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*Cheers* Here's to a bright new year!

I've finished my first college semester and I'm very pleased with my place. I absolutely LOVE my major, more than I thought I would, and now I've declared myself as a music minor! HOORAY! I'm terribly excited and could not be more thrilled for this next semester ^_^ I joined a co-ed a cappella group on campus we're on the road to ICCA!! (International Championship for Collegiate A-Cappella) We made the quarter finals! I'm now even arranging full pieces for the group, one of which we are performing at ICCA :D (Mashup of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and Paradise by Coldplay) I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Those who are close to me know I have had an extremely rough year. Although it was full of little blessings and wondrous happenings I am truly grateful for, it has still been the worst year I've had in a while. I've kept my chin up though, because I have so much to be thankful for (including you all), and it can only go uphill from here :)

I've made a solemn promise to myself that no matter what happens in life, I will NEVER give up painting or drawing. I can't wait to see what happens in the future ^_^

All of my love and happy holidays to each and every one of you :hug:
One of the most amazing and inspiring galleries I've seen in a LONG time.
I'll remember seeing a deviation a while back that I LOVED and I want to see it again.

But I forgot the title.

And the artist.

And the date I added it to my favorites.

Lately I've been feeling really overwhelmed with college, all the work, and an uncountable number of personal problems. Mostly insane pointless happenings with friends. It's too much to handle sometimes, but I feel like I'm lucky overall. Here's what fuels my happy!

1) Music. Man, I've never not been deep in to music. I'm discovering new and more genres I love, I just love being someone who appreciates all music and who can find so much happiness in it. It makes my soul just...AHHHH. Happy!! Current pump up song: The City - Madeon. It also makes me miss one of my best friends ♥

2) Singing. I guess this is kind of like the previous one, but I'm SO happy I get to sing again with this A Cappella group. I'm even arranging now, and improving everyday. I've been placed as a first soprano in the choir when previous to this at my high school in Jaztecs I was a double low alto, so this is an interesting challenge and change! I just love singing and never want to part with it. Ever.

3) GLEEEEE!! I love Glee. I was Gleek of the week last week! XD I'm terribly excited for The Big Bang Theory's new season, and needless to say January cannot come soon enough so I can see the new season of Downton Abbey.

4) I'm making a ton of new friends in my engineering classes. It is honestly wonderful to have new people in my life, and people who are encouraging, fun, and just great. It's also so unbelievably wonderful seeing old friends as well. Even though almost all of my closest friends left the state or valley, I'm so lucky to have these people.

5) As painful as it is for me to put this, I'm really obligated to. Being single. I have never been single in my "prime" before, so it's new and different and weird and scary but I'm kind of liking it. It's crazy to meet someone and think they might be a possible date. I'm probably not going to start a relationship soon, I'm being pretty blasť about it. I must say though, it's a huge confidence booster to get checked out by some random cute guy I happen to scooter past ^_^

6) Painting and sketching. Needless to say, they just save my life. You all know how it is.

7) The fact that I'm alive

Em ♥
It's been far too long. How have you all been? Please comment and let me know, I'd love to hear from all of you :)

I started University less than a month ago. I was extremely unsure if I'd like it, because the whole "college" scene really doesn't align with my idea of a good time. However, I'm completely loving it. I absolutely love my major...I forgot how much I missed Calculus and I'm enjoying learning programming so much! Computer Science is definitely for me, I'm so happy I've made the right choice! Not to mention seeing so many old friends and making new friends; it's definitely blowing my expectations out of the water.

I also made the co-ed a cappella group on campus (WAHHH!!!) which I couldn't be more excited to start! I can't wait to sing again. ♥ Music may not be my career choice, but it really is my calling. I couldn't live without it!

My best friend of 12 years left for college in California last week; she left with me her acoustic guitar which I am going to paint for her :D That's going to be a fun project!

I'm living at home for uni, however I'm on campus for twelve hours at the most some days ;_; It's going to be tough, so if my submissions are few and far between I'm deeply sorry. I still sketch all the time, though! Would you like me to upload those? I will if anyone, for some reason, so wishes :aww:

I hope everything is going fabulously for you. And have a beautiful inspirational day ♥
Hello :meow:

I've been back from Europe for almost a month now and I had a wonderful fabulous time :) I missed dA and drawing so much wahhh. I ended up drawing a ballerina in a tilt on the balcony of our hotel in Roma. It was fun! But you can't see it because I gave it to Jerry our chaperone...teehee :3

So! I have quite a bit of spare time this summer and would love to paint for people, if anyone is interested!…

There is a list of prices and such. A good sum of the cost is to cover materials, and the other figures are about what I would make if I spent the time painting the piece working for minimum wage (actually, less) here in the U.S. But, I'm honestly willing to be VERRRYYY lenient on the prices. Just ask! :D

On another note:
My study of Cafe Terrace at Night is reluctantly for sale.
Cafe Terrace at Night by shmemcat

I say reluctantly because I put my heart and soul into what I paint, so it's very difficult for me to detach with it XD But I'm willing to try! The size is 20x16 inches, and I'd like to ask around $50. I know it's steep and I'm very sorry...I don't know if I'll get any offers but it's worth a shot. ALSO: It really is much more correctly colored and detailed in person. I took that shot with a camera, and there's a lot it doesn't pick up.

That's all :3 Thanks for reading!

I actually have a legit excuse for my absence this time.
When I haven't been working on the last of my schoolwork before I graduate high school (this Thursday!) I'm spending a lot of my spare time working on a mural in the art hallway in our school. I'm not even in art class or the national art honors society, but a friend of mine has been kind enough to let me help paint it! So when it's done, I'll upload a huge picture and mention what I did :D

Painting every day on the worse "canvas" ever (a pop-out orange peel consistency wall) has really taught me a lot about painting and some really interesting techniques I want to use for the future!

I feel like I'll be pumping out paintings this summer like crazy. I can't wait.
That is....after I get back from 2 weeks in EUROPE! Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France with my humanities class, I just can't wait! Seeing all of my favorite artwork in person will DEFINITELY give me inspiration :aww:

Can't wait for everything
Thanks for reading :meow:
:heart: Emily
It's a gorgeous black and white impressionistic painting of the city of Paris on a rainy day circa early 1900s. However, the windows and lanterns in the shops and cafes shine bright yellow and gold.

I just had to have it.

It was a steal from a Greek festival for only $70.

I've taken my first step to becoming a crazy art collector lady.

Now I just need to own one of Leonid Afremov's paintings, and I'll be set for life.

Emily :)
Hello! ^^

I know a lot of you share the same interests as me, so I'd like to ask a favor! If you could pick one thing you'd like me to draw from either my to-do list on my profile or from fanart I've done in the past, what would you like to see? And I'll pretty much open the table to any Disney character. I'd love some inspiration from my fellow deviants :3

Thanks for reading! :aww:
Eeeee! Thank you SO much sirenabonita for the premium membership! My life is now super fancy. :love:

LOTS of hugs!! :heart:
Ohhhhh slump.

I'm beginning to regret the path I've taken with my art, especially lately, now that I'm submitting somewhat regularly and have begun painting. It's brought my attention to the fact that I have a shortage of good friends on here...sometimes I feel like I have so little it's saddening!

I miss when I used to only draw CATS fanart, and the same people would comment on every mediocre drawing I did, telling me how I've improved and/or what I need to work on. It felt really good to have a small group of people really follow my work and watch me a way I was motivated completely by their encouragement. Now that I've taken so many hiatus's and shifted fandoms so much, I've lost that. I miss it a lot. :(

* Don't get me wrong, I have not exactly been the greatest fan, myself. I'm a pretty huge hypocrite. I haven't been going around NEARLY enough and telling my favorite artists and people how extraordinary their art is. Because it really is. I'm pretty bad that way :x But, I am trying to improve.

People always say to draw for yourself and do what makes you happy, which is definitely what I've done with painting. All of the support and encouragement is unbelievably kind and appreciated (especially on 'I See the Light', I was amazed at the response that got!), but I really miss the friendships and close ties with other deviants. Support is wonderful and I'm so humbled by it...but when it's from complete strangers, it can sometimes feel so lonely :P (Don't I sound like every moral to every movie ever)

*Sigh* I just wonder if I should have never strayed from the CATS fandom as much as I have, or if I should have never taken so many month long breaks from art. I'm sort of in this awkward place between fandoms and with people and I'm just awkward. xP

Sorry for the rant! Thanks to those who read this all the way through. And to the people who have stuck with me, you mean more to me than I can ever describe. You know who you are. ♥

Hello! :)

I guess as you've seen (or maybe not), I've started painting with acrylics as a hobby :D I could not be more thrilled to have picked this up. There's something I love about painting where the more time you spend on it, it really pays off and looks better. The more you add the better it becomes if you're building slowly. I really love it so far!! Of course I'm procrastinating learning how to paint on Photoshop CS3 with my tablet, but that will hopefully come a little later down the line ^^;

I have a favor to ask of you all! Do you have a photo or painting of a scenery or landscape that you just find breathtakingly beautiful? Anything! And the more the better! I'd love to see them. I'm not quite up to the level where I can just paint from my imagination yet, so I figured I'll gain some skill and confidence painting by mimicking :) Please no people :noes: just silhouettes if anything!

There's a scene from Spirited Away I'd love to recreate...we'll see!

Also, do you have any tips for me, as a beginning painter? I quite like working with acrylics at the moment, does working with oils bring any advantages? I assumed it was always a little tougher to do.

Any advice or scenes or *ohmygodemilystoppaintingyou'reterrible*'s you have, I'd appreciate them! :D

Emily ~:heart:

P.S. - My username is getting old. Why didn't I switch to a new account a few years ago when the idea struck? *sobs* BAHH

Edit: I gotta's slightly depressing that I've managed to be away for so long and shift fandoms so frequently that I've lost close ties with a lot of the people who would normally comment on journals such as this. *sigh* I need friends ;_;

Color Hex Codes Sketch Requests~

Sun Jun 26, 2011, 9:19 AM

Hi there, my lovelies! ^^

So, I've had this idea in my head a few days now and I want to try to see if I can attempt at this. My idea is to accept 5 sketch requests, but if you wish to request something you also have to add in 5 hex color codes to go with it, and those are the only colors I'm allowed to use when sketching the piece. Obviously this will be done digitally, so if you'd like to request something, please do! :] I do ask that you keep it relating to a fan art I've drawn previously or, in my characters list on my page, want to draw. No OC's, thank you :]

EDIT: The reason I'm not doing OC's for this, is that I'm basically completely changing the color scheme of whoever I draw. So, in turn, I want people to still be able to recognize them. It will be a lot more difficult messing up the color scheme of a character I don't know well, and I'm afraid I just wouldn't do them justice! Sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for understanding!

Here's a chart you can use to generate hex codes out of your favorite colors!…
Nothing too insane if you still want your drawing to look decent ;]

1. Demeter - July261995
7B664D, 9485B1, 830B0B, E2E0FE, 92819C

2. FFX(2) Character - LimeyLilo
c65b4d, ebdc94, 969855, d59d17, 703e0e

3. Bombalurina - SpectratheRestless
660000, 050505, 330000, 8B6508, E2DDB5

4. Lettie Hatter - lillemoy
A0B0F7, 394576, 534332, C5E427, D4D4BA

5. Raven - Cynical-kittie
00EE00, 00CC00, 008800, 005500, 000000

I've heard of the color challenge meme before, but I've never heard of this particular idea. I'm quite fond of it, I hope the turnout is well! ^^

~Emily <3

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Hi there!

It's been far too long. One of my new years resolutions was to draw more, but being it was my junior year in high school, things got a little complicated! x) If I wasn't doing something for choir (being in Jaztecs was time consuming), I was doing something for dance, or doing homework, or reading for school, or TRYING to spend time with the boyfriend, or cleaning my room. Drawing sort of slipped my mind for a while :/

Probably the main reason for my absence, at least lately, is I got a job! I work at Auntie Anne's! It's a pretzel shop, so I'm constantly covered in melted butter, but it's a job that I'm pretty darn happy with! I like the people there, too. Well, since I got out of school, I've been working between 24 and 30 hours a week! I love working this much but truth be told, I'm trying to spend as much time with Jeff as possible because we both are on vacation a lot this summer, on top of my work. So even though I have the full Photoshop CS3 suite sitting there taunting me, I just can't bring myself to sit down and draw.

Sometimes it's just frustrating when you have an image in your mind, but you can't reproduce it because you have those days when you just can't draw. You know what I mean? x)

I'll try to update with something every once in a while, but I've lost my subscription so bear with me if it's not super fancy xD I'm sorry for being gone, I am. For my loyal watchers who've been with me for a while and are reading this even now, all 10 of you, thanks for everything <3 Just having you around is the bee's knees :)

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Happy New Year + Question

Fri Dec 31, 2010, 12:01 PM

Hullo! :3

Happy New Year!
Hope you've had a wonderful year, and may the next be even better :)

What are your New Years Resolutions? I'd like to know! Mine are:

- Draw more frequently. I need to get back in the habit of sketching everyday so I can improve!
- Complain less. If you know me in real life, I complain all the time xD And there really is no need to! I've got an excellent life which could do with a little less of my situational negativity x3
- Be more tolerant. I'm an easily annoyed person. I want to fix that and think before I act. I'm quite bad at that and it usually takes a turn for the worst! Not anymore :3
- Moderate food portions and time spent eating them. If you know me, you know I eat. A lot. All of the time. And fast. I can out-eat my boyfriend by two, and in half the time. I'm getting to the point where this won't do nothing to me anymore, it will start affecting my body. I bet it already does! So I want to eat normal portions. And 2% milk instead of whole milk. :3
- Drink more water. I'm HORRIBLE at this one. I drink maybe a cup a day. I know I always should but I never do. So that will change this year! It should improve my complexion as well.
- Learn to use Photoshop. And the other Adobe programs, too! I just received the CS3 suite for my birthday, and I don't know what to do with it. 0_o I need to learn how to use these programs. Oh, and vectors. I want to learn vectors!!

Only two of these had to do with art...something tells me next year will be less then the production level I was hoping for x)

Anyways! I wanted to ask your opinion on something...
I've recently been looking at some of my old art. There is a particular piece you may remember: - Victorian. I'm still quite fond of it, even though it's old. I still have the lineart, and recently have been editing it. I've fixed errors, redid her face, and made her human. I want to attempt this piece again, but digitally. I don't know if it will be worth it, but I think it'd be fun. Would you like to see that? If so, what color palette should I use? Same or different? What colors in particular?

That's all for now, thanks for reading! ^^
Have a wonderful night and be safe,
~Emily ♥

Some frustration

Mon Dec 27, 2010, 10:47 PM

So I've come to the conclusion...

I have no concept of color manipulation based on light variation. I just don't. I never did.

Basically, if someone is in a bedroom by a window in the morning with the sun barely rising and it peaking through the window...I couldn't paint a picture of it for you. If you wanted a candle lit face in a dark room...I couldn't understand it enough to even begin the picture. I've discovered I can't really assign colors to anything that has any sort of light variation to it other then a perfectly lit scenario in which the colors are perfectly attune to how they look normally. know ?

I can't be the only one out there with this problem.
And when I say problem...I mean like completely and total ignorance of how to even grasp the concept of this.

Is there some sort of tutorial or guide for how to study coloring like this that you know of that addresses this topic? I really would like to branch out and not have all of my drawings be...well the same lighting and the same tones!

Sorry for the rant!
If you know what I'm talking about even remotely and would like to help, I would be most grateful :meow:

Hope that made some sense,

Merry Christmas!

Fri Dec 24, 2010, 2:38 PM

And a Happy New Year ♥

(Pieces go from left to right)

  3. Bombalurina - $18
32" - German style made with Red Heart yarn. Tail belt included.

  4. London Etcetera Tail - $18
35" - London style made with Red Heart various, and eyelash yarns. Tail belt included.

  6. Mungojerrie Tail - $13
28" - Tail made German style with Red Heart yarn. Pictured is Rumpleteazer. Tail belts included (black yarn and braided, similar to #4's belt, will be made upon purchase).… Painted Shoes - $5
Shoes from Forever 21 painted with Jacquard Textiles. Comparable to size 9.… Victoria Warmer Set I - $25
Arms: 18" each; Legs: 20" each - Knitted with the knifty knitter with Red Heart yarn. Arm warmers have elastics in them.… Victoria Warmer Set II - $30 (On Hold)
Arms: 17"1/2 each; Legs: 30" each - Made with fuzzy fabric, elastics on each sides of both warmers. Leg warmers have a unique yarn insert running each side along the entire warmer, that allows the wearer to scrunch it up and tie it without it coming undone.… <--Example here

*Shy wave* hullo. :3

I've decided to open for commissions, if anyone wants something! They're reasonably priced and full of love! :meow:

Click here for commission information!

Here is an example of a commission I did recently for a friend, this priced at $30:

Princess Aurora by shmemcat

I have a decent amount of time on my hands as of late, what better way to spend that time then potentially putting a smile on one's face?

You get mailed either the original or a copy of whatever I draw for you depending on if it's traditional or digital. Note me if you're interested, I look forward to working with you all! :)

:heart: Emily

I'm so very terribly excited.

After a long time of having NO idea what I want to go to college for and worrying about what to major in, what school to go to, what field to even consider going in, I think I've actually, finally made a plan that will not only support me financially like I need, but fulfill my want for creativity.

I'll go to university (either U of A or ASU) as an undergrad for four years and get a bachelors degree in this general field and then scurry off to an art instruction school (I have one in mind) to co-major in Illustration and Industrial Design.

This isn't carved in stone, it may even change by the time I graduate high school, but honestly, I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have finally settled on a field to major in, much less semi-pick a school. This issue has been in the back of my mind haunting my future for so long, and what's better is my parents both fully support me on this. What a relief and an exciting concept! This is truly something that will make me happy to go to work in the future.

If I'm lucky, I might even be able to get a scholarship for badminton or another subject. Who knows?

Cheers for the new year, hope your outlook is as grand as mine. :heart:
(Pieces go from left to right)

  3. Bombalurina - $18
32" - German style made with Red Heart yarn. Tail belt included.

  4. London Etcetera Tail - $18
35" - London style made with Red Heart various, and eyelash yarns. Tail belt included.

  6. Mungojerrie Tail - $13
28" - Tail made German style with Red Heart yarn. Pictured is Rumpleteazer. Tail belts included (black yarn and braided, similar to #4's belt, will be made upon purchase).… Painted Shoes - $5
Shoes from Forever 21 painted with Jacquard Textiles. Comparable to size 9.… Victoria Warmer Set I - $25
Arms: 18" each; Legs: 20" each - Knitted with the knifty knitter with Red Heart yarn. Arm warmers have elastics in them.… Victoria Warmer Set II - $30 (On Hold)
Arms: 17"1/2 each; Legs: 30" each - Made with fuzzy fabric, elastics on each sides of both warmers. Leg warmers have a unique yarn insert running each side along the entire warmer, that allows the wearer to scrunch it up and tie it without it coming undone.… <--Example here

* Original Characters *

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2008, 11:39 AM

M i k o
Pronunciation - [MEE-koh]
Gender - Queen
Breed - American Shorthair
Fur Color - Calico, mostly white with black/gold splotches
Age - Older Teen
Eye Color - Gold
Mate - Jae
Appearance -  Completely average in height, curve, and stature.
Personality - One of the most outgoing cats you'll ever meet, Miko is a smart, optimistic, and adventurous young cat. She has an great sense of humor, along with a very charming dispostion and a logically thinking mind. She tends to not care what other think of her, and she is almost never self-conscious. She is also very clever and cunning. Miko tends to get a bit frustrated if things don't go her way, though. She often has a problem admitting she is wrong, and she gets stubborn if things turn out for the worst. Often panics and can get very paranoid in bad situations, too, resulting in a loss of common sense and instinct. She has a tendency to act a bit awkward in certain social situations, too.

V i v i a n
Pronunciation - [VIH-vee-en]
Gender - Queen
Breed - Japanese Bobtail
Fur Color - White with orange and brown coloring
Age - Young Adult
Eye Color - Lime Green
Mate - N/A
Appearance -  Tall, long limbs, very curvy. Model's body. Very put together.
Personality - Vivian's a sweetheart and not very outspoken, always loving and cheeky. She's prim, proper, and extremely composed when faced with any problem. If you befriend her, she's sugary sweet. On the opposite side, enemies will get her sharp tongue and snobbish attitude. Of course, which ever one you are is not up to you. ;]

E f f e r s i a
Pronunciation - [ef-FER-jah] (Derived from the word 'effervescent' meaning bubbly, eccentric)
Gender - Queen
Breed - Russian Blue
Fur Color - Gray with white, black, and blue coloring
Age - Older Teen
Eye Color - Ice Blue
Mate - N/A
Appearance - Very thin but curvy. Average height.
Personality - She's extremely bubbly, exuberant, and cheerful. Always in a good mood...unless provoked. She can easily turned into the nastiest problem you've ever had to deal with. Her temper is frightful but as long as you don't insult her or her loved ones you'll be spared. She's always at either extreme end of any emotion.

J a e
Pronunciation - [Pronounced like the french word j'ai]
Gender - Tom
Breed - American Curl
Fur Color - Chocolate silver tabby
Age - Older Teen
Eye Color - Gold
Mate - Miko
Appearance -  Strong, slightly muscular, average height. He's very bold and intimidating when he wants to be, but soft any other time.
Personality - He's a dreamer, a wonderer, and a ponderer, never walks by anything without analyzing it. The Curls have such a loyal and vibrant personality, and he is no exception. He could walk into a room and you would feel instantly uplifted, talk to him and you would be permanently smiling. He doesn't say all too much, but when he speaks he is heard. His mood range is always around that middle mark of calmness with a jump towards the happiness side, he loves to please others, and will do anything to put a smile on your face.

C e o l
Pronunciation - [kOh] (Gaelic "music")
Gender - Queen
Breed - Bombay/Tonkinese
Fur Color - Black and white
Age - Teen
Eye Color - Yellow
Mate - Bonaparte - owned by mu-nin
Appearance -  Curvy and short,yet agile. Slightly muscular. Fairly clumsy but nimble when then time is right. A bit stubby.
Personality - This cute little bundle of fur and sass is the go with the flow kind of cat. She's got an endless capacity for curiosity, as well as with bravery. 0% thought, 100% action. She's incredibly ambitious, passionate, determined, and full of spunk and fun!