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First "finished" artwork from 2015! x''D And yeah, this is a fanart .___. But I LOVE Mononoke Hime ;___; 

Here's Ashitaka Ashitaka by Sho-kun

GOD! It was from 2012. I should totally do a remake of him xDDDD I guess I've improved a bit from Ashitaka to San :o Even though I haven't been drawing continuously .__." Guess my eyes got better? 

If you want a commission like San, head over here : Commissions Sho-kun [open] :la:

Done in Photoshop CS5, 2-3hours.
San belongs to Ghibli Studio
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I want to begin by saying that I am very partial to this subject matter. I am a fan of the movie "Princess Mononoke", so I feel obligated to admit my biases.

That being said...

So much good is happening in this painting!! I love your foreground elements, the lighting, the different textures--I think it is superb! There is a wonderful balance between hard highlights and soft core shadows in this piece. From an aesthetic standpoint, I feel that your careful control of light is what makes this image so compelling. There is a natural flow to this image as well, my eye keeps following the same path through the painting, and the longer I look the more small details catch my attention.

My favorite thing about this whole painting is that San doesn't look like she is wearing make up. She had unkempt eyebrows, a dirty face, and wild hair. Conceptually this is the greatest strength of this piece. The viewer doesn't have to be familiar with the film to realize they are looking at a semi-feral young woman. This painting of San makes me believe I really am looking at a girl who was raised by a wolf god.

I keep trying to think of things that you could do to bring this piece to an even higher level, and I am struggling to come up with anything! This image just really appeals to me. Excellent work, and thank you for sharing!
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Wow. That's amazing!
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Tia-Copas Traditional Artist
This is wonderful work! I love this movie! :)
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batavikStudent General Artist
really cool!!!
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Oh, such sadness and pain in her face... good work!
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alex-xsProfessional General Artist
Très bien réussi !
Bravos :)
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UzaydoganStudent Digital Artist
great character design!:)
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Thanks! it's from Ghibli's movie though xD not my own ^^
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