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June 6, 2009
Smaug and his treasure by =Shockbolt. With an enchanting color palette and delightful details, this depiction of Smaug (from The Hobbit) is delightful and mesmerizing!
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Suggested by katzypotter
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Smaug and his treasure

The next Middle-Earth inspired image in my series of them. This one was finished a couple of days ago.

Smaug inside Lonely mountain, ontop of his pile of gold and treasure.

Ask for permission before using this image for any reason.

Thanks for viewing :-)

*edit: Hey thanks for selecting this as a DD! I wouldn't concider this one of my top Middle-Earth related images myself, so be sure to have a look at the other ones in my gallery too! :) *
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hobbitshire's avatar
Great depiction of Smaug, especially with his gem-encrusted belly as described in the book.
Ellosse's avatar
I saw this a while ago and now I'm so happy to find it here. I love the contrast between the gold and cold blue.
Shockbolt's avatar
I know the feeling..I once joined an art community named Elfwood and came across an image of a Naga with a sword in a setting that had ruins behind it, that really inspired me. I've been trying to find it now and then without luck :)
EvilScarrlett's avatar
nice rendering of Smaug :)
Shockbolt's avatar
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SilverCleric's avatar
Thank you for not making Smaug a drake (wings attached to forearms). I hated that they did that in the movie. Smaug is most definitely not a drake but a true  full dragon.
Shockbolt's avatar
No worries, I prefer my dragons more like seen in this image rather than huge and bulky with oversized spikes and shells :)
FashionARTventures's avatar
I want to thank you Ray for the beautiful image, which I used as a background for my illustration of Thorin Oakenshield. It made my drawing come to life! Check the finished result here ===>

You can see it also in my drawing tutorial on YouTube:


Nice work! Is it okay to use your artwork on my website, I will credit your name with the image and link to your Deviantart page.
Shockbolt's avatar
Hello there,

If it's for display purposes in your blog, feel free to use the image, adding my name and a link would be a welcome bonus :)

Cheers mate,

Have a nice Christmas!
ElzieBanana's avatar
That's awesome! ^^
bornthiswayfox's avatar
wow very beautiful! please make more of this. :)
bornthiswayfox's avatar
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
Very detailed ^^ I love it :D
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
wonderboy4's avatar
I can not get over the lighting in this image! I've never seen anything like it, the way the treasure shines and the dragons belly shines, it just looks so real and captivating! I didn't know you could do that in an illustration.

Not to mention how awesome the illustration is as a whole, the composition is great and the dragons head in particular is perfect.

Where can I see this image in greater detail?

Also, have you made tutorials on how you paint? Because that would be cool.
Shockbolt's avatar
Thanks! It's starting to become one of the older images I have on here, but people still like it :)

I haven't created any tutorials into how I paint, yet, I might do sometime in the future though.
wonderboy4's avatar
That would be brilliant : )
Altaride's avatar
Hello, I work on an ezine about roleplaying games. The theme of the next issue will be 'Gold'. So I'm asking you permission to use this image in it (with credit).
The magazine is online and free : [link]. Thanks.
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