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Just wanted to post a link to the first Interactive Buddy 2 iOS gameplay video I've uploaded. Check it out!…

The game is available now:…
Well, it has been a long time. Interactive Buddy 2 for the browser was supposed to be released two years ago. It has been sitting on my hard drive since then, collecting digital dust.

The reason for this delay is that I decided to devote considerable effort toward making a full, feature-complete version of Interactive Buddy 2 for iPhone/iPad. The project has now come to fruition, and Interactive Buddy 2 for iOS has been submitted to Apple for review, as of today.

Hopefully IB2 for iOS will be released before Christmas (depends on how long it takes Apple to approve it), with the web prototype version being released a few days after that. The iOS version will debut at $1.99, and the web version will be free as always.

A major new feature--which the version for iOS has but the web version doesn't--is that there are now two buddies (a guy and a girl) instead of one! Much effort has been put forth to make sure they interact with each other in a realistic and satisfying way.

It is also possible to create unique scenes composed of the buddies and other in-game objects (shapes, ropes, etc), save them, and even share them with others. In the web version, you can save to a text file and share this file with others. In the iOS version, there is a complete scene sharing hub right in the game!

Anyway, just wanted to update anyone who is following me. I will be posting the web version on my DA account as soon as the iOS version is released. For more info and screenshots, take a look at the Interactive Buddy Facebook page at…
Title says it all...…

Let me know what you think!
Hello readers.... As previously noted, I've been working on IB2 mobile version pretty much full time lately.

At this point, I've almost got feature parity between it and the online version (which I have demoed here before). The temperature system, the circuit system, most of all the physical items, the shape building tools, saving and loading scenes, etc. have all been duplicated on the mobile version. And they are all adapted for multitouch controls.

Also, since it's all written in OpenGL/C++ rather than Flash, it's actually FASTER on a phone (I'm testing with an iPhone 4S) than it is online. I've got an iPad 3 on the way so hopefully that will hold true (as I'm planning on releasing a universal phone/tablet app).

The UI is the most significant difference I think. Getting all the important functionality from the web version into a much smaller screen (not to mention the fact that every button has to be larger to accomodate fingers rather than a mouse pointer) was not so simple. The "Item Tree" panel is now a horizontal bar across the top of the screen (but one that still accommodates a hierarchical folder system). The properties panel is still at the left of the screen, but it is retractable. And the menu items (save, load, options, about, etc) only appear when you tap a button at the top left (the "Item Bar" slides away to reveal this menu).

I also had a write an entire touch UI framework for this project, but I think it works well and will even serve me well in future projects (outside of just games, potentially).

The biggest things I need to work on are the buddy graphics (I want to give him some more character this time around -- not just boring green spheres) and behavior. After that I will hopefully be ready to release both versions (online and mobile). I know these have been a LONG time coming but, as I said before, it should definitely be worth the wait.

P.S.: I acquired an HD capture card which I can use with an iPhone/iPad, so I should hopefully have some video demos of all of this soon!
Well there was a mix-up when I tried to make Interactive Buddy: Santa free for yesterday and today, and somehow today it went back to paid. So, instead I just changed it to be free for the whole weekend! Hopefully the this change will take affect soon today, but if nothing else it will definitely be free tomorrow (Sunday)! So get it while this deal lasts!…
Interactive Buddy: Santa will be free for today (Friday December 2) and tomorrow (Saturday December 3)! So, if you were hesitant to pay for it, you've got no reason not to give it a look now!

In other news, I'm gonna be going pretty much full steam on the second version of Interactive Buddy for phones/tablets. If you have been following my development on Interactive Buddy 2 for the browser, the tablet/phone will contain most all of the same items/features, plus new ones (all optimized for touch). It should also actually run better and allow for more onscreen objects since it will be a native app, unlike the browser version. These two versions of Interactive Buddy 2 will be released at roughly the same time when they are done.
Well, it has been almost a year since my last journal on here, so here's what has been going on...

First, a new game in the Interactive Buddy series -- Interactive Buddy: Santa -- has been released in the App Store! Check it out here:…

Also, I am still working on Interactive Buddy 2. The online Flash version is done, and has been for a long time. However, I am working on the the phone/tablet version which will be just as capable (or more so) than the browser version. I already have some serious progress made (some of which you can see just by playing Interactive Buddy: Santa, which is running on the same basic game engine which Interactive Buddy 2 will run on).

I'll try to post more updates on my new projects as I go along (sorry for the lack of info until now about this latest Interactive Buddy: Santa game).
(disclaimer: this post is shameless self-promotion... sorry!)

Interactive Buddy for Mobile just broke the Top 25 in the Entertainment category! As I write this, it's #23... hopefully we can continue climbing.

Here's a link to the App Store page…

If you already have the game, well, first off thanks for buying! Secondly, if you can spare a minute, I'd definitely appreciate a review on its App Store page (and thanks once again if you have already done so).

My priorities now are finding a sponsor for IB2 (which is unfortunately apparently more difficult than I thought), releasing it for Android and other platforms, and working on an update to the mobile app.

I'll definitely let everyone know when I figure out when IB2 is going to be released.
Interactive Buddy for Mobile is now listed on the App Store. It is available for iPhone and iPod. Here's the link!…
Well, Interactive Buddy for Mobile has been approved by Apple. Now I just have to decide when to release it. I am still actively searching for a sponsor for the other version of the game (Interactive Buddy 2 for the browser), and originally I was going to wait to release both versions simultaneously.

However, the important thing was always to have the mobile version out *first* so that I can link to it from the browser version. So obviously that will be no problem. The question is just whether I want to have the mobile version out *weeks* before the browser version.

What do you think?
The Interactive Buddy for Mobile app has now been submitted to Apple and awaits their review. Should take about a week, I think.

Now I just have to finish polishing the Flash version and find a sponsor. So, mid-December continues to look likely for the release date!
Quick update about the new Interactive Buddy games...

iOS version:
--Game is feature complete, just need to write and code more ambient conversation content
--Will subsequently submit to Apple and await App Store approval

Flash Version:
--Game is completely done, minus sample scenes, final bug-sweep, sponsor integration
--Once I add some sample scenes, the final bug-sweep is complete, and the iOS version has been submitted (but not necessarily approved), I will start sending out sponsorship emails containing an evaluation copy of the game. Hopefully I'll find a good sponsor and get a good deal in a short amount of time.

Once the iOS version is approved (and assuming I have already locked down a sponsor) I will release the iOS version onto the App Store, copy-paste the App Store URL for it into the Flash version, and start uploading the Flash version to every game hosting site I can think of (hopefully the same day, if not the same hour, as the iOS version)

Here's a fun screenshot from the iOS version:
Well I added tons of stuff to the mobile version over the past two days.

First, bugfixes. There are no known bugs in the mobile version at this moment.

Second, the second minigame. You have to deal out a set amount of damage to the buddy as fast as possible (it keeps track of best times, just as the Gems minigame keeps track of your high score). There are three rounds and in each round you are only able to use a certain interaction method. Then the times from each round are added up to get your total.

Third, and most importantly, the buddy rank system. It basically replaces the money system of the Flash version. As you beat up or talk to the buddy, a meter fills up. When the meter gets full, the buddy increases in "rank". There are 100 ranks, and you can level-up up to 20 times each day (after that the meter turns off until the next day). Thus, avid players can get to max level in five days.

As the buddy levels up, new items are unlocked. These include new backgrounds and special modes (no gravity, slow motion, etc). The buddy also gets tougher and won't stay unconscious as long when you knock him out.

Seems to be a great system so far, and I have already made a bunch of really cool backgrounds that seem to fit the color profile of the game pretty well.

After I code all the special modes (shouldn't take long, I just have to come up with ideas for them first), I just have to add more ambient conversation content and the app will be ready for review.
Well, I have completely implemented the first minigame into Interactive Buddy mobile. It's called "Gems", and the goal is to smash the buddy into as many gems (which spawn about once a second in the world) as possible within two minutes. The tricky thing is that all the interaction methods besides explode are turned off for the duration of the game. Thus you must use the force of the explosions to propel the buddy into the gems.

Here's a pic...

The particle effects for the gems came out really great--you'll see when you see it in motion (assuming you buy the game :) )

The nice thing is that since I already laid out and coded the "framework" for minigames as I was making "Gems", the rest of them should take much less time to implement (hopefully less than the two days it took me to get "Gems" running).

If anyone has ideas for one or two more minigames, let me know. I still have to come up with ideas for those. Nothing too complicated though--I'd like to have the other two minigames implemented by the end of the weekend.
Well I have been focusing on Interactive Buddy mobile version for the past couple of days, mostly since I am eager to get it to Apple for review so that hopefully it'll be released by the holidays.

Today I added a new interaction ability--basketballs! With two fingers you can toss up to eight basketballs on the stage. (Any more than eight and the old ones will start disappearing.) You can then grab them and toss them around if you want, or of course throw them at the buddy.

Hopefully by the end of this week I will have the minigames implemented (I have ideas for two of them so far... if I come up with a third I will add it as well). Then I just need to finish the "ambient" conversation content and it should be ready for App Store submission.

The Flash version is pretty much done, I just need to hopefully add a few more items, create the mobile version popup ad, and finish polishing. Hopefully I'll be able to work on it (and complete it) while the mobile version is under review.

Once the mobile version is accepted (or, probably, a little before that) I'll start sending out emails to potential sponsors for the Flash version. Hopefully I'll get a good offer quickly and I'll set a date to release both the Flash version and mobile version simultaneously. At least that's the plan!

And the promised pic from the mobile version:
Well I just got my iPod 4th gen in the mail today. It's actually my first ever Apple product of any kind. I must say that the screen on this thing is amazing. (I had read about it previously, of course, but I had to see to really believe I suppose.) The resolution is truly outstanding and Apple seems to have made good use of it in converting all the OS graphics over to utilize it fully.

Anyway, my app (Interactive Buddy) will be doing the same! It was already resolution independent (i.e. I can set it to run at any resolution just by tweaking one parameter). But I wasn't sure if the iPod/iPhone would have enough graphics horsepower to run it at full 640x960. Well, it does. And that's what it will run at on those devices. And it. Looks. Great. At least to the extent that a bunch of green gradient-filled circles can.

And perhaps more importantly, it ran on the iPod with no changes to the code. The AirplaySDK (the C++ framework I am using to deploy to multiple devices) truly works as advertised. I can't recommend it enough for game dev, since most games don't really require access to the iPhone-specific SDK anyway.

There is just one hitch regarding iOS changing some resolution parameters when rotating the device, that webOS didn't do. I anticipate that it will be an easy fix, and once I do that (today hopefully) I'll continue development.
Well I've been adding some sound effects, and now the buddy has a distinct voice that can be heard when he grunts or yelps in response to your attacks. It's a high pitched sort of cartoony voice that I think fits pretty well. This is for both the Flash and mobile versions--(since each version has pretty much the exact same buddy physics and graphics, why not sound too?).

Still on track for a holiday release.
Well I have just added an oft-requested feature, the skin creator. It's pretty basic, but I'd say it gets the job done.

Basically, you load images off your computer for the head and body (transparent PNGs are recommended), and select the colors for hands and feet. Then you have the game save this information to a skin file on your computer (there is no in-game skin saving).

Then you can load any skin you have saved from those files and the buddy will take on that appearance instantly.

The downside to this save system is that you have to manage your own skins on your hard drive, since each skin ends up being an actual file. The upside is that it's extremely easy to share skins with people, since all you'd have to do is send them the files!
I have continued to make progress on IB mobile. The UI is completely done--the only changes from now on should just be cosmetic improvements.

It is very simple--as shown in the video (… if you missed it) it just consists of one line of text and up to four buttons, with one "Exclamation" button in the corner (not shown in that video). (The current UI is a bit more visually striking that that video shows though--the buttons are now a sharp-looking blue gradient and the background behind the text is darkened.)

The four buttons are context-dependent depending on what the buddy is asking you, while the exclamation button always takes the user to a "main menu" of sorts. It's not really a standard boring menu--instead when you click it, the buddy says something like "What's up?" and then a standard set of buttons are presented to you (interrupting your current conversation if you are in one).

I'm thinking these standard buttons (always available from one click by selecting the exclamation button) will be something like "New topic" to tell the buddy to have a different conversation with you, "Minigames" (more on that in a later journal entry :) ), "Help" to have the buddy tell you how to play the game (not that it's hard to understand), and something else to-be-determined to round out the fourth option.

I will be out of town this weekend (I'll be checking out some NYC neighborhoods to hopefully see where I want to live come January) so development will most likely resume on Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone!
Well I just finished the mobile version "UI". UI is in quotes because in actuality the mobile interface probably too simple to be called a full UI, as commonly understood.

Basically it just consists of text at the top of the screen to let you know what the buddy is saying, and then either zero, one, two, three, or four buttons which pop up underneath that, which you tap to give a response. (The responses will be dependent on the context, so if the buddy asks you how your day is going, you may be able to respond "Great!", "So-so", or "Bad", for example. He will then continue the conversation based on that selection.)

The cool thing is that the interface is screen orientation agnostic. So if you rotate to side view, the buttons and text fade out and then fade in in a position that looks good for that view. This works for all four orientations (top, bottom, right, left). Getting this to work right was crucial since the game is designed to be played from any angle (the world gravity shifts accordingly).

Next up is getting Lua scripting up and running (and able to access the UI display functions) and starting work on the conversation AI.

I have finally uploaded a video of this mobile version, which is also the first ever demonstration of the re-tooled buddy physics (which are pretty much the same across the mobile and webgame versions, aside from the fact that the mobile version also supports rotated gravity which I may or may not add to the webgame version).

Here's the video (don't forget to click HD):…