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My Bio
Why not see my info below. I can't be arsed to tell you here.

A Fine Art Graduate who ironically draws more stuff than making some crap installation stuff. Currently pondering on whether to choose be a freelance illustrator or a graphic novel artist while trying to find a good job, though now considering making myself one as my own boss, since the Job Centre and S**t** are f'ing useless now.

If you like my work and want to get my artwork, I'm considering on giving you the readers the chance to grab on hold on the extremely limited free artcards that I've made for any donations made to me [i.e. coming as soon as I sort these things out with PayPal and such]. In the meantime, click on the 'Pleae Donate to Sho-saka' link below if you're willing to see my work more. The donations will then be proceeded by buying some more art materials, getting the dA membership constantly on Prenimum and finally getting the Red Saints Blue Devils site its own domain site.

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to mention
Favourite Movies
Anything to do with Tim Burton and/or Johnny Depp, 2D and stop-motion animation stuff and Pixar
Favourite TV Shows
As long as it's not those God-awful annoying adverts. Also GARO and Horrible Histories or something...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too much to list...
Favourite Books
Anything to do with graphic novels/manga/children's fiction
Favourite Writers
Mr. Berry (my ex-form tutor from school and Head of English)
Favourite Games
Crimson Sea 2, Shadow Hearts 1 + 2, DDR, Lost Odyssey, some JRPGs, + any Adventure-related Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
As long as it's not Apple, I'm fine with any console and/or PC.
Tools of the Trade
Muji-related stationaries, mecha-pencil, fineliners, Wacom Bamboo, SAI and Photoshop
Other Interests
Manga, anime, cosplay, badminton, AeriSeph, waiting ages for World Embryo to come out
Hey there, dA viewers. Sorry if I didn't update my dA Journal for a very long time, but this has going through my head for a long time, so I'm going to say it in list form or whatever. Convention Visits Bad News: Unfortunately, I'm on the Reserved List for this year's Thought Bubble Festival and that means, you're not going to see sell some stuff and tat any time soon. So much for visiting Leeds. However...yeaef="">Mancstercon at MediaCity UK in Salford. Well, more like the MediaCity UK University of Salford's campus, but whatever. And yes, I'll be selling the RSBD comics, tat and some lovely prints, mos
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Hey, guys. Just going to post this entry in dA and Tumblr regarding the Christmas and New Year announcements: · On Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I won’t be around on the Internet, so there’s going to be no activities on the Pixiv, Tumblr, dA or any other social media I could get my hands on. · The same goes for New Year’s Day. All of these days are for either spending more time with my nephew and niece or complete everything (bar getting all of the Playstation Trophies) in Samurai Warriors 4, or doing something. So the next few days before and after Christmas is the only time I’m only going to get busy onl
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Anyone who's going to Thought Bubble 2014 between 15th and 16th November, please say 'hi' to me! And also, give me a high five when you see me and I'll respond with another high five. Hope to see you there.
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My fansub group finally got to Tougen no Fue! Time for some Jabi and Rekka while I await more Raiga and maybe better Ryuuga *shudders*
Cool, good luck with that. You'll be pleasantly surprise in Tougen no Fue, aside from Jabi and Rekka kicking Horror asses as usual.

As for Ryuuga's film debut, the only consolation about Goldstorm I can give you is at least Keita Amemiya's at the director helm this time.
Oh that sounds like something to look forward to, been waiting for it for the longest time.

To be fair the Garo movies haven't been bad in any way, but still a bit lacking compared to the show maybe Amemiya's involvement will fix that. Im more interested in my head canon of having Daddy Kouga and Mommy Kaoru come back through some more time shenanigans ala Nohana or even a time loop that kinda makes Kouga the start the line of Golden Knights.
I have mixed feelings for the main GARO movies. Beast of the White Night is still my favourite, RED REQUIEM was a complete 'meh', despite the pretty visuals and Maryuu was all-style, little substance and not much in the story development department. As much as I like Amemiya's illustrations and designs, he's not exactly the best storyteller whenever he gets a writing partner to give out plotlines.

I'm just hoping the Raiga-starred film would have a satisfying conclusion like what Beast of the White Night did, but I'm reserving judgement when it comes out. And also hopefully, Ryuuga gets the treatment he deserves under Amemiya's direction, after YamiTeru was such a wreck without him.
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ALL those Garo annoucements! Not so excited about Ryuga making a comeback, but I do like Rianès newer more mature look. Plus more Raiga goodness, and MAYBE Kouga and Kaoru return? *Head canon at work*
Ryuga's a bit meh for me after YamiTera, but going to have trouble whether I should look excited for as Keita Amemiya's directing Ryuga's film debut.

Raiga's film debut on the other hand, I'm going to say one thing: Please let Daddy Kouga and Mummy Kaoru have a plot-specific cameo or plot-relevant role in there or there's going to be hell sooner than anyone thinks.

And as for the anime itself...I'm going to conclude it'll probably not going to either a prequel series or as canon as their live action counterparts; just called it alternative universes and leave it at that.