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Street Fighter: Moving Forward -Invincible Eagle

By Shockdingo
Street Fighter: Moving Forward is a series of sprite edits I plan to do whenever I have ideas and time to apply them. Basically these are my ideas for new characters and updates of the characters moving on. No real specific time period, but mainly I was inspired by SF 5's drastic changes and wish to share mine.

First up, we have Invincible Eagle aka Noboru Takayama. I loved Skullomania back in the day and am sad we'll never see him again since he's not a Capcom character, but rather an Arika-owned character. I wanted to take the basic idea of a Tokusatsu-themed street fighter and run with it. I made him an actual martial artist rather than an inspired salesman and with my recent renewed interest in Kamen Rider, let my mind wander.

I chose Shito-ryu mainly due to it being extremely fast, powerful and flashy. I felt those elements would work nice with a super hero.

Also, going with some of the elemental themes we see in many Street Fighters (fire being the most common) I felt that since he emulated the eagle, he could be wind based.

Like it? Hate it? Let me know!  Thanks for viewing!

This is merely fan art made to celebrate Capcom's latest entry into the Street Fighter library, I don't intend to profit off of this, I'm just a humble fan showing my appreciation for the mythos. I'm sprite editing under the intent and purpose to honour Capcom with respect to Capcom's fan-work policy. Thank you and good day. The sprite sources (Eagle, Noboru, edited portrait, logo and Earth are copyright Capcom).
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