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'such sights to show you'

By shley77
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ok, so im a huge gorey horror film fan. the truth has come out! teehee. pinhead here happens to be my all time fave villain, dunno y. ne who, i was gonna add blood on the puzzlebox with red watercolor, cuz it turned out really convincing when i tested it, but i dunno......*ponders*

* hellraiser does not belong to me, nor does ne thing that has to do with it, including characters
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lol awesome drawing of pinhead.

xD he is one evil bastard.
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bloody brilliant!!!
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Ah, pinhead from Hellraiser :) <3
*Me likey*

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That's it, i'm offically in love with your art style.
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Wow, this is amazing. It looks like a photograph or something. Hellraiser is one of my favorite horror series of films and I've been looking for a good deviantion of Pinhead for a long time!
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sweeeet. nice contrast and composition
C-h-i-m-a-e-r-a's avatar
ohoooo, great and detailed. pinhead <3
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I love Pinhead, and that picture is amzing, you got a lot of detail on there. You did an excellent job on the shading and the shadowy feature of the Puzzle Box, rock on.
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Pinhead is the love of my life.
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phenomenal! I'm a huge horror movie junkie so this is definitely cool. All of your work is completely jaw dropping and if I ever saw you in person, i'd have to drop down and worship you lol I've never seen so much talent before. You're completely amazing!
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Dude this is great. Big horror fan myself. You can really draw... i'm impressed. Pinhead rules, probably one of the best villans of all time. And this picture really kick's ass! shit this is good. gonna add this to favs at once!
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Thats amazing, i love Hellraiser.. Im Wearing a Pinhead Shirt right now, kick ass ;)
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you're my new pencil artist hero for portraits!..i love this movie and this is a fav..great job in shadows and everything...this is AMAZING!
shley77's avatar
:glomp: thanx!! its an awesome movie, and im planning to do some more pinhead art soon, so keep a lookout for it:D
BananagoddessAZ's avatar
i will...i loved all the movies...they all were awesome!
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AMAZING! Pinhead kicks major ass. Although Chucky is my favourite all-time horror villain. Amazing work here - I've looked at every one of your works of art in your gallery and I've SUCKED the air out of the room with my constant gasping. You have some MAJOR talent. And you like Harry Potter, horror movies and some talented actors - so kudos to you. :D
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can yu draw chucky?????

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thank you!! chucky? hmm.....possibly! ill keep it in mind:D
sangodango's avatar
LOL only a suggestion..I'm ebben thinkin of drawin him muhself! I have before..esp this one pic where he's chokin that guy with a yoyo in the 3rd movie LOL...

I'm silly! :P
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wow, great job on the shadows :nod:

You drawn excellent, hell f*cking good :D

keep it up
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Wow...that is impressive. I think the red in the box would have worked. That's it...I'm closing up photoshop and going back to my drawing table.
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That's awesome! Hellraiser is my absolute favourite horror movie series! (And I LOVE your HP stuff, too, though I'm more of a Severus fan myself ^^).
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oh my gods.. this is simply exquisite!!! ... so beautifully done, i am amazed!!! :+favlove:
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