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I have continued to make progress on IB mobile. The UI is completely done--the only changes from now on should just be cosmetic improvements.

It is very simple--as shown in the video (… if you missed it) it just consists of one line of text and up to four buttons, with one "Exclamation" button in the corner (not shown in that video). (The current UI is a bit more visually striking that that video shows though--the buttons are now a sharp-looking blue gradient and the background behind the text is darkened.)

The four buttons are context-dependent depending on what the buddy is asking you, while the exclamation button always takes the user to a "main menu" of sorts. It's not really a standard boring menu--instead when you click it, the buddy says something like "What's up?" and then a standard set of buttons are presented to you (interrupting your current conversation if you are in one).

I'm thinking these standard buttons (always available from one click by selecting the exclamation button) will be something like "New topic" to tell the buddy to have a different conversation with you, "Minigames" (more on that in a later journal entry :) ), "Help" to have the buddy tell you how to play the game (not that it's hard to understand), and something else to-be-determined to round out the fourth option.

I will be out of town this weekend (I'll be checking out some NYC neighborhoods to hopefully see where I want to live come January) so development will most likely resume on Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone!
maustin89 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
I just thought of somthing to add to IB2. You know how you can buy different skins for the buddy. well what if the skins gave them personality like the goth guy likes it when you shoot him and hates it when you spray him with water. Or the strawberry clock likes the water but doesn't like sport objects and so on. Also if you add a feature where you make your own skin have like a personality bar slider so like he could like all pain and hate good stuff. or like fire and hates water and so on.
tuxisme Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
Ah, so cool. Glad to see this hit mobile.
Plus there's the fact that you can update it with new content regularly or randomly. Keep players interested.
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Submitted on
October 20, 2010