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Icon Design

I've decided to use the DeviantArt's portfolio [link]. This icon was conceived as a "Homepage Image". Hope you like it!

Available to download 512x512px in PNG.

For personal use, reference to the author is desired.

My works:
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Nice icons. By the way, how did you add them to
your portfolio? Whenever I try to add something to
my portfolio, it won't let me. D:
martinleblanc's avatar
Great details and colors.
shlyapnikova's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it :D
Mardiba's avatar
Wow, I :heart: it!!
Thanks for sharing it with us!
shlyapnikova's avatar
glad you like it :)
kyo-tux's avatar
good work on this one :) the crispness of pencil is compromised because of rotation; marking and typo on the scale looks a bit blurry
shlyapnikova's avatar
Thanks so much for comment! Much appreciated! Probably these effects are caused by not 100% zoom (please click picture to see it 100%) :D
milo13200's avatar
A real pleasure to see your work :cuddle: :rose:
a :+fav:
shlyapnikova's avatar
Thanks for you compliment :)
milo13200's avatar
My pleasure Anna, you do an excellent job. :rose:
transik555's avatar
shliapnikova ti MOLODECT! )))) klasnaia iconka, vaabshe haroshie raboti ;)
shlyapnikova's avatar
transik, спасибо большое! Заходи! ;) Кстати, а как тебя зовут? А то мы стобой общаемся достаточно долго, а имени я твоего не знаю.... :)
transik555's avatar
)) Menia zavut Kristian. Mne 20 let. :D Uciusi v portugalii, v univere na injenera infarmatiki. Na saite mojeshi naiti menia v liubij ugalkah ineta ;) [link]
Priatna s taboi biti znakomim ;)
shlyapnikova's avatar
Взаимно! :) А русский откуда знаешь?
transik555's avatar
я из Малдовы, там 50% по русски говорят.
moh-salami's avatar
Great job dude ... really like it :+fav:
shlyapnikova's avatar
Thanks so much! :)
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