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Mortal Kombat 9 - Mileena[from Patreon banner]

Artwork is property of ShizzyZzZzZz[S|N|S'|'ER]. You may freely distribute this image on any resource, indicating the author or with a link to the original.

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
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Hi shizzyart! Looking at the pictures, I can't decide if you worked with a flesh-blood person or computer (3D). When one of your images is enlarged, especially the skin poles look great

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Do you have this same image but with the mask fully on? I need it to create a wallpaper please

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I don't mind about those teeth: I'd still hit that, shamelessly! Hot 
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this is amazing, what did you use to create this predatory beauty?
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One of the best (if the) fanarts dedicated to Mileena ever no doubt
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That’s pretty impressive. Several thumbs up, my friend.
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Looks amazing!!!!! Great Art!!!!! Shizzy, could you maby think about make some thing brutal anderen hot?
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Very nicely done.
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So cool looks very beautiful 
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Awesome and amazing :wow:
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This render quality is mind-blowing!
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This render looks superb! <3
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Mileena needs some kids in the mortal kombat universe.
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lol yeah seriously
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she's sexy, she can fight, she's freaky, she can rule like a queen, that's waifu (wifey)!
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I'm serious! she's hot! if a blind man can have kids (kenshi), she needs to have kids!
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