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Commissions Are OPEN

My Commission Info
Hello all, I am a working part-time college student who likes to draw in my spare time. In all honestly the main reason I make commissions is for practice, and to pursue that noble enterprise of becoming a better artist. The money I make is just a nice bonus (that helps pay for food and rent 8D).

Tools of the Trade
I use a pencil for rough sketches, and occasionally serious pieces. But the majority of my work is done with a digital tablet and my favourite program, Adobe Flash.

Prices and Examples
Steambot by Shmuggly Electricbot by Shmuggly Forgotten Robot Designs by Shmuggly

Digital linework without colour
Izzy and Kabuterimon - no colours by Shmuggly Dark Haunted House - The frightening by Shmuggly

Digital work with colour
$20 usually,
But if you're asking for a ton of characters and a really big detailed background, I'll understandably have to charge you a bit more.
Matt's Dragon by Shmuggly Sableye Tessellation by Shmuggly Harold and Gargles by Shmuggly Mary and the angel by Shmuggly Postcard by Shmuggly

Full-on comics
Black Cave - The illumination by Shmuggly Dark Haunted House - The Escape by Shmuggly Sky Blue Hill - The Thrilling Pichu Rescue by Shmuggly

Payment and Payment Methods
Paypal is a trusted, easy to use method of payment that is best for these sorts of on-line transactions. I require half payment upfront, in which I will give you a pixelated watermarked piece. When I recieve the other half of the payment, I'll email you the work of art. I believe this is pretty typical for Deviantart commission.

1. First all, it's a good idea to check out my Deviantart gallery. I'm still not the best artist, and it should be pretty clear what I'm good at an what kind of style I regularly draw with. That being said, I will draw you anything you ask for with the absolute best of my ability, just keep in mind I haven't had much practice drawing some things.

2. I won't draw porn or anything sexual. Personal preference.

3. I reserve the right to turn down commissions. I haven't yet, but I there might be a situation in the future, so I'll put this here to cover my butt.

4. I reserve the right to put your commission in my gallery and use it to advertise how awesome I am. If I make you a commission, you can do with it what you like, just make sure you credit me.

5. I have a job and go to school, so I'm giving myself extra time in case something comes up, but this is typically how long it takes me:
Sketches: 1-2 days
Digital lineart without colour: 1-2 days
Digital work with colour: 2-4 days
Full-on comic: depends on the length, anywhere from 4-8 days

6. If you would like to commission me, simply give me reference pictures or a block of text describing what you would like. I will correspond with you daily to update you on my progress on the work of art. I've never actually made a full-on comic for anyone, but I am going to need tons of info from you, and I'll give you the storyboards for you to approve and go over beforehand.

People Who Have Commissioned Me
1. I made Matt's Dragon for Matt, but sadly he's not a Deviantart member(yet).

Total credit goes to DarlingMionette for her amazing commissions journal guide that I pretty much just copied.
So lately I've been trying to dissect that special brand of humor that makes Pulp Fiction what it is. How are the seemingly bland and everyday conversations that the characters engage in so interesting and amusing? I've been wondering because I want to recreate in a comic one day, but keep struggling in the script-writing phase. So after thinking a bit, these are the reasons I think that the verbal interactions in that movie are so amazing:
- they get into these bizarre topics slowly at first, so it takes a while for you to figure out that they've totally gone off topic into something incredibly odd
- the absurdity of the subjects they're talking about considering their circumstances, where they are, and what they do
- the actors are just amazing and charismatic people, and you want to learn more about the characters they play

It's probably a combination of all these things. I feel like only after a lot of writing will I be able to tap into the hilarious irony and dark humor that defines Pulp Fiction. Maybe one day I'll be able to do it, who knows right?
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Life is good. I'm feeling pretty happy right now ^___^
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So after a long hiatus, I am back.
I first took a break to move houses, and then stayed away to focus on schoolwork. But now I'm back, and I want to give a real try at commission work. I've never done it, but It could be fun right? Anyways, I look forward to updating more often regardless of what happens. Have a great day all,
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Hey all,
So I've been maybe sort of totally addicted to Lego Batman 2 for the past 5 days and that's why I've been completely absent. See I don't just beat lego games, I murder them. With a cool crisp 100%. I've completed about 87% of Lego Batman 2 so far.

But I the other reason I'm updating is to inform my few fans that I'm leaving for New York tomorrow :I
I will belong to a group of nerdy Canadian tourists stumbling about taking pictures and trying not to get pick-pocketed. We've been planning this for a while and I will be gone for a few days traveling. I'm getting excited! I wonder what magical adventures await me in the fabled land of The United States Of America 8D

Have a good day all!
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Hello all!
So today I'll just blurt out some things that were tumbling around inside my brain today.
As some of you may know (or care), I went to a funeral this past weekend, and it was pretty sad. While the funeral service was going on, the very air in the chapel was heavy. As it went on more and more people came to the verge of tears, but at the end everyone just let it all out. This was my very first funeral service as an adult, and I honestly have trouble coming up with a sadder, more depressing place to be. However! Bizarrely enough that is not what I was thinking about today. After the service, all of my relatives met up in the Reception Hall, where the mood instantly became much more mellow. Everyone was catching up and sharing jokes. After all, we hadn't all been like this together since Christmas. It felt nice catching up with my many cousins, especially the ones my own age. I mean, I know we're supposed to focus on living life, but it seemed in that moment that maybe, just maybe we were all acting just a little non-nonchalant about death.
Today was another 'first' for me. There is a very friendly old gentleman who used to visit my little convenience kiosk in the mall every day, and we would chat while he bought his lottery tickets. Well we always took the time to laugh and cheer each other up, and he made working every day just a little less difficult. Well to make a long story short, he hasn't been in for over half a year, and he's contracted a tumor. He's been in a hospital in a big city far away this whole time, but now he's been transferred back to my little city because well... they can't do anything else. He's pretty much sitting in the hospital, waiting to die. Now this 'first' I speak of was visiting this friendly old gentleman in the hospital. I felt it would be nice for him to have some cheering up. When I got there I could barely recognize him he had changed so much. His wife was super friendly, and chatted with me about his condition and how he's been getting just a little worse every week, and at this point all he can literally do is sit in bed and eat soft food. He can't speak and he can barely hear anything. To be honest it was a little more than heart-breaking, but I do intend to keep visiting the gentleman every other day or so until it happens. The thing was, it seemed like the wife had accepted it. She was a little sad of course, but she knew it was coming and was waiting and ready.
I thought about the visit long after I had left the hospital, but just this notion, the idea that 'being okay with death' kind of stuck. Sort of like a weird aftertaste, it seemed just a little odd, a little foreign. I mean, popular opinion is that we should fear death, that we should work hard at avoiding it at all costs. Is it okay to 'be okay with death'? Should I be okay with death? I mean, I know on a purely practical level that everything must eventually die, but if you camped outside of my mall surveying random people and asked me 'would you be okay with death and dying?', I'm pretty sure I'd say 'Ha! No man I have too much stuff to do to die' or something like that. Should I be living my life in a way that I could be all 'yeah I'm doing what I want, I had a good round at life but really I could let it go'? Or should I furiously and fearfully hold it dear? Which point of view gets the most results? The most happiness?

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Hey you couple people that actually watch me ^^
Just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm gonna be gone for the next few days traveling far away by train to go to my Aunt's funeral. She died yesterday from cancer. I might stay away for awhile doing things with my extended family, I'm still not sure, it's a sort of a sad time for everyone. Just lettin you know why I might not update for a while, there's a lot to do, lots of people to see.
Try to have a good weekend anyway guys ^^
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So yeah!!! I do commissions now YEAH.

In other news, my sister got proposed to on Saturday. Understandably, she is quite ecstatic, as am I :D
In other other news, one of my good friends is moving away back home to Ottawa because she couldn't find a job here D: is it hot out today.

Have a good day all!
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Sorry peoples if I didn't update much last week. I've been a little busy watching collegehumor videos with other things around, but I do plan on finishing the epic gym battle I have planned before the deadline at the end of the week.

I got a Jake action figure today (from Adventure Time). He came with a little BMO! They're both sitting on my fireplace chilling :D
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Hello people who actually care! How are you both?
Just wanted to let you know that I'm currently moving rooms in my house and creating some concept art for another video game. So my pokemon comics will be coming out a little less frequently. I still hope to make at least one a week though.
That is all.
Resume your life.
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It's been so beautiful this week that I've been biking to work every day.
It's fun ^^
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Two peanuts were walking down the road.
One was assaulted.
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The other day I was reading a Bakuman comic, and in the front cover was a quote from one of the artists:
"I don't find myself working hard to draw, but working hard to work hard."

Have a good Wednesday!
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Lately I've been drawing non-stop, to the point of ignoring things I probably shouldn't. Oh well! I'll ride this drawing high for as long as I can. Have yourselves a great Tuesday!
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Sometimes in my day dreams I think about the captain of a whale-hunting ship. After days of hunting and searching, he and his small crew manage to harpoon a great white shark. Everyone is elated, these creatures are one of the most difficult to capture. There is cheering as the men start hauling the vicious creature on board. All of a sudden, Captain Henry feels a sharp pain in his left arm.. Henry's first mate asks what is wrong. Henry attempts to answer but now he feels his whole body aching. The captain, blacking out, recalls a happier time. A time, about a month ago, when he as on land, eating supper with his wife and child. He remembers the chicken that was prepared for his arrival. He remembers his small son trying to shove three facefulls of it into his one small face. But then, disrupting the mood, was a noise outside. A sharp, shrill cry. Henry assured his wife everything would be fine and went out to find the owner of the cry. Again it repeated, and Henry assumed that a great dog or wolf was injured or trapped somewhere. He walked through the dark forest near his humble house searching, rifle at hand to put the poor thing out his misery. After a few minutes Henry couldn't hear it anymore. He quickly walked through the east half and made his way towards the west half of the forest. Slowly, Henry began to hear a heavy breathing behind him. He was being followed. Henry ducked behind a tree. The breathing got closer, now footsteps were coming as well. Henry silently hoped it was just another curious man wondering what that unnatural noise was. The panting became louder, and the footsteps louder and heavier. Henry wiped his forehead as he tried to slow and silent his own breathing. Closer and closer, until Henry could tell it was right on the other side of the tree. It stopped. Time stood still for what seemed like hours as Henry simply couldn't take it anymore, he had to know. He quickly poked his head around the tree. Instantly, the giant, hairy creature screamed with its fanged mouth as Henry's eyes went wide. Henry fell to the ground, shaking. The beast stood over him in the bright moonlight, its eyes shining red. It raised a long, bladed claw and -

Henry opens his eyes. It is daytime. He is laying on the wooden floor of his ship, wearing tattered and ripped clothing. He slowly rises, his head still aching. What just happened? He has a thought, but pushes it back because it seems ridiculous. He stands up and looks about his small ship. His eyes widen and his mouth hangs agape. He had never seen such horror in his life. Henry looks upon the remains of his crew mates with sadness and disgust. Not one body was left intact. There were pieces everywhere, and what was left had been brutally mutilated. The wooden floor and railings had deep gashes in them as well, it was as though the beast from that day had followed Henry. It was too much all at once, and Henry ran into the little bathroom in the boat. He cried silently shaking his head. This was too much. Henry then had this misfortune of looking in the mirror. He was drenched in blood, some still dripping from his mouth. Henry couldn't hide from it anymore. He had to face the horrible truth. Henry was a werewolf.

Alone Henry somehow pilots his small boat back to shore, about a month and a bit later, after many days of cleaning and sailing. He arrives at night, about a mile from the docks of his hometown. He quickly docks the ship and ties it to some overhanging trees. Henry has no desire to talk with the families of the crew. He quietly enters his own town, keeping to shadows. But he is not prepared for what he was about to see. What was left of the town was a catastrophe. Buildings, houses, and barns were torn down. Henry had never known this area to have earthquakes before. But as Henry looks closer at the remains of his hometown, an awful thought occurs to him.  He sees fantastic tooth marks on nearby cattle corpses, and giant animal footprints. He notices the giant slashes on the front of the general store, and sees one giant tooth embedded in the postal office. It was as if a monster the size of a carriage had torn through. A monster the size of well, a great white shark.

Henry is alone now. He travels the countryside, following the destructive trail of his prey. He carries only a meager supply pack, and a large harpoon gun. The gun is loaded at all times with a silver harpoon. Being a wereshark hunter is a lonely job, but Henry takes responsibility for his actions. And he will not stop until it is dead.
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Okay so I've just finished powering through the Sym-bionic Titan series, and it blew my mind. I feel as though I just watched some of the best stories ever told. Here's the rundown:
Animation: 10/10 (episodes 1-20)
Art/Backgrounds: 10/10 (episodes 1-20)
Characters: 8/10 (episodes 12-20)
Story: 9/10 (episodes 8-20)
Fight sequences: 11/10 (episodes 8-20)
Basically the series gradually gets better and better after episode 8. Also the Samurai Jack influence gets a bit more obvious as well. Some of the episodes of Sym-Bionic Titan are amazing beyond all reason. Even better than some Samurai Jack episodes. I am a huge fan of Sym-Bionic Titan for life and I just wanted to fan-spasm at everyone. I really can't understand why people would even think of canceling this show! I'm baffled. A roommate told me that it was because they couldn't sell enough merchandise from the show, but that doesn't sound right. Oh well. We got an amazing 20-episode series which is sadly over forever.
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This past week I've been trying to draw every day, but having gone so long without drawing its a little tricky. It seems as though when I was first drawing I was filled to the brim with ideas and jokes, but now I can't think of anything. Oh well, life goes on.
I recommend Sim-bionic Titan to everyone. It has AMAZING graphics and animation. Its beautiful. Its actually probably the best I've ever seen. It was also made by some of the guys who mad Samorai Jack, if that says something. Its a little weaker with its story and characters, in my humble opinion. I've only seen a few episodes, but hopefully they develop the characters and create some fascinating, unpredictable stories later on. But yeah go watch it.
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So I guess I'm back lol.

I will try to stick around updating for a least a few weeks before my limited attention span becomes occupied by some new video game or tv show. But yeah life is cool, work is fun, yada yada.

Have a fantastic day!!
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Uuuuh so yeah I've had a loot of work recently, but I've complained enought in the last entry I suppose.

Nothing spectacular happening lately, I really like the artist of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, his style and characters are amazing. I try to emulate him here and there, but it really doesn't look like it. I've got to draw an epic Gym Battle next comic, and it'll probably be twice as long as usual, and therefore won't come out for a while.

Anyways! Have a great day!
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