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Loyalty, Friendship, Love

By shmatiebomb
all worth it. Tattoos to me are art forms and my body is the canvas
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you do know thats whre the tramp stamp goes..
InsanityAleksiel's avatar
ahhhhhhhhhh wonderfullll is like the IRISH RINGGG =) xD
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Nice tatttoo, but do the colours in the heart also stand for loyalty friendship and love, or is it an incorporation of the irish flag ?
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the claddagh [which is the hand, crown and hands] represents these three. crown - loyalty, hands - friendship, heart - love. incorporation of the flag was to give some color to the tattoo. for example some pictures will be in black and white but one item in the picture color. i see it as that.
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Ooooo, very good, nice extention to the hands as well