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Futuristic battle scene

Another painting that started as a vague idea.
I wanted to have a few soldiers manning a laser turret or tower, shooting at alien spaceships attacking their city.

Painted in little over an evening, no reference used, 2-3 layers.

Ask for permission before using this image for any reason.

Photoshop and wacom intuos 3 tablet.
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Ironically, those ships look a lot like "the Merchantman" from Star Citizen; one that is designed for commerce and peaceful negotiations.
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Really like this piece.
This is awesome!
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an awesome epic battle scene!! i can only imagine what it must be like to have an advanced fighter hitting at mach 4 cruise past inches away from you...
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You'd loose ear drums, probably kill ya too if your unlucky
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Awesome!! futuristic action-scene deluxe! :D
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its sgc fending off the wraith in Atlantis
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FAVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nice work! but is it just me or does the black ship look like the great fox from the starfox video games? if you don't know, it's okay.
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Now that You mention it, yes!
It does have some kind of resemblance to the pointed
spaceship in the old Super nintendo/N64 Starfox game :D
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Very cool! Love the black spaceshipts and the sense that this is a snapshot, that it'll start moving when I look away. You've got an awesome gallery.
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I love it :)
looks ... real
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So cool. Reminds me of the battle for atlantis.
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I think there's been a few others that's said the same :-)
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