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The Holiday Wish List

The Holiday Wish List By Eric B. (Shnoogums) ********************(Opening Logo Identificaton)******************** (Background Jingle: Wayforward Technologies Logo Identification) (The episode starts off with the formation of the logo of the independant production studio named after the DX Divas, done in the same way as the formation of the Wayforward Technologies logo was being done since 2011.) DX Divas Productions (End Wayforward Technologies Logo Identification) (With the logo identification being done, we fade to black, beginning the episode in mind.) ******************(Game Review Call)****************** (Background Jingle: He Has Been Elevated In Rank from Metal Slug 7) (As the game review episode begins, we see the name of the episode in mind, along with the logo of The Neo Damsels Gaming Reviews that appeared, with all fourteen Neo Damsels posing together as the cool friends that they all are, right at the entrance of Cindy's Arcade Palace.) The Neo Damsels Gaming

Hosting Their Own Podcast

Hosting Their Own Podcast by shnoogums5060, visual art

Cindy's Personal Arcade Office Room

Cindy's Personal Arcade Office Room by shnoogums5060, visual art

Sailor Triforia

Sailor Triforia by shnoogums5060, visual art

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My Bio

I'm an old school gamer and i've been doing that since 1983. I also like to draw and write, though it depends on what my mind can come up with at times... as long as it's well acceptable on my own part (and yours too, that is).

I'm more of a fan of Nintendo games and their consoles than other gaming consoles, but i don't mind adding a bit of gaming from some other consoles too.

My favorite video game characters are Princess Peach, Rosalina, Mega Man, Bass, Proto Man, Zero, Donkey Kong, Simon Belmont, Splash Woman (from Mega Man 9), Meta Knight and Wario. I also have a soft spot for some old school game characters like Strider Hiryu, Wonder Momo and Bomberman.

My favorite anime characters are Haruhi Suzumiya (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), Yuki Nagato (also from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime), Aika Sumeragi (from Agent Aika) and Cutie Honey (from most Cutie Honey incarnations).

I do also like to do crossover arts about game characters and anime characters meeting each other and my mind's full of that.

Oh, and please, if you're going to watch me, refrain from doing so for no reason, folks.

Also, if you want to see some NSFW stuff from me, go check my Furaffinity account. It's the same username as the one you see here, but you need to have an account of your own, if you're to see my NSFW stuff there.

Favourite Visual Artist
Ayami Kojima
Favourite Movies
Wreck-It Ralph
Favourite TV Shows
Who knows right now
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Koji Kondo
Favourite Games
Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars
Favourite Gaming Platform
Arcade, Super NES, Nintendo Switch
Other Interests
Old School Video Gaming, Princess Peach and Anime

Donation Pool

Shnoogums Donation Pool

Since the Eclipse format has now arrived, i've once again added the donation pool that disappeared from when the new format got here, so small or big points, if you wish to donate here, go on ahead.

2707/10000 points
Just to let you know on the national/international days artworks that i'm working on, here are those that i've selected. January: National Irish Coffee Day: February: International Condom Day: March: National Jewel Day: April: National Siblings Day: May: National Eat What You Want Day: June: International Sushi Day: July: National Father/Daughter Take A Walk Day: August: National Power Rangers Day: September: National Video Games Day:
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Bad news, gang. I was forced to delete the artwork of Peregrine's Double Pleasure, despite being censored and such, after receiving a note about the mention of seeing it as explicit content and such. You can still find the uncensored version of it in my Furaffinity account though. To @Vagrant3D , i'm really sorry, i had no other choice but to delete it from my gallery, man.
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I want to update you on what i'm working on right now. And it's that i've noticed a website that mentions about national days of certain and all things in mind. Of course, drawing lots of those for each day would be impossible for me to do so, but i've made my selection of twelve unique ones that has caught my attention. However, as i'm taking care of those, once they're completed, i'll bring them in here, but one each month, meaning that, for instance, it'll be one national day artwork for the month of January, meaning this month. Next month, i'll bring another one for the month of February and so forth each month, until i've reached all twelve. Again, i'm drawing all twelve chosen national day artworks in mind, though once i'm taking care of those, the Six Female Nintendo Fanart will be next. And again, i'll make my selection from the suggestions that you've given me, so i wanted to reassure you that i haven't forgotten about that one. That is all for now, folks.
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Thanks for the Faves :hug:

Thank You Sweetie!!! Love, Crissy....

My pleasure, Crissie.

Thanks for the fav.

Merci pour le favori Eric!