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Don't mess with Tomboy

No, it's not Robin,
But then who is this blond girl dressed like Robin?

Well, she is Tomboy, a very old comic book heroine who first appeared in Captain Flash #1 (Nov 1954) She didn't last long in the comic world, but still, she was pretty badass since she had no superpowers but managed to fight crime by night while being a perfect little 50s girl by day.

Today, she lives in the public domain, waiting to be revived by, say, maybe an young comic artist who has too much time on her hands...? Sadly I really don't have 'too much time', but a story is starting to take form in my mind... And then sketches are being made... so yeah, maybe Tomboy will live again, we'll see! 

Why cosplay her then, if she doesn't really exist anymore?

Because 'somebody' enjoyed Linkara's first DVD... And then 'somebody' went to ConBravo. And then 'sombody' attended Linkara's live show. And then that happened (at 1:00) --…

See the guy with the hat pointing at 'somebody' out of frame? That somebody was me, in my Tomboy cosplay. Also my boyfriend Matt was cosplaying the first Daredevil (not the blind guy), another lost superhero of the 50s who was featured in Linkara's first DVD. So let's just say that the guy with the hat was double-ly pleased to see us :D

When he saw us and reacted so impressed, I tried to keep my cool because well, I may not be a hyper 14 yo fangirl anymore, but inside I admit I was squeeeing a little bit :blushes: Happy Shla was Shlappy!

And then he realized I was the Harley Quinn cosplayer from the day before, the one who gave him the Linkara Collection. That's when he shouted at his girlfriend 'Look honey, that's her!'

So that's how I met Viga :) And we talked about art, design and sculpting little model hands, and it was so cool and... Ok hyper fangirl shutting up now. 

So yeah, THAT'S why I cosplayed Tomboy, and I'm very glad I did ;)


EDIT: Apparently the hand gesture could be misinterpreted... o___O So unintended! 
So there, all better ;)
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Love it! You look amazing! Have you checked out other PD Superheroines?
Public domain FTW!