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War of Dragons

This is my illustration for this weeks art challenge over at [link] , topic being "war of dragons".

Painted in Photoshop 6.0 using a intuos 3 wacom tablet, no reference of any kind used. 3 evenings spent.

"The ancient battle between firedragons and icedragons.
Ever since the morning of time, they had fought for control of the world and for the power gained through the people worshipping them.

Once the mighty leader of the firedragons was defeated, they cut off his wings and banished him from the world. So it was that the icedragons reigned for thousands of years, hunting down the remaining firedragons, one by one.

But it was said that when the constellations of the three moons were right, their leader would come to their rescue to defeat the icedragons..."

Ask for permission before using this image for any reason.
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It feels like I'm actually there. Holy shizzle. This is so good.
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Truly astounding.
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poor dragon haha nahh but its great this really caught my eye
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Awesome art, i quite like it
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W.O.W I've seen heaps of awesome drawings, but this has to be one of my favorites and one of the best! Awesome work!
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Amazing Drawing I wish I was so good at drawing like you and this is one of the best drawings ive ever seen. :)
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Thank you! Keep spending time painting and you'll see you'll improve!
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This is a very wonderful. But I think a good dragons will be lost in this war. : )
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did the little dragon have to die?
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I'm afraid so...
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That is so beast.
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great epic work! :D:D:D so much so an epic work because of not using any references too! ^^
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not a problem at all! :D I am curious of if you might do anything of point commissions or art trades or requests at all? I am sorry to be using this great piece of work's comment area in order to ask, and you can of course send a reply via note if you want. ^^
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