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July 20, 2007
Interactive Buddy v.1.02 by ~shock-value is an absolutely classic piece of interactive Flash. Everyone should have this in their favourites. Free up the next 30 minutes from whatever you're doing and have some fun!
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Interactive Buddy v.1.02

UPDATE November 23, 2011:

Interactive Buddy: Santa is available in the App Store! New items, cutting edge graphics, and plenty of holiday cheer! Get it here: [link]


UPDATE December 11, 2010:

Interactive Buddy for Mobile is available in the App Store! Get it here: [link]


UPDATE June 7, 2009:

I am actively developing Interactive Buddy 2 (have been since 2008 actually)--you can track my progress here on my page at DeviantArt, as well as the official "fan" page for Interactive Buddy on Facebook ([link]). Comments always appreciated!


This Flash had been submitted to! Please vote or write a review if you have time!

Link to submission:

Thanks again, and more updates are forthcoming!
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I played this on Flashpoint Launcher. I love it.

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UPDATE: As of 2021, Adobe Flash Player has Blocked all flash content including Interactive Buddy. :cries: but, Don't feel bad folks because BlueMaxima's Flashpoint can still play all Flash Games and Animation including Interactive Buddy!! Also @shock-value if you're viewing this comment, let's hope flash will still be enjoyable without slowing down...

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who wants to be my girlfraind

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please add trump as a skin thanks!

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Played this out of boredom and nostalgia today. Flash games were a great part of my childhood and piqued my interest in game development. 😊

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cool and fun!

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this was fun!

(until playgendary ripped it off)

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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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God fucking dammit I fucking love this game, holy shit. This brings back so much nostalgia. Back when you were 9 years old and you played online games like this. Spank the monkey, interactive buddy, and those fishing games. This is just one out of every memory I've left behind.

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You're not alone on that one! Flash games were the bomb! ⭐ (And they still are! Well, until December 2020 that is)

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Man, I love this game. I used to play it with my brother all the time as a young lad. Well, I say play it; it's more like we would each take turns torturing the Buddy... still, on a trip down memory lane,  I figured I'd drop by and comment, because, well, why not? I, er, see I'm not the only one to. I guess a lot of people have more time for nostalgia these days. All the same, grand work, mate, and I am glad the joy and laughter it has brought all of us children who just wanted to torture something for our own amusement. Now, I believe I have just bought my favourite in-game item, the stun gun, and I think it's time to test if it still works like I remember it~
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Oh my god... I remember this. I also remember the corny comic I created where Bonzai Buddy invaded the Interactive Buddy world and tormented all the characters, only for Shock Value to step in and kick his monkey butt or something like that. And that the Buddy itself sacrificed himself so that it could happen. XD Fun times, but this was my go-to game for when I was stressed out.

I will need to find that old comic again and remaster it -- with better effects and stuff now that I've gotten better in my graphic art work. That is, assuming it's in the lost files of my harddrive crash.

Just rediscovered this game. Played it a lot as a kid. I think it even may hearken back to the days of dial-up.

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