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Rubik's Cube Icon

Available for download: 512x512, 256x256, 128x128, 64x64, 48x48, 32x32, 16x16 in PNG +ICNS format.

Thanks to ~1989-J for ICNS format.

Enjoy !

My works:
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Lovely! I used it here (free, open source), hope that's OK [link]
I debated getting it mainly for applied application then I thought while tweaking my imageres.dll I will put the cube as my firewall icon. A nerd's security joke to algorithms :-P
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here ist the .ico format:

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that's cool. I love it :D
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Wonderful icon!! I love it!
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nice work!! :)
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Thanks! Glad you like it :)
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Excellent! Very well done ;)
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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You're very welcome! ;)
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Been looking for a real nice Rubix cube icon :) Thanks for making! Spiffy work. The 32x32 & 16x16 ones are kinda hilariously awesome xD (in a good way!)
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Thanks for your compliment :D
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Some really nice work so far :)
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veryGood , change ur preview man .. 512 is a plus.
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Thanks! :) And why so? There is a difference?
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no difference, but there's always a special impression when seeing a 512 image than seeing just a number. u know more details, more color impression and etc. using the 512 as main preview and putting other sizes as just numbers is even better. not tmuch important, just an offer .. ;) ..
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