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An ordinary thirteen-year-old girl, a magical princess, mother to a world, Lord of Order, vengeful and benevolent goddess, sly villainess... and girl all over again... and girl all over again...  This is the story of Amy, of Amethyst.

Want to know more?  I list her appearances below if you wish to read her story yourself, and present a short bio of my own.


The Legion of Super-Heroes 298 (1983 April) 'Amethyst Preview' 16 page insert
Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld 1-12 (1983 May-1984 April) The 'Maxi-Series'
.....Alternate cover price versions of issues 1-2 might be more valuable
DC Comics Presents 63 (1983 Nov) Co-starred Superman
Amethyst Annual 1 (1984)
Amethyst 1-16 (1985 Jan-1986 Aug) The unlimited series
Amethyst Special 1 (1986)
Amethyst 1-4 (1987 Nov-1988 Feb) The mini-series
Sword of Sorcery 0 (2012 Nov) Includes Beowulf backup story
.....Includes Who's Who in the New 52 Amethyst page
.....Includes one version of Zero Month/September checklist, indicia-free
Sword of Sorcery 1 (2012 Dec) Includes Beowulf backup
.....Includes The New 52 Wave 3 preview of SoS 1 & other comics
.....Variant cover by Ryan Sook mentioned, not yet examined


The DC Sampler (1983) Amethyst promoted, quote from Sam Kujava in The Comic Reader
The Best of DC 52 (1984 Sept) aka Blue Ribbon Digest, logo says Years Best Comics Stories
.....Amethyst cover cameo; interior has recolored Maxi #1 reprint, bit modified
DC Sampler 2 (1984 Sept) Amethyst promoted
DC Sampler 3 (1984) Amethyst promoted
DC Spotlight (1985) Free, for conventions; Amethyst promoted
.....Karen Berger discusses future storylines, not all precisely came to pass
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 1 (1985 Mar) Amethyst bio
Crisis on Infinite Earths 5 (1985 Aug) Amethyst cameo
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 6 (1985 Aug)
.....Dark Opal bio, Amethyst appears
Crisis on Infinite Earths 6 (1985 Sept) Amethyst cameo due to tiny copy of Crisis #7's cover
Crisis on Infinite Earths 7 (1985 Oct) Amethyst cameo on cover
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 8 (1985 Oct)
.....Fire Jade bio, Amethyst appears
Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 9 (1985 Nov)
.....Gemworld feature, Amethyst appears
Crisis on Infinite Earths 10-11 (1986 Jan-1986 Feb) Amethyst appears
History of the DC Universe Book Two (1986) Amethyst appears
Who's Who: Update '87 1 (1987 Aug) Amethyst bio
Who's Who: Update '87 2 (1987 Sept) Flaw and Child bio, Amethyst appears
Hawk and Dove 2 (1989 July) Child and Flaw appear
Secret Origins 43 (1989 Aug) Child and Flaw appear
Hawk and Dove 14-17 (1990 July-1990 Oct) Child and Flaw appear
Who's Who in the DC Universe 1 (1990 Aug) Looseleaf; Amethyst bio & images
Books of Magic Book Three of Four (1991) Amethyst/Gemworld splash
Who's Who in the DC Universe 8 (1991 April) Looseleaf; Flaw & Child bio, Amethyst appears
The Book of Fate 6 (1997 July) Amethyst appears, Convergence story part 1
Night Force (1997 July) Child, Flaw, Topaz appear; Convergence story part 2
Challengers of the Unknown 6 (1997 July) Topaz appears, Convergence story part 3
Scare Tactics 8 (1997 July) Amethyst appears, Convergence story part 4
The Book of Fate 8 (1997 Sept) Amethyst appears
The Book of Fate 11 (1997 Dec) Amethyst appears
52 Week Eighteen (2006 Sep 6) Amethyst cameo
Superman 663 (2007 July) Amethyst cameo
Action Comics 886 (2010 April) Amethyst cameo
.....Sorcerers' World described as 'hub' to Gemworld & other worlds & dimensions
Flashpoint 1 (2011 July) No visual appearance, Amethyst probably briefly speaks
.....Flashpoint May/June checklist
Flashpoint: Secret Seven 2 (2011 Sept) Amethyst appears, Amethyst cover cameo
.....Secret Seven's symbol shown (appears elsewhere)
.....Flashpoint July/August checklist (appears in other comics)
Flashpoint: Secret Seven 3 (2011 Oct) Amethyst* appears
Justice League of America 60 (2011 Oct) Dark Opal appears
.....variant cover by David Mack mentioned, not yet examined

The New 52: Futures End 38-39, 45, 47-48 (2015 Mar-2015 June) Amethyst appears
.....47, for one cover, Amethyst appears only as part of cover/next issue previews
.....48 mentions variant cover, not yet examined
.....possibly other appearances; multiverse/timeline and assimilation art obfuscate
.....cannot yet verify the existence & content of all Futures End alternate cover issues
The New 52: Futures End 44 (2015 May)
.....Amethyst appears in 'Next Issue' previews
FCBD 2016 - DC Superhero Girls 1 Special Edition (2016 May) school's amethyst appears
.....essentially a sample section from Finals Crisis GN, slightly modified and enlarged
.....also has some different ads and profile pages
.....story features an additional, presumably unrelated violet crystal
DC Super Hero Girls: Finals Crisis (2016 July) graphic novel, school's amethyst appears
.....story also features a presumably unrelated violet crystal
DC Super Hero Girls Halloween Fest Special Edition 1 (2016 Dec) school's amethyst appears
.....has a sample section from Hits and Myths GN, slightly modified and enlarged
.....has some different ads and profile pages; also has activity pages
DC Super Hero Girls: Hits and Myths (2016 Nov) graphic novel, school's amethyst appears
Young Justice 1-5 (2019 March-2019 July) Amethyst appears
.....1 Amethyst cover and Wonder Girl cover owned
.....1 reportedly has several variant covers
.....2 Amethyst/Jinny Hex/Teen Lantern/Wonder Girl cover owned
.....3 rainbow group shot cover and Impulse/Robin/Superboy cover owned
.....3 reportedly has a silver foil variant of rainbow group shot
.....4 Lord Opal head/group shot cover owned
.....5 falling gems/group shot cover owned
.....other covers might exist without being listed yet

Top 10 #10 (2001 Jan, America's Best Comics) Amethyst* cameos (p3)
The New 52: Futures End 3, 5, 14, 21 (2014 July-2014 Nov)
.....Amethyst appears in 'Next Issue' previews only unless noted below
.....5 Amethyst possibly appears on one cover
.....5 possible Child p10 and Ancient Ones p19 allusions
The New 52: Futures End 4, 6-12, 15-16, 22-25, 32-37 (2014 July-2015 Mar
.....Amethyst appears; particularly subtle elements listed below
.....8 possible Amy allusion p2
.....10 possible Amy allusion, story page 17
.....24 Amethyst appears at least twice on one cover


Flashpoint 2 (2011 Aug) World Map with possible Secret Seven base (map appears elsewhere)
Flashpoint 4 (2011 E. Oct) Enchantress mentions Seven's "accident"
The New 52: Futures End 19 (2014 Nov) Amethyst mentioned
The New 52: Futures End 31 (2015 Feb) Ship Amethyst is on appears in 'Next Issue' preview


Wonder Woman 29 (1989 April) - Female characters' sales discussed - Editor Karen Berger
Wonder Woman 37 (1989 Dec) - Listing of Mindy Newell's work - Editor Karen Berger


Poster (1982) Maybe comic store promo; based on ad in Maxi #1, recolored & modified
Amazing Heroes 20 (1983 Feb, Redbeard) Fanzine, Amethyst appears and is the cover feature
Poster (1984) Maybe comic store promo, recolored & modified reprint of unlimited #2's cover
1986 DC Calendar - Calendar was a one page poster, Amethyst appears in April with Blue Devil
.....Advertised in at least some comics dated Jan, Feb and March 1986, such as unlimited #13
DC Heroes Role-Playing Game (1989, 2nd Edition Boxed Set, Product #245, Mayfair Games)
.....The Background/Roster Book - Brief Gemworld text history, Amethyst's statistics listed
The Atlas of the DC Universe (1990, Product #247, Mayfair Games) RPG sourcebook
.....Gemworld map, Gemworld brief text history, Amethyst & Dark Opal stats
.....New Carthage NY map with Winston family's home marked
.....Travel Value listed for Gemworld for the Dimension Travel Power
.....Zerox text history, Typical Zerox Sorcerer & Typical Zerox Student stats
.....Orando text history, states it is related to Gemworld
Magic (1992, Product #255, Mayfair Games) RPG Sourcebook
.....Amethyst pictured, brief text history, stats
.....Child and Flaw pictured, brief text history, stats
.....Dimension Travel Guide maps Gemworld's location relative to Earth Dimension
.....Gemworld brief text history connecting it to astrological houses of Atlantis, Amethyst mentioned
.....Barter brief text history, stats, Child mentioned
.....History of Magic - Gemworld, Zerox, Mordru, Mysa, the Archmage & Magic Wars mentioned
Who's Who #1 (1992, Product #260, Mayfair Games)
.....aka Who's Who in the DC Universe (1) (The) Role-Playing Supplement
.....Looseleaf, companion to Who's Who in the DC Universe 1-4 (1990 Aug-1990 Nov)
.....Amethyst's stats & role-playing advice, necklace pictured
Who's Who #2 (1992, Product #261, Mayfair Games)
.....aka Who's Who in the DC Universe (2) (The) Role-Playing Supplement
.....Looseleaf, companion to Who's Who in the DC Universe 5-8 (1990 Dec-1991 April)
.....Flaw and Child stats & role-playing advice, Scale comparison & Child's Amulet pictured
DC Cosmic Teams(?) (1993, Skybox) Card set, Amethyst appeared in #112 of the 150 common cards

DC SuperHero Girls Super Hero High School Yearbook (2016, Random House)'s amethyst (p6) & Eclipso Jewels store (p94) appear
.....Hero of the Year episode mention (p85 & index)
.....imitates a yearbook; some text, much of the art might be animation stills and cells
DC Super Hero Girls: A Kids Coloring Book (2017, DC Comics)
.....indicia says 'Orginally published in' various magazines 'and online'
.....indicia also mentions 'all new material''s amethyst appears multiple times's amethyst* (Hits and Myths cover?) appears

DC Universe Online (2011, Sony Online Entertainment LLC) Video game
.....includes at least three 'Crisis #7' virtual base items
.....the author of this list runs two fan leagues on the American PS3/PS4/PC server:
.....'Amethystine' as 'Amethyst AmyWinston' for heroes
.....'Order of Amethyst' as 'MLady Amethyst' for villains


An attempt is made to list comics by their indicia title, not by cover logo, nor by what Overstreet calls them.  An attempt is made to draw dates of publication from covers, but they might be drawn from indicia.
The above list is meant to be brief.  Appearances normally supercede mentions.  Amethyst normally supercedes other characters, who supercede the Gemworld.  For example, if Amethyst is listed as appearing, some of her supporting characters and/or the Gemworld might appear and/or be mentioned without being listed.  If a supporting character is listed as appearing, Amethyst might be mentioned without being listed, and the Gemworld might appear and/or be mentioned without being listed.
Child, Flaw, Dark Opal and Topaz are considered supporting characters for the purposes of this list.  Mysa, Mordru and Eclipso are not, and will not be listed simply because they appear; there must be a stronger connection to Amy for them to be listed.  As a rule, characters who have their first appearance in comics that Amethyst stars in are considered supporting characters.  The Sorcerer's World/Zerox is treated similarly: there must be a stronger connection to be listed.
This list currently emphasizes physical, official, and purchasable appearances.
* - Explaining would involve a spoiler.

**********SOME SPOILERS!**********

Amethyst's life is not something that I can easily sum up. She is important to me, and everything that I leave out feels like a significant loss, yet I do not wish to give too much away. Nevertheless, here is my attempt...

Amy knew herself as a relatively ordinary earth girl until her thirteenth birthday. She was kidnapped and brought to the Gemworld, where she had a twenty-year-old body and magical powers. Citrina revealed to her that she was the rightful ruler of the Gemworld and that Dark Opal had slain her real parents and conquered the other mystic houses. Feeling a sense of duty, Amethyst rallied the other houses and defeated Dark Opal. She encountered Superman once during this period.
Soon thereafter, Amethyst and some of her allies dealt with a powerful cat-creature, which temporarily trapped the Princess Emerald on earth with Amy.
Fire Jade was Amethyst's next great challenge, though the machinations of ignoble nobles also kept her busy. Citrina passed away, but before she did she linked the Gemworld to Amy to protect it from the Ancient Ones, essentially Gemworld's unscrupulous landlords, and their servants. Amy received greater raw power and a method of communication with many of the Gemworld's beings (and more trouble) from this linkage.
Amy was blinded during the great Crisis, and Dr. Fate soon thereafter revealed to her that she was a Lord of Order in human form, with yet more abilities and responsibilities to come. Amy managed to overcome her blindness by forming a kind of "second sight." Child, a Lord of Chaos, and Flaw, Child's servant, quickly became a greater threat than the Ancient Ones, and to stop them Amy had to merge with the Gemworld, breaking ties with her life on earth.
Child and Flaw returned, and recruited a young, somewhat dark noble named Wrynn to assist them. He became Mordru and caused much devastation. Amethyst tried to turn Mordru from evil, but he refused. Amethyst managed to defeat the trio, and punished Mordru by burying him alive, able to hear the cries of his dead brother. It was revealed during this conflict that Amethyst had had a daughter, and Amethyst left her on earth with Princess Emerald as her guardian.
Flaw and Child survived, and caused Hawk and Dove some trouble in another realm, but after a defeat left them alone.
Sometime between the twentieth and thirtieth centuries, the Gemworld was moved from its own mystic plane into the DC Universe Proper and became known as Zerox, the Sorcerer's World. Mordru confronted the Legion of Super-Heroes many times, and Mysa became a student of Amethyst's magic. The Gemworld was destroyed during the Magic Wars but Amethyst survived. Eventually, Amethyst merged with Mysa. She typically kept to the background in the Legion, but gave Mysa advice, warnings, and power to use against cosmic and near-cosmic menaces. Zero Hour, a sort of aftershock of the Crisis, restarted history in the thirtieth century and perhaps tweaked it elsewhere, which may have eliminated much of Amy's history.
Amethyst's "next" adventure was back in the twentieth century, where she emerged as a villainess, out to end chaos through her own order. Flaw and Child joined her as servants and she conquered the Gemworld. She had a plan to take control of a very powerful group of magic-using beings called the Conclave, but the actions of Topaz and a variety of other heroes stopped her larger plans, though she remained in control of the Gemworld. She kept an eye on Jared, the new, nearly neutral Fate, and was prepared to turn him to her side before his death.
Mordru made an appearance in the twentieth century, was defeated by the JSA, and the rest is yet to come...

Amethyst's life has had many of the elements of a fairy tale, but with generally unpleasant doses of reality thrown in. She did not want the responsibilities thrust upon her at the age of thirteen, but took them up nonetheless. If the meaner and more evil versions of her are she and not a reflection of something else influencing her, (such as, perhaps, the Gemworld's collective spirit) then she may have been worn down by her hard, tragic life.

-Written in 1999 Dec, with minor adjustments (but no additions) in 2011 May

**********SPOILERS END**********

All comics listed were published by DC Comics, unless indicated otherwise.
All comics and other items, and their related characters, places and events are property of their respective owners.
This is a work in progress. Watch me if you want to be notified of significant updates.
© 2011 - 2021 Sho-Simba
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katcombs's avatar
Amethyst also has a card in the Women of DC Trading cards, plus she appears on the 'checklist' card. I do love the DC Nation short series and her appearance in Hero of the Year too... gives me hope for more.
Ah, thank you! I will eventually buy them, then add them to the list. The DC Nation shorts were anime-based, video-game themed, and seemed optimistic, yet reminded me of the original Maxi. I wish they had been given more time to work with.
I don't know if you know this or not, but Amethyst is going to be in a miniseries from the DC event Flashpoint -- she's going to appear in Secret 7. You can google it for more info but she's on the cover of the second issue. Issue 1 be coming out this month (hopefully).
I knew. I tried to note katcombs and LostEmerald about it a few days before you posted a comment about it at Amethyst-Gems. Thank you, though! I plan to at least buy the main Flashpoint mini and Flashpoint: Secret Seven. If there is a new sign of her outside of those comics, I'd love to know. Just no spoilers, please!
LostEmerald's avatar
Hey, sorry for not replying...I was getting ready for a large trip & had a severe accident on the way back...and you know one of the things I thought? "Oh no you don't! I haven't waited 20 years for Amethyst's return to miss it now!!" :)
Sorry to hear about your accident, and hope you're doing well. And thanks for letting me know you got my note. I wasn't sure if the system had let it through. I'm excited about Amethyst's return, too!
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