you took in exacting vengeance on those who wronged you, you hide it all under a guise that you’re some selfless hero. But we both know what you are. You’re a scared little boy, who once he got a taste of power, he feared it. You couldnt take it, that you could end life...” The copy snaps their fingers. “...with the snap of a finger, and for those few fleeting relished it.” He steps toward Colt. “You enjoyed being able to cast off any care in the world, and your mind couldnt take it!”

As the doppelgänger steps, his body slowly changes to the grimm form of when he fought Zeke, a twisted smile forms. “All those voices you hear and faces you see, its nothing but a shattered mind trying to put itself back together, because the broken hero breaks himself more in the hopes he can fix all the broken hearts of those he cares for, but in all reality...” The doppelgänger places a finger at the side of Colt’s head, the finger sinking into Colt’s head as the copy grins. “...that he’s gonna die, and he cant do nothing to stop it, and this?” Colt’s skin starts to turn a sickly grey as the copy grins. “This is what he’s gonna become!”

Colt’s eyes shoot open as he sits up, it is night at mistral, his panting rapid as he rests his head in his hands. “I...” Colt rubs his head as he turns to see the clock strikes midnight. “Ugh...gods...damn.” Colt sits up, his legs shaky as he opens the door, showing Ruby walking, with a hand on the wall heading towards the stairs as she shakes her head and speaks under her breath. “I’m so sorry...” Colt looks at her, resting his shoulder on the frame of the door. “Ruby?” Ruby shoots up, her left eye turning towards her brother as she slowly turns face to face with him. “ ok?” Ruby nods. “Y-Yeah, j-just fine. Just, had a nightmare, that’s all.” Colt walks over to Ruby as he places a hand on her shoulder. “Come on, let’s head downstairs and talk.” Ruby smiles, a nervous chuckle in her voice. “It’s ok, Colt. Dont worry about me.” Colt shakes his head.

“You’re my little sister, I have every right to worry.” Colt gains a much calmer composure as Colt hits a single lamp light as he and Ruby sit together. “What’s wrong, Rubes.” Ruby looks down, resting her hands on her legs. “I had a nightmare. It involved Pyrrha.” Colt looks on, trying to focus on Ruby as she speaks. “I got to the top of the tower...and...” Ruby starts to break down. “I-I got...t-to the top...and...” Ruby starts to shake as Colt looks at her. “I-I wasn’t fast enough. I-I wasn’t f-fast enough!” Ruby starts to cry as Colt hugs his little sister. “Oh, Ruby...” Ruby begins to sob. “P-Pyrrha’s d-dead because of me! If only I was fast enough, Jaune wouldnt be sad, Ren and Nora would have their teammate back. I failed them, Colt! I failed everybody! I failed you, I should have stayed home with you and Yang!”

Colt’s eyes begin to water as he holds Ruby tightly, his voice choking. “Ruby...” Colt takes his head off her shoulder. “Ruby...You didnt fail me. I failed you. I should have been there for you. You shouldn’t have carried this weight on your own. I shouldn’t have given up.” Colt eyes lock with his sisters, rubbing her shoulders. “You have made me so proud to be your brother. You have grown in so many ways I never thought you could. As a person, as a leader.” Colt wipes his sisters tears away.

“You and the others will defeat Salem, and I’ll be here by your side the whole way.” Ruby looks to him, her voice still shaky, lifting a pinky. “Promise?” Colt nods. “I promise.” Colt sticks his pinky out as the two lock and shake. Ruby curls into her brothers chest, a few tears continue streaming down her face. He sighs as he begins to sing a melody to her. He picks his sister up and carries her onto the larger couch, resting her as he continues singing, he takes a few stray blankets and pillows as he puts Ruby to sleep, his singing finally subsiding as Ruby falls asleep. He looks down at his pinky and sighs, whispering as the view goes black “...I promise.”

(What is this? Post episode stuff? What am I, Marvel? No, you wont get a Stan Lee Cameo, but you will get this, for the first time ever. I AM GIVING YOU AN IDEA OF WHAT THE VOLUME 5.5 INTRO LOOKS LIKE! Hope you Enjoy!)

(The song is “Fighters” by Ravenface,… Here’s the intro, enjoy)

(Guitar Intro) Rapid cuts appear through black as the letters RWBY are spelt in white , before a line beneath them is struck by lightning before catching fire, the words “Firestorm” burns as the flames lick at the bottom of the word RWBY.

(We bring the words alive (4X)) The view zooms into the burning flames to show spheres of varying colors scattering across the world before darting towards the center and swirling together as shadows encircle the spheres.

(Siamese, I know your name) Team RWBY, the remnants of Team JNPR, The members of Team CBLT, Sans Colt, The members of Team IRON, sans Zodiak,  Qrow and Oscar stand together over a hill showing Mistral and Haven Academy.

(Don't hide from me because I see all your pain) The view shifts to Colt with his back turned to the others as Ruby and the others turn to see him in the far back. His head is down and his eyes are closed.

(It's written in your eyes, You and I,) Colt opens them to see Zodiak and Harnage looking towards him.

(We are, We are one, One and the same,) Zodiak and Harnage have their knight forms activate as Colt sits as a bright light envelops him

(For better or for worse, Our dreams are our curse, We are united in our pain)
Colt is shown on the ground as he looks up, seeing Summer, Pyrrha, and Penny outstretching hands to him, as he reaches, they are taken by shadows as Colt screams, his right eye that of the grimm as his left eye is his knight form, the view goes into his knight eye.

(So tell me why, We live like angels with no halos) Nolan, Victor, and Mason are shown. Nolan standing closest to the foreground with a smile on his face, Victor  with his head down at a notebook before rising and turning his had to the left as Mason has his back turned and is the farthest away, turning his head slightly to the right so his right eye is looking.

(Walking blind In a wasteland, a graveyard Out of sight and out of mind)
A village is shown burning as Taven walks away from it, he doubles over before his knight powers activate, the village explodes behind him as the flames wash over, showing McAllister and Taryn looking on, McAllister with his arms crossed as his solo eye observes as Taryn looks and yawns before the flames wash over them

(We must be crazy To live so aimlessly And yet so confined)
Victoria is shown walking alone in a forest, looking down at a white fang mask before she sees a burning Beacon with a half-human half grimm monster who screams, her face is that of panic.

(Eye to eye We survive We are fighters and we bring the words alive (We bring the words alive) (Alive, Alive, Alive))
The groups are then seen battling Grimm, Nora, Ren, and Jaune work together, followed by Team RWBY working together, ending with Harnage, Zodiak, and Colt battling McAllister, Taven, and Oswald, ending with Colt swinging downward at the screen.

(Even when you're on your own you don't walk alone, I'm by your side I'm here, And somehow we survive)
Colt’s swing splits the screen vertically, showing the knights and their antithesis, Colt and Oswald, Harnage and McAllister, and Zodiak and Taven. Colt is helped to his feet by his two fellow knights as the rest of the group forms up with them, they all look to the sky as the title appears one final time, this time the word “Firestorm” Burns black as opposed to orange, a single black and red eye appears in the flames.
(I do NOT own RWBY, the copyrights belong to Roosterteeth and Roosterteeth Animations. The copyrights to Firestorm and its characters belong to myself and TF2Bill)

A large barage of shotgun blasts ring through the air before a body hits the ground. A pair of eyes slowly open and close before they fully open, showing snow falling, An older figure steps over the individual, slacking a silver shotgun over his shoulder, his short slightly greying orange hair flowing lightly in the cold breeze, his reddish-orange coat goes all the way down to the lower legs. He wears a pair of black fingerless gloves as he kneels down. “You ok, Li?” The figure sits up, dusting the snow off herself. “I’m fine. Just-“ The man grins. “-your semblance again?”

The view shifts to show Li adjusting her clothing. “Yeah...” The man grins as he kneels beside her. “I keep telling you, Li. Stay close to me, ok? Killing Grimm is easily when its the few we encounter...” The man and Li turn, showing a few fading beowolves. “...but if you’re ever able to leave, and maybe be a huntress, you’ll encounter them a lot more. So you have to train your stamina so you dont get dizzy or pass out whilst fighting.” Li stands up and nods. “Yes, Uncle Orenji.”

Orenji nods as he ruffles Li’s hair, who lightly bats the hand away, chuckling lightly. “Stop it.” Orenji grins. “I need to get you some real winter clothing, all that stuff you’re wearing doesnt fit the weather. I would know. Your mother always would wear that stuff in the cold for some reason. “Naturally used to the cold” she always said.” Li smiles. “Well, to be fair, didnt you and mom used to live in Atlas?” Orenji runs his hand over his beard. “For a few years, yes.” He looks up as the pair walk down a long path.

“But your Grandmother moved us to Vale to get away from the Great War. Hence us living on Patch.” Li turns to him. “So...why did mom leave me here with you?” Orenji keeps walking, shaking a shell of dust out of his shotgun to his hand as he looks at it. “She decided being a huntress wasnt worth it anymore. She went out to go live in Vacuo, told me there was a business opportunity that she couldnt refuse.”

Li turns. “That...doesn’t really...explain my question.” Orenji sighs. “To be fair, you were still a baby then. She didnt wanna take you along since Vacuo’ know...” Li cuts him off. “...a bunch of scum and dirtbags?” Orenji sighs. “Yeah...” They eventually walk in silence before they approach a large fenced off gate. Li climbs over the fence, walking over and unlatches the lock before swinging it open as Orenji walks in. He turns and closes the gate, latching the gate behind them as they both turn to a medium sized log cabin.

They open the door and Orenji sighs as he walks over to the fridge, opening it and pulling out a bottle of beer and a can of fruit juice. Li plops herself onto the couch as her uncle lobs the can to her. She one hand catches it, and proceeds to use her top two teeth to pop the top of the juice as she immediately starts drinking as Orenji sits down on a chair to the side of a round wooden table and pops the top off his beer bottle. Li looks up at the log ceiling and sighs. “...Was mom a scumbag, too?” She lowers her gaze from the ceiling to view her uncle, who just took a swig of his beer.

“I wouldn’t say your mother was a scumbag.” Li sits back slightly. “Then why did dad leave?” Orenji adjusts himself in the chair. “Your mother wasnt the scumbag. Your father left her while she was pregnant with you. They both were huntsmen, so in all honesty it doesnt surprise me that she left that occupation.” Orenji chuckles. “It surprises me more that you would want to be a huntress.” Li looks at herself. “Huntsmen are supposed to help people. That’s my forte.” Orenji grins. “Well it’s good to know that you think of others before you think of yourself.” Li adjusts herself to be properly sitting down. “What about you?” Orenji looks down as Li speaks. “Why did you quit being a huntsmen?”

The elder man sighs. “I’m ten years older than your mother. I was just too old, and getting too frail.” He takes a deep breath, looking at his hand as his vision blurs ever so slightly. “To be honest, I’m surprised I survived as long as I did...” Orenji looks at the top of a small fireplace, showing a black cowboy hat with red and orange accents adorning the ridge of the cap. “But, I’m here now...and I have a niece that I view as though she was my own daughter.” Li yawns slightly, stretching as she plops up from the couch. “I’m gonna go to bed, Uncle. See you in the morning.”

Orenji nods. “Alright Li, good night.” He sits back in his chair and takes a deep swig of his beer. He looks at the label of the bottle and sighs deeply before his attention shifts over to an envelope with Professor Ozpin’s emblem emblazoned upon it. He looks blurrily into the flickering flames of the slightly lit fireplace. The view shifts to Li being asleep in her bed. As her view stirs, she hears a few snarls and growls from outside, she sits up and yawns before looking out her window seeing a few swarms of beowolves swarming the house. “Oh no...”

Li rushes down the stairs, loading her shotgun as she looks to see her uncle is already outside, batting a beowolf with the back of his shotgun before a claw slashes his back, shredding his coat. “Uncle!” Li rushes out as she opens fire, blowing the head off the beowolf that had harmed her uncle. “Uncle! Are you alright?” Orenji adjusts himself, his aura fizzling out. “I’ll be fine. I have to let my aura regenerate...” Orenji hands Li his shotgun. “It’s gonna take a few minutes, but you can do it.” Li looks down before nodding. “Got it.”

Li steps forward as she cocks both shotguns, she steps forward, motioning for the beasts to come at her. A pair of beowolves rush forward first, she flips up and over the two monsters, blasting both beasts simultaneously in the backs of their heads as she rolls through, rushing forward and delivering a stiff knee to another, shattering its jaw, as she leaps again, she shoves both shotguns into the beasts broken maw and fires, blowing a hole from its neck to its chest as it falls backwards.

She rolls through again. More beowolves rush forward, this time a trio of them begin to slash and bite at Li, who slides and handsprings around the slashes. She lands on her hands and proceeds to handstand kick the grimm before pushing herself off the ground, spinning and firing at the three, she flips and lands back on her feet as she turns towards another beowolf, she spin kicks, catching the back of her knee to pin the grimm to the ground, putting the gun to the back of the monsters head and pulling the trigger.

The beast fades away as smoke begins to envelop Li. Her uncle getting back to his feet. “Li!” Li screams as the smoke completely envelops her and she begins to open fire. Blasting rounds in all directions as the rounds slam into everything in the surrounding area. She continues opening fire, pulling the triggers before the hammers click, signalling the end of any and all ammo. As she falls out of the spin, her eyes blur slightly as she strikes the ground, seeing her Uncle standing where he is, before he slightly sways backwards, Li’s eyes close as the sound of a body hitting the ground is heard.

As Li’s vision sturs, a few droplets of water strike the terrain and her face as it returns her back to normal. “ ow ow owwwww” Li rubs her head as she looks around, the rain intensifying as Li looks to her left, Orenji laying on the ground. “Uncle?” Li stands up runs over to her uncle, looking at the three wounds Orenji has on his chest. Three softball sized holes go diagonally across his chest, his eyes wide open with a shocked expression. Li shakes her Uncle, desperation in her voice. “Uncle? No no no...UNCLE?” Li ceases shaking his body. She looks down and covers her face, unable to control her emotions anymore before rearing her head back with a sorrowful wail, tears in her eyes. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

As the wail subsides, she looks down at her uncle as she carries the body into the house, As she sets him down, she sees an envelope with her name on it. She looks at it before opening it. She sits down, wiping a few stray tears away as she reads it in her head. “Dear misses Kanao, it has come to my attention that you have sent documentary papers to ask for registration into Beacon Academy. Given your documantion and your known talent when it comes to a recent demonstration. You are hereby welcomed to attend Beacon Academy come the fall cycle. We hope to see you attend on that day.” Li sighs deeply and shakily, turning to her Uncle’s corpse laying on the couch. She walks over and places her hands over his eyes, closing them as she looks at the door.

As the skies clear and the rain subsides, showing its is in the afternoon, Li sits in front of a grave with a thin metal headstone bearing Orenji’s name upon it. She slacks the shotguns at her thighs as she looks to the envelope of invitation. She takes a deep breath and stands up before walking away from the grave. As she walks down the path a beowolf leaps from over a rock at her. Without looking, she fires a shotgun blast, bursting a hole in the head of the monster as she keeps walking, an expressionless look on her face.

The view raises above the snow covered trees, eventually giving way to the emerald forest. Li lands on a branch before sliding around the trunk of the tree onto the ground floor. She looks upwards, viewing a long red haired girl zip overhead with a screaming boy with a weird accent flying shortly after. She shrugs her shoulders as she keeps walking. She looks around the forest, viewing its emerald beauty in silence. However, a few heavy footsteps thump behind her. She turns and blasts a round at a pair of bushes. Her shotgun barrel smokes as an individual walks out, his arm smoking from the round hitting his large arms. He lowers them to get a view of Li.

“Was that really necessary?” Li looks to him, but keeps her shotgun raised, and gestures for the man to go back from where he came from. “My name is Hazel, I’m not here to harm you, but I will if you open fire agai-“ Li fires again, the large  man raises both arms again to block the shot, he grits his teeth, though keeps a calm tone. “Very well...death it is.” Hazel takes out two large lightning dist crystals and jams them into his arms, causing Li to step back in surprise. Hazel roars in angers as he launches two bolts of lightning at Li, who sidesteps as the two bolts strike a tree behind her, remnants of it bouncing along the ground as Li opens fire again, causing Hazel to raise his arms again to block the blast.

This causes Hazel to roar as he rushes at Li, arms outstretched. Li rushes towards the giant man before sliding on her knees underneath Hazel, firing shots at Hazel’s chest. The man is rocked slightly by the force of the blasts at point blank range as Li pops back up to her feet and fired at Hazel’s back. As he turns to attack Li, she leaps over and strikes him in the face with the butt of her shotgun, she lands behind him and proceeds to strike Hazel with a flurry of hits using the handles of the guns.

Hazel turns and delivers a punch to Li, sending her skidding backwards before he advanced on her, winding back for an uppercut. As he throws it, the punch turns to slow motion as Li narrowly avoids it. The battle returns to a normal speed as Li handstands and begins spin kicking Hazel, catching him on the chin a few times as he reels back. On the fourth swing, Hazel grabs her right leg and proceeds to spin her around before launching her at a rock. Li flips through and lands on the rock. Hazel throws a punch as Li leaps over, Hazel shattering the large rock. Li looks down as the black smoke envelops her hands.

She looks at Hazel as she doubles over, Hazel looks in confusion as Li rears back as the black smoke envelops the small area as she rapidly opens fire in all directions, the trunks of trees being blasted with softball size holes in the trunks of trees. Hazel raises his arms to deflect the shots, parts of his clothing shredding as he keeps moving in towards the source of the black smoke. As Li comes out of it, half-way conscious, Hazel delivers a shot to her stomach, knocking the breath out of Li, her eyes roll back slightly before an uppercut from Hazel completely knocks her unconcious, her aura fizzling. As she’s launched by the uppercut, Hazel grabs her nearest leg and proceeds to repeatedly slam her into the ground.

On the final slam, which buries Li into the ground, he raises his foot to cave her chest in. As he does he looks down and suddenly lowers his foot. Li’s breathing is light, barely breathing if at all. Hazel picks the unconcious girl up and slacks her over his shoulder, carrying her away as both he and the girl vanish into the dark of the forest. The emerald forest turns to a faded green as Li walks out of the trees, a flashlight in hand as she looks back, showing the bright lights of Mistral. She sighs as the voice of Oswald is heard. “LI, COME ON! LET’S GO!” Bryce looks on as he grinds his hook on a tree. “Stop dragging the line and let’s move, mutey!”

Kiko is heard as well as she snaps her swords onto the slots on her back. “We don’t have all night, Li! Emerald, Hazel, and Mercury are waiting on us. And Salem ISNT going to be pleased about losing Cinder AND the relic.” Li looks down and nods. She lifts the flashlight as she lights the way, with Kiko and Bryce following behind, and Oswald takes the lead. Li looks up to the sky and thinks to herself. “What have I become...” She looks down as the trio fade into the darkness, the fading light only showing Li as the moon shines overhead.
(I do NOT own RWBY, the copyrights belong to Roosterteeth and Roosterteeth Animations. The copyrights to the Firestorm OC’s belong to myself and TF2Bill)

A police siren is heard as a rickety old police car pulls up to a dust shop in Vacuo. An old man with a cowboys hat comes out as he looks around. “Dammit...he was here, wasnt he?” The man looks around and groans as he walks inside the shop. Meanwhile, Bryce sits on the roof of the dust shop. “Heh...sucker.” Bryce digs into the bag and pulls out a dust crystal. “’ll make me quite a decent bit of lien, aye?” Bryce looks down at the small town as he notices an interesting looking poster against a shop window. He pockets the small bag of dust as he hops from the roof and sneaks towards the poster, showing a roll for Beacon Academy. “Hmm...get paid for doin’ easy jobs? Or go to jail for petty dust.”

The dust bowls of Vacuo give way to the village of Vale. Bryce runs through the village towards the landing platform, showing Bullheads already taking off to embark to the Academy above the lake. Bryce sees it as he adjusts his napsack. “BUGGER ME, I’M GONNA BE LATE!” Bryce undoes his hook as he throws it at the bottom of the bullhead. “...I actually never attempted to throw my hook at a large, metallic, moving tar-“ Bryce vanishes as an outline of where he once was pops in and out. Bryce screams in joy as he hangs upside down from a bullhead, heading towards Beacon. He looks down as the city of Vale gives way to the lake as well as the shining academy. “Well...Wouldya look at that?” Bryce grins as the Bullhead lowers down, he pops his hooks from the bottom as he falls on his back. “Ow! AH!” He sees the Bullhead lowering on him as he stands up and runs.

“Bugger me!” Bryce stands up and dusts himself off as he looks at the school. “Much more interesting than anything in Vacuo. Shade looked like a horses stable compared to this place. Better to explore.” As Bryce turns to walk a brown, screaming streak, flies past him, causing him to spin in a cyclone before falling on his face. “What in the buggerin’ name of all that’s...ugh...” Bryce walks off, as he walks past a scrub, it shows him standing on his platform. “So...this thing...umm...what does it-“ Bryce is immediately sent flying by the platform. “NONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!” Bryce tumbles and spins in the air as he flies over the forest. “BUGGER! GOTTA LAND GOTTA LAND GOTTA LAND!” Bryce looks as he spots an open tree in the canopy. He throws his hooks at the branches as he looks down.

“NOW I’VE THROWN IT WHILST I’M FLY-“ Bryce vanishes again as he smashes into the tree, hitting each branch on the way down, grunting in pain before he lands upside down. “Owwwww....” Bryce rolls through onto his feet in a crouched position. “Ugh...that was a bad landing. Thank goodness no one saw it.” A voice is heard. “Correction, two people did.” He looks up, showing a tan, emerald haired girl and a silver haired boy a few feet away. “Ah! Uh...g’day? So...I guess one of you saw me first? Hope it was you, pretty one.” The green haired girl rolls her eyes in disgust.

The boy speaks. “I got you first...” Bryce slaps his palm to his face. “ two already saw each other first. That means I’ve gotta search for another teammate...maybe we’ll end up on the same team. What’re your names?” The grey haired boy taps his foot. “Mercury.” The green hair girl grins. “Emerald.” Bryce cockily salutes. “Bryce Barnett...Well...good luck to the both of ya’s.” Bryce throws his hooks onto the top branch of a tree as it propels him upwards. As he floats upwards, he sees a blonde haired girl with aviator glasses launching herself over the canopy.

Hearts form in his eyes as he views her appearance. “PRETTY LADY AT 12 O’CLOCK! As he winds back to throw the chain of his hooks, a chain wraps around him, ensnaring him. “Huh!?” He’s quickly yanked back down as he slams into the ground, the chain quickly spinning him as it returns to its owner.
“Oy, what’s your problem!?” Bryce rolls to see it was Emerald who threw the chain as it pulls her weapon back together. “What was that for?” Bryce stands up as Mercury runs at him. “Whoa Whoa Whoa!” Mercury attempts a roundhouse kick as Bryce ducks. “OY, WHATS YOUR DAMAGE!?”

Mercury begins to kick as Bryce, who continues to back away, evading the kicks. Mercury delivers a kick to Bryce, sending him into the air before Emerald launches her bladed chain, ensnaring Bryce as she pivots and throws him into a tree, his aura fizzling slightly as he lands in a crouched position. “Ok then...” Emerald fires her chain again, this time Bryce throws the chain of his hook as it wraps around Emerald’s. “What!?” Bryce grins as he yanks, sending her flying towards him. “Come here, ya bloody-“ As he goes to slash at her with his hooks, Mercury attempts to kick Bryce, who ducks the attack as Mercury’s kick hits the chains, ensnaring his leg. “What the-“ Bryce grins as he turns and whips the chains overhead, sending Emerald and Mercury into a pair of tree branches, they climb and crouch themselves into the thick canopy.

“Whats the matter!? You swung first, now you wanna run scared!?” Bryce throws his hooks as it launches him up and over the canopy. “Where you running? We were just about to have some fun!” Bryce looks down, seeing the pair running away from him. “Got you!” Bryce flings his hooks at the ground in front of them as he launches forward, at the last second, he yanks the hooks from the ground before winding back and swinging, splitting the two in half. “HA! GOT YA YOU LITTLE-“ As he turns, the pair fade away. “-Eh? Ok, am I going crazy?”

As he looks around, he hears growls behind him as he turns to a pack of Beowolves. “Hmm...Beowolves. That’s fine.” Bryce points his hooks towards them. “I’ll just take my anger out on you, instead!” Bryce twirls the hook in his left hand as a beowolf charges at him, as it slashes, he ducks and jams the hook into the jaw bone of the beast. As another grimm slashes, he turns the beowolf caught on his hook back first to the monster, causing it to slash its own pack member to ribbons. Bryce twirls around the fading grimm to slam his hook into the standing beowolves head, before pivoting and swinging the beowolf into its pack, slamming the flung beast and one of its compatriots into a rock, causing the one hit by its pack member to snap its neck back, breaking it on the rock before fading away.

As the final members of the pack run forward at Bryce, he slings his hooks, emedding it in both of there chests. “Get over ‘ere!” As he yanks, it launches both beasts towards himself. He jumps up and dropkicks both grimm in their throats, a snap is heard as Bryce backflips and lands as the two beasts land behind him and fade away. Bryce stretches and loosens up. “Ah...that felt wonderful.” Bryce starts walking, unbeknownst to him, Emerald and Mercury watch from the trees. Mercury turns to Emerald. “You wanna do that little trick?” Emerald nods, a devilish grin on his face. “If it makes him look like an idiot, absolutely.” Emerald places a hand to her head.

As he looks around, the blonde haired girl walks through a clearing. “Hello?” Bryce heres the voice before seeing the girl. “Hubba! Hubba!” Bryce adjusts his hair and dusts himself off before walking out. “Hey! Over here!” The girl turns. “Huh?” Bryce moseys on over. “Evenin’ darlin. What’s a pretty face like yours doing in a dark, depressing place like this?” The girl sways slightly. “Looking for a knight in shining armor to protect me from the evil creatures of the forest.” She moves forward. “Are you my knight?” Bryce grins. “You tell me.” As Bryce leans in on the girl with his eyes closed, the girl fades and vanishes as Mercury delivers a roundhouse kick to Bryce, launching him skyward with a blast. Emerald throws her hooks as it wraps around Bryce, ensnaring his lims before slamming him into the ground.

As he rebounds, Mercury kicks Bryce, sending him one direction as Emerald pivots on her feet, swinging Bryce the other way as Mercury kicks him again. This happens several times before Emerald slings Bryce up and over her head and unwraps him from the chain as Mercury delivers a stiff side kick to Bryce’s stomach, a blast escaping his boot as it launches Bryce into a tree, causing it to snap in half and collapse on top of him, pinning his legs. He screams in agony as Mercury and Emerald walk over, both stepping on the trunk of the tree as it crushes Bryce’s legs, causing the pain to intensify. “Gah! Stop! Stop!” Emerald lifts her guns and loads them as Bryce covers his face. “Emerald!” Emerald lowers her guns as she turns. “Cinder?”

Cinder walks through, looking down at Bryce. “Hmm...” Bryce uncovers his face as Cinder forms a scimitar of glass and cuts the trunk in half, Bryce looks up as Cinder outstretches a hand to Bryce. “We have an offer for you.” Emerald tilts her head confused. “What? Cinder, this guy’s an idiot. I dont think he brings anything that I, or even Mercury couldn’t do.” Mercury speaks. “Hey, what does “Even Mercury” mean?” Emerald turns to him. “It means you’re an idiot.” Cinder turns to them. “Quiet! The both of you!” Cinder turns to Bryce. “You work for us, and you’ll be paid handsomely.” Bryce sits up. “If I refuse?” Cinder looks at him. “I dont really think you have a say in the matter.”

Bryce sighs. “Alright, I’m long as I get paid.” Bryce takes Cinders hand as her eyes glow slightly, elevating the boy to his feet. “Welcome to the fold. Emerald, Mercury. Escort Bryce back to HQ.” Cinder looks at her. “What about you?” Cinder looks on. “I have other matters to attend to. So you’ll have to do it.” As they start walking, Bryce limping, Cinder speaks to Emerald. “And Emerald...dont kill him on the way back. He may be irritating, but he’ll have some for of use.” Emerald looks down annoyed before nodding in compliance. “Understood.” The trio of individuals vanish into the forest as the emerald trees give way to a dark forest. Bryce limps through the forest, dragging his hooks and chains behind him. An angered groan escaping him as he leans against a tree, punching it before walking off into the dark of the forest.


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