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KingdomKisses Haunted Mansion

Another random kingdom hearts comic inspired by my trip to Walt Disney World :D

(Next ride-inspired comic will be "It's a small world")
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You kidding? scariest moment for me was one jump-scare, that was all, bit of a bummer...though i did fine the 'wall grown and decent' pretty cool effect, and other effects here and there were pretty cool.
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ok now do Sora, Kairi, and Riku surround by 99 Dalmatian puppies!!!! ^^
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You'd think Sora wouldn't be scared by this kind of stuff after going against Darksides. XD
cbugnet2's avatar
You're absolutely correct!
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next time i go on that ride,im gonna give the creepy as hell bride the middle finger
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I... am... IN LOVE! With your Kingdom kisses series ^u^
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is riku older than sora and kairi
kittikatluvsbunni's avatar
yeah riku's one year older
majohnson9191's avatar
oh ok one more thing is their families on that beach
kittikatluvsbunni's avatar
yeah, i think anyways
majohnson9191's avatar
ok yay i wish they would show their families :cries:
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soras face looks so cute >.< and i love there clothes Great job
Lol cute!!!! :3 sora shouldn't be afraid though. he's the keyblade master!
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I rode this ride before it SUCKED I wasn't scared at all in fact I was bored out of my mind the graphics were lame I wanted to have a thriller experience not a boring ride! D:<

Riku cheated I wonder how Kairi felt when she went on the ride?
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Um do you have any tips for drawing like that on a writing tablet or in general? I'm only 13 and and still have a lot to learn.
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he used a blindfold. i want to ride this ride so badlyyy
*has never been to disneyworld when she lives in friggen MIAMI*
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:clap: great job, i LOVE this comic! hugs for u! :glomp: i can't wait to see the Its A Small World one!!! i hope its funny :)
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I was listening to This is Halloween when reading this. It fits.

Anyway, before I had an account I saw this and fell in love. Same with the cleaning dishes one. Now I can fav! Yay.

What's the font called that Naminé was speaking in? Paint? Sure...
UnknowKH2's avatar
Woops. Wrong pic. Heh...
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