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The gelatinous green cube

I think there's been too little credit awarded to the fearsome dungeon encounter: the gelatinous green cube. :-p
This silent stalker that devours and digests the unlucky adventurer to leave only bones and equipment left trapped inside it, until in the end they drop out of the cube and is left in a pool of acidic ooze.

It's meant to be alittle funny..hence the looks of the characters in it

Idea completed: Party of adventurers stumble upon something unknown..a large cube of green ooze. and before they know it, the little guy has to touch. As he does, tentacles starts to spawn and his two friends draw weapons (probably not the first time the little fellow has got them into a scuffle)

Painted over a few evenings, several layers and as in 9,9 out of 10 paintings: no reference used.

Ask for permission before using this image for any reason.

Photoshop and a wacom intuos tablet used.
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It's weak against fire. Light this f****r up!
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"You have 30 minutes to move your jello monster, your have 10 minutes, your jello monster has been crushed into a cube, you have 30 minutes to move your cube."
GladeFaun's avatar
OMG a friend set one of these on us - so scary! Love it, well done :)
EldredTheWizard's avatar
I hate these bloody cubes!
alexwarlorn's avatar
Ran into a lot of 'em in your D&D days? 
I think a better title would be "Ahhh... Guys the key found me."
ChetFelldark's avatar
Ah, lots of memories with these things.
Bad-People's avatar
A lot of adventurers have been sporting glowsticks lately.
theeman127's avatar
And the winner of the D&D Darwin Awards go to .... The Halfling!!
CheeseburgerTom's avatar
Probably a kinder not a halfling.  If someone plays a kinder you can just about guarantee they'll metagame, steal from PCs and NPCs, intentionally set off traps, and intentionally draw unwanted and unneeded attention to the party.  If a player wants to play a kinder its thinly veiled signal that they want to be nuisance and annoyance to everyone else at the table.
ardashir's avatar
I love that clueless halfling who's about to become cube food. This is amazing art.
alexwarlorn's avatar
"And so wizards commit another sin another the natural order, we're supposed to eat jello, jello is not supposed to eat us." 
Jazon19's avatar
Epic monster. Love these guys.
great piece of work!
alexwarlorn's avatar
Epic? But their challenge rating is only 3. :-) 
Jazon19's avatar
Its all in the GM who plays them. they can be used in very cool ways
Pour a potion of invisibility over a cube, so the cube is invisible, but the skeletons in it aren't.  So the party sees what looks like a hovering skeleton approaching them, with other stuff floating near it.

When they go to investigate, the closest person gets absorbed by the cube, and the rest of the party sees them just floating in midair.  The investigator though, is taking damage every turn from acid.
alexwarlorn's avatar
Wish I thought of that. 
Jazon19's avatar
wonderfully cruel :D 
legofan13's avatar
Like having a trap that drops a Gelatinous cube on an unsuspecting player.
Jazon19's avatar
Like that yeh! or possibly a "ice floor" made of cube
psykitty's avatar
Oh this is lovely. Do you mind terribly much if I appropriate this (with your sig intact, obviously) as the header image for my level-0 D&D campaign's Roll20 page?
Shockbolt's avatar
Sent you a note :)
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