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Lara Croft Rescue 1 by ShjakMonde Lara Croft Rescue 1 by ShjakMonde
I think this work is quite impressive, but it doesn't completely pull off what it tries to be. First off, the composition is pretty good, but I would've cropped a bit off the top so the framing is a bit more comfortable.

With the orange background, relatively cheesy pose and a suggestion of the environment it reminds me of a pin-up style comic book cover. The colors remind me of the comic book Storm for some reason, but that might be entirely incidental. In any case, I appreciate it.

The 3D model looks pretty good and the texturing of the pants is particularly impressive. The perspective is not so great though. I'm pretty much convinced the proportions are correct in the 3D model, but due to the angle the proportions are greatly distorted. The torso looks too big, the arms a bit too small, and the hand reaching forward looks absolutely tiny, while I would expect an optically bigger hand because it's one of the closer elements in the composition. With these anatomical distortions and the somewhat clumsy cropping of the artwork, it doesn't quite reach its full potential, although the vision and skill do show.
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Critique by DragonOfTheFire Mar 22, 2013, 10:25:14 AM
The thing that stands out is the bright background. But also I found my eyes drawn towards the foreground of the bones in the front before looking to the figure. The art in separate components is great! getting bones to look right when just drawing them is hard enough. And the 3D figure work is great (without repeating what others have already said). It seems to lose itself within the whole pieces. but in my opinion you have done something i could not do and it dose look good. All I would have changed is the background with you ability you have shown with the rest of the piece I can imagine a stunning vista of a hill top village (saying that as i have now started playing the game) or even a crashed plane. being able to look back on an art piece and give feed back means we can grow as artists and while I see a lot of great art in the piece and not so great in the background you should be proud of what you have accomplished. I rated it as honest as i can and see great things too come. hope you find this a fair opinion and encourage you to likewise Critique my own art.
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TrickyContestant Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Well done.
ShjakMonde Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Thank You
TrickyContestant Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
No prob. ;)
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