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Mortal Kombat 11 - Skarlet MK9 Outfit

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AngelinaIsLaraCroft's avatar

Yeees. Plz do the rest of the ninjas

snoopdoudydog's avatar
I prefer the previous charadesign Mortal kombat so far
Imaginashawn's avatar
That's what she should have looked like in MK11. Not that fully covered Arabian shit!
BBOI-214's avatar
Now we need Mk11 Kitana, Jade, & Sonya Blade with their mk9 outfits.
Yanny43's avatar
Jaz-Merigold's avatar
TheVocaloid1's avatar
DanLuna's avatar
The better look
CyriuX7's avatar
This is what Skarlet could have been. Such a shame thar NRS is no longer as edgy as they used to be.
janedj's avatar
TheGeckoNinja's avatar
lol was this so hard for them to do in MK11? at least as a alternate outfit
JCFanfics's avatar
Well, some people found classic skins for Kitana and Jade in the game's data, so maybe the same can be said for Skarlet.
Trevyler's avatar
Skarlet has the MK2 Skin too I’m pretty sure
ShizzyZzZzZzART i am extremely sorry for the pots on your twitter
FotusKnight's avatar
What’s out there?
window09's avatar
Skarlet is looking good.
AceWanzer's avatar
What an absolutely gorgeous woman!!! :love:
jackzontrex's avatar
That actually looks nice on MK11 Skarlet. I wonder how the other females would look with their MK9 outfits.
Darkburster1's avatar
omg, mk11 kitana in her mk9 outfit? hawt.
TheGeckoNinja's avatar
i will give them that, their kitana face is beautiful
Darkburster1's avatar
i know! Im glad i have the Unmasked in that game :)
jackzontrex's avatar
Yeah. Along with Jade and Sonya.
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