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Hello readers.... As previously noted, I've been working on IB2 mobile version pretty much full time lately.

At this point, I've almost got feature parity between it and the online version (which I have demoed here before). The temperature system, the circuit system, most of all the physical items, the shape building tools, saving and loading scenes, etc. have all been duplicated on the mobile version. And they are all adapted for multitouch controls.

Also, since it's all written in OpenGL/C++ rather than Flash, it's actually FASTER on a phone (I'm testing with an iPhone 4S) than it is online. I've got an iPad 3 on the way so hopefully that will hold true (as I'm planning on releasing a universal phone/tablet app).

The UI is the most significant difference I think. Getting all the important functionality from the web version into a much smaller screen (not to mention the fact that every button has to be larger to accomodate fingers rather than a mouse pointer) was not so simple. The "Item Tree" panel is now a horizontal bar across the top of the screen (but one that still accommodates a hierarchical folder system). The properties panel is still at the left of the screen, but it is retractable. And the menu items (save, load, options, about, etc) only appear when you tap a button at the top left (the "Item Bar" slides away to reveal this menu).

I also had a write an entire touch UI framework for this project, but I think it works well and will even serve me well in future projects (outside of just games, potentially).

The biggest things I need to work on are the buddy graphics (I want to give him some more character this time around -- not just boring green spheres) and behavior. After that I will hopefully be ready to release both versions (online and mobile). I know these have been a LONG time coming but, as I said before, it should definitely be worth the wait.

P.S.: I acquired an HD capture card which I can use with an iPhone/iPad, so I should hopefully have some video demos of all of this soon!
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justinmarkc Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
will you make this on android
justinmarkc Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012
will you make this on android because i really want to play this without buying a android
JohnTheWolf Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
We know your working hard so as long as you need to finish it!
rvmiv Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
i can't wait!
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