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the cloud looks like a ufo. Maybe it is?
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1672x1272px 1.87 MB
hp 635 Digital Camera
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1/813 second
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5 mm
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Date Taken
May 29, 2005, 2:58:43 PM
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Ali-Safdarian's avatar
There are 2 UFO's in your photo. The sky is clear and not cloudy. They have technologies that can hide themselves easily and even become invisible.
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They may camouflage their-selves by making clouds around their spacecrafts. It's completely logical and I believe that aliens exist on earth. 
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Clouds can take on some amazing shapes. I was a Weather Observer in The U.S. Navy and still observe the Sky as a hobby. Lenticular Clouds are fascinating. By the way, even without the Cloud this is a nice Photo.
AnimeFan020's avatar
Oh no! ,,Aliens'' are camouflage :o
abbeysonic's avatar
Freaky.. :?

In a way, this happened to me before.
I saw a cloud that didn't look like the
others. Check out the photo to see what
I mean:…
JaqErant92's avatar
I find it humorous that a mass quantity of humans seem to think any creatures that may or may not exist which possibly came from other worlds all apparently use identically shaped spacecraft of simple design.
LupineGamer's avatar
they don't those are the ones that can actually enter our atmosphere without actually alerting the human race before the time is due
binarystep's avatar
It's a lenticular cloud. Before anyone says "So what? That's not cool", let me explain scientists DON'T KNOW HOW LENTICULAR CLOUDS FORM.
curiousfox217330's avatar
where was this pic taken?
Gary3-6-9's avatar
Oh no, they're among us!:ohnoes:
Mysterion1's avatar
not a ufo, but a lenticular cloud. Great shot btw
kassidian's avatar
that cloud is unusual. those aliens need to work on their disguises. XD i've never seen a cloud tilted like that haha
maliarts's avatar
i want to believe
green-gun's avatar
no way, haha, what a crazy shot. absolutely wicked
kalinnnnn's avatar
It does resemble vaguely a flying aircraft and it is even tilted at an unusual angle (personally I've never seen a cloud in such a position) but then again, if it is concealing a flying saucer, it's not doing a very good job now, is it?
IPPO-Lita's avatar
Sure UFO wants us to think it's just a cloud!
Foxy-Lady-Jacqueline's avatar
Somebody mentioned that the sky looks "too blue" and that this sky in the photo is "fake"? *Bursts out laughing* I'm sorry, but apparently this person has not seen a clear sky. Where I live, the sky always is this blue. :)

Yes, this is a cloud. Lenticular clouds form near mountains. It happens when the air waves goes over the mountain. When the temperature at the crest of the (air) wave drops to or below the dewpoint, moisture in the air may condense to form lenticular clouds. Often people mistake them for UFO's.
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I'll Tell U Something. Sometimes I Think UFO's Are Sometimes Hidden As Clouds.
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huh if that is one than they need a mechanic asap
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Awesome photo!:ufo:! When I was a kid I saw something that freaked me out so bad, I actually passed out! It looked similar to that, but was about a quarter the size of the sky. I thought I saw what appeared to be a metallic curve appear out of the cloud. It might have been a lenticular cloud, but there are not mountains for miles, and I wonder if they get that big too...
Internet-Cancer's avatar
its not a ufo. its a common unusual cloud formation typical to mountainous areas like that.,
but if you want to get all fringy,some people believe that the government and aliens use clouds to conceal their craft. personally, i believe the government does that, not the "aliens".
*with their hyper advanced technology, why would they want clouds to conceal them? *
crazy nerd ranting here!
they just can come and go, and have weapons and defenses we cant conceive of?
i guess i will :sprint:
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excuse me for interrupting,but whats meatle?
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Well, let's see here for a moment. Most of the asteroids and rocky planets in the known universe consist entirely of verious metals and other solid elements like carbon, so it would be pretty straight-forward for an advanced race to utilize it all for ship building especially in space where the resources are all just there for the taking. Due mostly to top-heavy bureaucracy, it cost about $10,000 to launch a single pound of anything into space. So a one million ton asteroid consisting of about 80% raw iron could be worth around 25 trillion $ in iron ore. There's one big-ass fortune out there in space but we currently lack the technology to get to it before the saucer people do. :D
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