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Mortal Kombat 9 - Kitana Primary Costume

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a question do you know where I can get this model where they sell it? if it is from blender better to a

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The MK9 outfits that I'd like to be re-released in the future are: Kitana, Mileena, Skarlet, Jade (2nd outfit), and Sonya.

Excelente trabalho! você poderia criar imagens das outras personagens femininas, tais como Jade, Skarlet e Sindel, utilizando suas roupas de jogo, da mesma forma que você criou essa imagem da Kitana e da Milenna.

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If Ed Boon and/or NetherRealm Studios are reading this comment, costumes like this are what made the female kombatants, not those sharia law-inspired fashion choices currently seen in the newer MK titles. Please re-release these costumes as (free) dlc for Mortal Kombat 11.

Great work, Shizzy!
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gorgeous model.
very awesome 3d model design will it be available to use for animation?
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I admire the art style use to make these Mortal Kombat women sexy and impossible to resist. Especially Mileena. Keep it up.
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Bless you for existing. Seeing how Netherrealms treat female characters in MK11 I can always see how they really should look like thanks to your art.
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Awesome render!!
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As hot as usual.
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Cho kak tam armiya?)
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Very well done!
it's wonderful ! 
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Good morning, sexy and amazing. 
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Amazing Kitana artwork :D
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Can she Kiss of Death herself? Sure would be a spectacle!
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Love it keep that artwork coming
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Make more of the girls from Mortal Kombat  😍👍
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