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Hello everyone :)
How are you all doing? I've been away for such a long time, my inbox is full of artworks, journals, comments... There is more than 10.000 xDDDDD I need to remove them little by little *fighting!*

I also wanted to say thank you all for the birthday wishes! I will try to reply to you all individually but it will take some time now x'D

Also I'm officially on a job hunt @___@ I need to find a stable job soon TT____TT If you have any advices, I'm more than open xD

Okay, I have to get back to commissions! See you soon guys! ^___^
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[EDIT] sorry guys, I have to close my Patreon because of lack of time  :iconlazecryplz:

Hello everyone :)

Thank you for your thoughts and advices. I've finally planned everything out so here is my Patreon :  If you still have concerns/questions/suggestions, feel free to tell me here ! :)

You will get access to exclusive content and you can also commission me from there ! But you will notice that the price is higher there for the commissions because the commissioner will get more than just his/her commission ! (example : brushes, PSD, video process, and many more !).

You can find there the commission bust sketches at the price of 20$ instead of 10$. But if you just want to only have your commission, you can always commission me from here on DA (note or mail).

We then, see you soon ! Share the word if you can/want ! :D

Thank you everyone for the support for this past year and hope everyone is fine ! :)
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I'm alive, Dad's news and Patreon thing

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 5:02 AM

Hello guys ! How are you ? :icontuzkidanceplz:

DA has changed quite a lot since the time I wasn't active here, I wonder what all those new things are and how they work XD I don't know if I will get used to it ahahah--

Anyway ! I finally finished my thesis (I'm just waiting for feedbacks from my teacher and then I'll print it and prepare the oral presentation of it xD)

A lot has  happened since I "cut out" my life here on the Internet, my dad has finally gained more weight (gosh, I have a lot of difficulties to put him on his bed now, I need to workout ! :icontuzkisweatdropplz:), I'm really happy about that but now that he has gained more force, we should take him out once in a while... (it's been MONTHS since the last time he went out, not talking about hospital checkup though) BUT it's not that we are not willing to but the wheelchair we have for citylife is just NOT comfortable at all for him. It's just the standard wheelchair you can see anywhere but as you guys may know, my dad doesn't have balance and can't control his weight and feet, so he often slips from the wheelchair (we have a belt on it but, really not comfortable). So we do have a nice wheelchair designed for his illness but it costed and the insurance has already helped us but it only helped once every four years or so (for that matter). So we're waiting for 2 or 3 more years (forgot when we purchased that chair but it wasnt that long I think ? xD) but I really want to purchase it as soon as possible. The thing is, what I'm doing for the special commission isn't enough at all (a custom wheelchair cost an arm, a leg, even a liver LOL I would gladly donate my heart but it's already taken o/ uhuhuh).

So what I've been thinking about doing is a patreon page. I've heard a lot of success stories about it and I think it might work (but I'm not popular so IDK, insecuritiiiiiess, doubtsssss, aaaah I haven't missed these feelings. At all.). Actually I already have a Patreon page since june but haven't promoted it at all because I really didn't know how that works. But a friend explained it to me and now it has come a bit clearer. I will certainly make it public on the first of December and wanted to know your thoughts about it guys. Will you become my patrons ? Even 1$ a month helps and you will get to see exclusive works that I'm not showing anywhere. And many more that I'll let you know on the first of December.

So that's all for now ! I'm going back at drawing (finally !). :iconlaze2plz:

PS : I've started doing NSFW (BL included), are you interested ? :iconomg-blushplz:

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Top Bird

Edit:  I have an invasion of mosquitoes in my room. I've been biten countless times and so I can't work in my room anymore for some time, I need to kill theeeeem urgh. So commissions will be done a bit slower than expected (sorry  TillyN and  Hamoth ) also, it's been so long since the last time I draw I'm experiencing some eye pain due to the screen or smtgh... i'm going to see a doctor next week to find out @_@''
Hello people, I'm back :iconcryinplz: 

I've submitted my senior project and now I'm free from all school duties  :icondeterminedguycryplz:

But i'm taking this week/weekend to just relax and chill out before starting the commissions again, so, for the commissionners in the waiting list, I'm getting back at you pretty soon ! *finally* Sorry for the long wait, I hope you still want the commission :iconfacewallplz:

Also, the kiriban was caught by :icondanila-san: (proof ), I've noted you dear, waiting for your reply ! <3

//trying to reply to comments and stuff but there are comment dated from.... last year :iconfacewallplz:

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Still alive, yup. And Kiriban thing

Sat May 17, 2014, 11:19 AM
Top Bird

Hey guys, how you been all doing ? I've seen so much comments I still need to reply, so I'm writing this journal entry to tell you that I've seen your comment, but still not have time to reply to each of you.. Sorry OTZ

I just finished my internship yesterday (finally ! AAAAH, now I'm all into my senior project... :iconlazycryplz:)

A lot has happened since my last journal entry, my dad got a new machine, for the saliva, because he has way too much and suffocated because of this (It's like the thing we got in our mouth when we go to the dentist, for the saliva you know ? I don't know what it's called in english LOL XD ). It's like our house became an hospital LOL :icontuzkisweatdropplz:

He has a lot of sleep issues lately (and me too, but that's because I'm all stressed out OTZ ) but hopefully, he can still laugh sometimes (he laughed when I showed him the mosquito bite on my forehead AARGH damn you mosquitoes).

Also, I got myself a boyfriend (for the first time, I'm a late bloomer I know, but who cares lol) and that means : even less time to draw LOL :iconlazycryplz:
And I've been making a webcomic too (uh, I mean, I intend to make one LOL)
A sneak preview here : 

(that preview is from a month ago, and I still haven't finished it LOL goddamnit school sucking all my time OTZ)
If I can keep up with this project, I intend to print it and sell it at conventions... But I'm so incertain about my comic style and stuff. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I can already tell you that it's a fantasy story with blood and swords and magic and murders and stuff XD

Sooo anyway, the part you all waited : kiriban ! It's close ! The kiriban is set at 29.999 pv so there's still (at the time of writing this entry) 530 pv left !

If you catch it, be sure to printscreen ALL your screen and send it to me via note or comment on this journal or my front page. 
Also if you're missing the kiriban by a few numbers, be sure to printscreen it anyway ! Sometimes, they're people who just caught the kiriban but didn't know it was a kiriban XD Soo if you got 29.997-8/ 30.001-2-3..for example, be sure to printscreen it :iconimwatchingyouguysplz:

Well well well, I'll go back to my 3D rendering stuff and wish you all a nice weekend !! I'll be back in a month or so ! With new stuff and commissions etc ^^

Oh, yeah, right, if anyone has a question or anything that need quick reply, just add me on Facebook (Shoko Lam) or mail me at

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Update 20140320 !

Sorry for the long hiatus, a lot happened and I'm still nowhere for the commissions. My dad went to emergencies some time ago because of one of the nurse at home... >___>" After that accident, we completely change the nurse and we're really content with him right now. Let's see for how long xD

Last weekend I was in the belgian convention MIA with my fellow Kai-Yankeinaori, LillyBel and another guy who doesn't have any DA account LOL Yankoro powaa~~
And just after that I got school again OTZ and my brain couldn't take it all like that so now I'm sick with the cold :iconlazycryplz:

If you had told me that now I will be that busy, I wouldn't have believed you but omg, I am really too busy OTZ I'm reforming the Yankoro group (adding new members) and launching a real fanzine.

And people, I haven't forgotten the commissions. Just, be patient with me please. I swear, I will have way more time on July. I'll be back for real. well, hope so...

Another funny story with my dad, we were, mom, dad, bro and I, shopping to get a new iron for my mom because I broke the previous one when ironing (sorry mom). I was in charge of my dad and I push his wheelchair through the mall. Then, I just stopped and was looking at that beauuuutiful smartphone (that 2 of my dear friends owe already lol) and then I saw the price and was omg no, urgh. Then we walked back and my dad tried to tell me something but it wasn't audible at all. I thought he just wanted to go see the DvD's for new movies or whatnot. But no, he was pointing at me ( I thought he just wanted to go back lol) and was trying to say "birthday". My brain stopped midway but then I realised he wanted to buy me something for my upcoming birthday (lol I had completely forgotten about that though). Aaaand, he said "phone", pointing at me. It was funny aahaha xD But I was like "wtf dad no, it's so pricey *sob*" But he insisted and didn't want to leave the mall before I get that phone xDDDDD So, to please him (and me ofc LOL), I bought it.  

Lol every update has its small funny story. Sorry to spam you guys, but thought you would have want to know a bit more about his state ^^

Update 20140219 ! 

Hey guys, a quick update about commissions again. I'm working on them but lately, my eyes have been hurting a lot. I think it's due to the fact I'm constantly on the computer working for 3D, commissions, organizing conventions etc.... So it's really gonna take me more time than expected. I'm sorry. I have to take a break every 10 mins or else my eyes hurt a lot T~T

Buuut here's a funny thing, I ordered some wigs for daily use and one for fun (a pink one) and.... I put it on my dad xD 
At first I was just trying them out in the livingroom and I saw my dad looking at me, like, "who's that girl, where's my daughter" kind of face y'know. So I was liiiiike, daaaad wanna try the pink one ? xDDD The funny thing is that he agreed ahahah !!! So, it was a really fun day, and here's a pic :

Dad by Sho-kun

U can't really tell but I assure you, he's smiling in that pic, he was posing like a boss ahahah xD He must be thinking that her his daughter is really weird for buying stuff like that. :iconsrapsrapsrapplz:
Also, that pic was from a little bit after we began gastrostomy, I think he's really feeling better!

Update 20140216 ! 

My dad is better since we began the gastrostomy, we have change so much for him in 2013, it was really the year of change for our family xD
He has gained some weight ( I think, when I put him on the bed, I can feel that he's heavier (ouch my back x'D ) but since we haven't wheighin him properly, I don't know for sure, it's either than or I'm getting weak xD Gonna workouttt pfff)

Also, for the commissions, I really want to thank everybody that have been part of my fundraising. I really really didn't expect for so much kindness from people. 

And for those who didn't get a reply from me yet, I have a really slow internet connexion right now and have to finish my senior project. So I made a list of my current workload for the commissions on my front page ( under the panel " commission list" ). I'll try to update it weekly, or twice a month. (sorry, really absent from DA TwT" ) 

You can see in that list a "waiting list", so if you want to know when is your turn, please, head to that panel :) 

Be well guys ! [end update]

Sorry, I wrote a long text on Tumblr so I'm just gonna paste it here ///

- Bust sketch COMMISSIONS 10$ - 

Guys, please, hear me out. I’m ashamed to ask this but please.

Ever since I was born, my dad was ill. That illness is something rare and doesn’t have any cure (and the researchers aren’t gonna give a shit about this illness since it only runs in the family wtf; yes, you read it well, I’m gonna have that shit too.) It’s an illness that only occurs around 40y/o and it gets you lose your balance, then gradually (and pretty quick for my dad), you’re gonna get into a wheelchair for the rest of your life. (not going into the details because it’s too depressing, sorry). My dad’s condition is really bad. I didn’t want to tell it on public but things change and I need some cash because my dad can’t eat anymore so we had to do a gastrostomy ( you know those tubes that we put directly in the stomach and feed them there ? yeah, that’s that). The worse is that he was already really weak and only has skin on his bones, just like the victims of the WWII…. And after the surgery, we freaked out because he didn’t wake up after 2hours wtf.  So yeah right now, he has 2 tubes, a urinary tube and now a feeding tube. The feeding pockets (dont know the right name lol) cost alone 500€ (+-690$) per month and the insurance only pays 100€. And the gastrostomy is for a lifetime (so that means 400€*12 =4800€ per year….). The thing is, my mom doesn’t work since she has to be by my dad’s side 24/24h 7/7d and my dad’s allowance can barely pay the living expenses and the house. 

So I think you figured that by now but I want to make some cash by doing really cheap commissions and help my parents. (and also making you happy :D )

I’m sorry about that, I didn’t want to tell it on public because I don’t want any pity or anything but I really need some help. I’ll be gratefull and you won’t be deceived by the commission TwT//

If you want one, please send a note at :

I accept Paypal only.

Sketches like those (click to enlarge ):

Sample by Sho-kun Sample2 by Sho-kun Sample3 by Sho-kun Sample4 by Sho-kun Sample5 by Sho-kun

If you can, please do share. Thank you guys ////

Also, below, the only pic we have of my dad (and I) smiling togheter. That was last year though. (and please dont mind my stupid silly face)

IMG 7796 low by Sho-kun

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2013 Mailbox Opening!First, thanks to everyone for being patient with us! Second, elf invites will go out shortly to the people who have applied. Let us know if you do not hear back within 24 hours! We also still have some open slots left if anyone is still interested in being an elf this year!
Now, on to the part you've all been waiting to see! Please read through these rules VERY CAREFULLY, especially if you've never written a letter to Santa before (not our Santa anyway). We are likely to automatically reject letters that do not follow directions very well. Once you are confident you understand the rules, then get to writing those letters and feel free to spread the word!
How to write your letter to Santa
Click "Send a Note" to go to the group's notes page.  Your letter will be this note, with the subject DEAR SANTA.  Here's a template that shows you an ideal letter:
Dear Santa,
I would like to have [a drawing of my c

santas-workshop is not your common Secret Santa : it's a group where the members (elves) make a gift without receiving anything in return. It's like a real Santa ! Caring to give something special to the people ! <3

There's still some slots open for being an elf but if you want to get one gift; just follow the journal I put above and write them a letter with what you would like ! I'm one of the elves there !




PS: How are you guys ? I'm freezing omg the weather is so bad OTZ Hope you all are fine :D
As for me, I'm still stuck to my senior project, but I almost finished the rough animation. And I'm procastinating like crazy playing Tera Online.... wtf ahahah 
See you soon ! I'll post some new arts (at least 3; because I have to make 3 secret santas ahah :D )

Also, for those who answered my poll about a giveaway; what'd you like ? I was thinking about either :
  • a digital painting (bust with no background)
  • a poster and 5 postcards and a special traditional sketch
So that means, one will only be a digital copy and the other one is something I will mail to you ! :la:
(maybe I should do both ? )

Let me know and I will make that happen for Xmas !

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Semi Hiatus

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 22, 2013, 9:19 AM

Guys, my irl activity is taking a lot of my time so hum, I'll be on semi-hiatus... If anyone want to talk or need to say something that will need quick reply, please, note me on DA or email me at :   


I have to do a dissertation, find a topic for it, find an internship again and finish my **** senior project. Oh, also, personal projects too omg. 


I'll still be updating my watcher features every month as promised, do not worry ! ^^ 

Have a nice day/night/afternoon/alien time/whatever/imdeadok.


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Commissions open from other artists !

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 12:17 PM
Dear netizens, some extremely good artists are in need of money and are opening commissions at a really reasonable price !

Traditional & Digital commissions

Semi-realism/animu kawaii/comic/ lot of style !

<da:thumb id="297098412"/><da:thumb id="396489632"/><da:thumb id="396486609"/>
<da:thumb id="472339004"/>
Prices start at 3€ !!!!! That's so mega cheap, go check it out !


Traditional & Digital commissions

Anime / manga


Prices start at 10€ !! She puts a lot of love and effort into each of her drawing ! 

Digital commissions


:iconkei-renzo:He's really good (and good-looking) and has affordable prices ! Check it out !
AT - Doki-i - Aeron by Kei-Renzo R - Red Twine by Kei-Renzo ACD - Win or Die by Kei-Renzo
Commissions~I am still open for commissions!
Now having a good purpose for it - super subs of MS and RoN are going to expire in June, so I guess it's better to start saving up for them.
So! For the prices, please go here:

I will accept commisions in points only as russian Paypal doesn't let me accept payments; another one reason is that I am entirely sure that I won't get many commissioners, so what's the point of creating a mess with transactions.
How does this work out:
1st step - Send me a dA note or a tumlr ask with what you have in mind; feel free to follow the following form in case if you find it difficult to word your commission:
Type of commission;
Character description and references;
A few words about their personality;
Preferences in pose/colours.

I would also be happy to have the means of contacting you other than notes, as dA sometimes eats them; also feel free to talk about the deadlines.
2nd step - After I get all the infor

Prices start at 250:point: !!!! GRAB THEEEM 

Traditional commissions

anime / chibis

 :iconforunth: : she needs the money to pay her medical bills and groceries ! Help her out !
:C: Evil Lyn by Forunth ACEO 88:The Mane Event: Crystal Hair by Forunth :C: Lilyiena by Forunth
She's on sales ! Prices start at 4$ !!!

Digital commissions

Animals / Fantasy / anime / semi-realism... and more !

:iconaurora-silver: is offering top notch quality, check her out !
Where I belong by Aurora-Silver Warfire - Escape through the Jungle by Aurora-Silver
<da:thumb id="265570495"/>
Prices start at 15$ ! ( she prefers € euro though)


Digital & Traditional commissions

anime / chibi

:icontacdlunaria91: :She really is in need of money, her car broke and she has to save up to repair it, pay school loans and rent ! Help her out !
<da:thumb id="376452950"/> Lore'Enas of the Hidden Island Belore by TaCDLunaria91<da:thumb id="383464539"/>
<da:thumb id="383378506"/>
Prices start at 2$ !!! THATS SO MEGA CHEAP ! Go help her !! 


Digital commissions

Prices start at 15$ 

Even if you can't commission them, can you please share the info with others ? 


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Feature time [ March/April2014]

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 31, 2013, 12:37 PM
I'm already featuring April because I was late for March and I probably won't have the time on April to update this journal (got my internship on April OTZ ) :iconsrapsrapsrapplz:

Month's Feature : ab-insula-Avalonia & RadioactiveNinja & Sihx 


Still Life in Secondary Colors by ab-insula-Avalonia  Pink Iris by ab-insula-Avalonia  Garak by ab-insula-Avalonia

:iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz: :iconradioactiveninja::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

<da:thumb id="373718173"/> <da:thumb id="384908579"/> <da:thumb id="382674020"/>

:iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz: :iconsihx::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

  Nepeta Leijon by Sihx 

Random Month's Feature


A trip gone severely wrong by Carl-Ellistrator  Burning Beauty by Carl-Ellistrator  Self portrait 2014 by Carl-Ellistrator


From now on, I'll be putting a permanent feature on my main page. And the good thing about it ? This is that there will be two sections : one artist that I will choose (not forcibly one of my watcher) AND two of my watchers !
How to get featured ? Simply drop a comment here with three thumbs and I'll save them in my list (:
Attention ! The permanent feature will change every 1st of the month ! And every feature will be added into a special folder in my favorites !

[UPDATE] I forgot to tell you that you can get featured multiple times ! I mean, I can feature the same deviant but with that rule : 
  • Wait 6 months after your first feature so other can be featured as well
  • show your newest/best deviations !

I don't ask anything in return but if you can also feature other deviants, please do so ! Some deviants just get so unnoticed and this is so sad because everyone is so talented ;w;
Also, go make beautiful art !!! Everyone can do it <3

Spread the love guys !

Also, shameless self ad : my commissions are open

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I'm back

Sat Jun 22, 2013, 2:14 PM
Top Bird

Yesterday was my project presentation. I didn't have a text ready lol it was all improvisation... I thought I was going to pass away omg I nearly pee in my pants. :iconimveryseriousplz: But all went better than expected and I didn't know they were going to give us the grades right after the presentation 
And I have succedeeeed ahahahha omg can't believe both the jury, internal and external ( dunno if we say that in english lol)  appreciated my project :iconimcryingsomuchplz:
Now, I'm just waiting for the final deliberations. Don't think I'll fail since I didn't have much tests lol. 
I can't believe I'm gonna graduate in less than a week. But well, I think I will finally do the master year... so I still got one year before I go job hunting :iconwrahplz:

And I'm ready to start the month of hell with :icondxrhym: ! So what does that actually means ? Well it's simply just an art training camp, kind of XD 
We're gonna practice realllly hard for the next 4 weeks on our weaknesses.  :iconiultracameplz:

How have you been guys? I'll get to all the messages when I've time and I'll reply to everyone c:
I think my inbox is going banana, there's so much to check up on omg 

I'll upload new art here soooooon ! :iconfangtasticplz:

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Commissions Sho-kun [open]

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 22, 2013, 10:46 AM
Commissions via Paypal only

Paypal fees at the commissioner's charge

Additional fees when
  • close deadline 10-30€
  • details (depending on design) 20-80€
  • background 20-80€
  • Special FX 10-20€

Fully rendered

~~Headshot + plain background~~
Starting price : 25€
( + 20€ for any additional character )

~~Waist up + plain background~~
Starting Price : 35€
( + 30€ for any additional character )

~~Full Body + plain background~~
Starting price : 55€ 
( + 55€ for any additional character )

Add. fees : + 20€


Tiger's Eye by Sho-kun Happy New Year 2014 by Sho-kun SS wingzofdarkness by Sho-kun Poison Dance by Sho-kun

Burning Valkyrie by Sho-kun SS whitefoxcub by Sho-kun Flaming Dance by Sho-kun
Snow Knight by Sho-kun Pilot by Sho-kun Hold on your hopes by Sho-kun Embrace your fear by Sho-kun

* SPECIAL *Sketches

For my dad's illness. 

~~Headshot (no background)~~
Price : 10$

Sample8 by Sho-kun  Sample4 by Sho-kun  Sample3 by Sho-kun  Sample by Sho-kun

How to commission

Note or email me (to ) with the following infos : 
DA pseudo if you email me
Commission category (just copy/paste)
Number of characters
References and/or description of the character

The commission is for PERSONNAL USE ONLY. Not commercial. It means that you can actually print it and post it on your wall, offer it to a friend, use it as an avatar or a signature, post it in your website ( with credits). But you can NOT sell it anywhere, claim it as your own and take off my signature.
Any doubts ? Please ask beforehand.

:iconflyingheartsplz:THANK YOU !:iconflyingheartsplz:

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I'm alive !

Thu Mar 14, 2013, 1:45 PM
Top Bird

Hey guys ! It's been ageeeeeeeeeeeeeees omg ! XD
How have you all been ?

I've been so stressed out and tired all the time these past weeks because of my internship and the convention X'D
But now that both's over, I finally have some time for myself ( but just a little time, since I have to work for school T_T )

Here's a pic of myself : (I won't show the others 3 without their permission so.. sorry you won't be able to see the beautiful ladies that were working with me :heart: )

It's been so much fun ! And for a first convention, I've to say that everyone who pass by were all super kind ! I even made new friends and met old friends too XD

We have some posters and postcards left and we're thinking about selling the postcards on the net, will you be interested ? We'll ship them worldwide :)
We don't know how we will pack the poster to ship them so, sorry no poster available XD

See you guys ! <3


:thumb357413264: Guilty Crown - Departures by Kai-Yan rose and white by keinaori Collab with X3U by Sho-kun

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Commissions closed and inactive for a long time

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 2:59 AM
Hey guys !

I'm just writing this to tell that my commissions are currently CLOSED.

And due to school work, I won't be active anymore here on Deviantart. As I have decided to take a Master Degree in Animation next year, I need to focus a lot on my final year of college right now because in my college, the last year is the PRE-PRODUCTION of my short movie and the Master year is the PRODUCTION and POST-PRODUCTION.

Omg I'm going to die since I'm the only student that will continue the courses in that college ( in 3D) :iconlazycryplz:

I'm just a forever alone in my class for my short movie project :iconforeveraloneplz:

Oh and in another note, I'll still be posting some art like prize art and other requests that I still need to work on.. But well, I'm not even sure to make them before the end of the year OTZ
Sorry for the guys/girls that requested them ;A; Be patient with me please ;wwww;

Anyway, I'm off to work on some 3D stuff again... Cya guys ! Be safe :)

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Dear Santa Claus.... 2013

Tue Oct 2, 2012, 5:08 AM

[Updated] I was also invited by recommendation for the SS held by Santas-Harem ! Thank you ! 
Also, they're open for applications for the SS until november 20th, so go there and read how to take part in 
Christmas 2013 Secret SantaIt's getting to be that time of the year! :iconsantalaplz:
:xmas: It's time for our annual Secret Santa event! If you have participated in one of our previous events, please send a note with a link to your wishlist to ChristmasElf. It’s fine if you reuse wishlists, they can be submitted as DA journals, entries, or Tumblr posts. We will accept until midnight EST on the 20th of November. :xmas:
:snowflake: If you are new to the group, please post a comment with a link to a few of your deviations. We welcome new participants, but we also like to keep to some standards to see that everyone receives a gift that time and effort was put into. We have a limited amount of slots for new participants, don't delay in contacting us! :snowflake:
After we've approved you, you simply have to join the group and send a note with your wishlist to ChristmasElf! You will then be added to the participants list to take part!
We will be accepting applicants until November 20th!

So, I was invited to the event held by SantasBonnet this year again and here's my wishlist for this year ! 

Original Character :  (I don't have many :icontearplz:)
Blue Jack by Sho-kun The Other World by Sho-kun The Smoke by Sho-kun
He's a drummer and he's going through a lot of strange things such as ghost appearing near him. He's really scared of them but well, he has to get used to it sooner or later :D
He's has blue eyes, brown hair, wearing a plug in both of his ears. Usually wearing square patterns shirt. He's 22 y/o and eurasian. He likes to change his haircut once in a while ! ^^

Fanarts :
Zack Fair

He's from the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core mainly. He's a soldier and he's hot. Really hot, I love him so much :iconarmstrongtighthugplz:

Makie Otono-Tachibana
Makie Otono-tachibanaMakie Otono-tachibana
She is from the manga Blade of the Immortal. She's a real badass filled with a lot of sadness. She's also Anotsu's lover. 

Thank you, my dear secret santa <3


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Journal Entry: Sat Sep 29, 2012, 6:05 AM
Death and the Maiden by Noctuart

Done by the wonderful Noctuart ! :icononionroseplz:

Check her out if you haven't yet ! :iconallmyloveplz:

other artworks of her :

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? by Noctuart Seek the Water of Life by Noctuart Is this World... Truly... Beautiful? by Noctuart

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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 20, 2012, 2:13 PM

Hey guys, I'm still alive. Yes, GW2 hasn't taken all my life yet. And my Zack cintiq neither.

Well, as the title says, artbook. I'm thinking about making one but not right now, let's say, in a year or two when I'll have improved much more. But the question here is :

Will you buy my artbook if I sale it online ?

IF SO, what would you want to see in the artbook ?
-- Only Illustrations
-- Illustrations + step by step images
-- Illustrations + some tutorials ( what kind of tuto you'd like to see ? )
-- Sketches
-- All of the above ? (if so, there will be lot of pages and thus the price'll raise... )

Will you prefer buying an artbook if there's a specific theme in it ? Or random illustrations are okay ? ( I mean, no theme.. well, you get it)

Aaaaaaand ofc, the content will be 100% new and not uploaded on any website. (or 80%, not sure yet XD )

Also, do you guys know of any good printer for artbooks ? >_<"

Well cya around next time guys ! School has just started for me aaaaand I won't have much time, too much school works ( and more than last year since this year is my last year of college...) Time sure flies quick.

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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 5, 2012, 10:22 AM
So... Here's my first speed up video on Youtube =>…

I don't know why the screen on the video is always moving like that... Anyone got an idea ? I'm kind of a noob when it comes to retouch videos OTZ

Give me some suggestions/critiques so I'll make a better video next time :iconforeveraloneplz:

Is the video way too fast ? Too slow ?

Oh, and yeah, this is the cover of the book I was working on previously :)

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The level of happiness is too damn high !

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2012, 8:32 AM

Yeah. It arrived. This morning, when I was still sleeping ;A; The delivery was soooooo quick, I didn't expect it to come until monday XD

Uhuhuhu, its little name is Zack, just like the one on my journal skin :iconzacklovesyouplz:

And I got my smudgeguard the same day too XDDDDDDD EVRYTHING IS SETTLED TO LET ME PAINT ON ZAAACKKKK :iconpervyzackplz:

Except one thing. Tonight, I'll dine and watch a movie over :iconkai-yan: XDD DAMN YOU GIRL ahah XD but saturday, she'll come over to sleep and watch me draw on Zack

You can see other pics here :…


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Inactive for some times

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 24, 2012, 10:49 AM
Because I just got a work to do for... a book coveeeeeeeeeeer uuuuuuuurgh. My first real work :iconrlytearplz:

And it's gonna be published uuuuh, too much pressure :icononionfailplz:


For those interested, I'll be on Vizunah Square (FR) server and my id is shoko.5608 !

See you there guys !

PS : one more thing, and an exciting one : I really am considering on buying the new Cintiq 22 HD. OMG I can't wait.

Features :
Fugly by quickreaver c o l d by Ormille Little Girl by GerryArthur

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