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Meme: The Holocaust by shlomif Meme: The Holocaust by shlomif
Meme: “Holocaust”

( Photo of a white picket fence sorrounding a pastoral field, and a caption “The holocaust did not happen, so shoot me, bitch!”.)

I was talking the other day with an online friend about Paul Graham's What You Can't Say and then he mentioned that in some countries, you can get imprisoned for denying the holocaust. Then I said “So that's one thing you can't say” and so now I'm saying it (although it seems the world is ready for it).

Just for the record, I am an Isreali and my late (and loved) grandfather on my father's side (who was a Polish-born Jew) lost track of most of his family during WWII. However, I think whether or not the holocaust happened is just a mystical "a-point" without respect to "The Point" of WWII history, which is if we look at the global picture we will see that the only reason for all the killing and destruction was that Hitler will be able to feel good about himself and satisfy his weak self-esteem ( only temporarily - the long term he felt worse), and it was entirely pointless. Focusing on the hisorical details is losing the forest for the trees.

I took the picket fence image from and this captioned image is under CC-by too. Share and enjoy.

I used GIMP, inkscape and gwenview in the preparation of this image. Thanks goes to UnconvetionalIT, and Ankh from #gimp for some assistance.

Note to Americans: you may not find this captioned image provocative or offensive, because in the United States, there's much less taboo against treating the acts of the Nazis as holy. ( This may be a good thing. ) This image is primarily intended at Israelis and Europeans as intellectual activism.

Note: the captioned images are incredibly easy to make using Inkscape and I can recommend it.
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January 29, 2013
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