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""What is life?", "Why do people live?". Someone asked me that and I beat him within an inch of his life..." Heiwajima Shizuo .

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DWOAH: Kanji Tatsumi vs Shizuo HeiwajimaDeadliest warriors of all historyKanji Tatsumi vs Shizuo HeiwajimaCall me violent again and I’ll kick your ass!Kanji Tatsumi info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 143lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Folding Chair, Takeji ZaitenStrengths: Acts as the ‘muscle’ of the Investigation Team in Persona 4, Superhuman strength (Can harm and kill Shadows with his Bare Hands, Can harm the likes of Tohru Adachi and Izanami with his Bare Hands, Has shown to be able to lift things several times his own weight with ease, Is arguably the strongest Persona user physically in the series), Superhuman durability (Can tank blows from Shadows, Can survive being electrocuted/set on fire/frozen solid, Survived attacks from Izanami), Massively hypersonic speeds (Can dodge Lightning and Laser attacks), Despite being deemed a delinquent and a thug Kanji is in fact fairly bright and has a naturally inquisitive mind, Has an incredible healing factor (Can suffer from debilitating injuries in the TV world but comes back into the real world completely fine), Is completely immune to Electrical and Wind attacks (Despite starting out weak to Wind) by the end of the game, Helped in the defeat of Tohru Adachi, Ameno-Sagiri and Izanami.Weaknesses: Can be fairly slow on the uptake of things, Is highly impulsive.Shizuo Heiwajima info:Height: 6 foot 1Weight: 154lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Street Sign, Anything he can grabStrengths: Is one of the main characters of Durarara! and can be considered the strongest character physically, Superhuman strength (Thanks to a brain defect that doesn’t shut down his muscles under stress Shizuo can perform many unnatural feats of strength, Lifted a several ton truck and threw it, Destroyed an AK-47 with a slap, Threw a man so hard he went higher than a skyscraper), Superhuman durability/Pain tolerance (Thanks to constantly breaking and harming his body as a child Shizuo has developed superhuman durability, Shrugged off being hit by a speeding truck, A Ballistic Knife could barely pierce his chest, Didn’t realise that he had once been shot until he passed out from blood loss), Superhuman speed (Can keep up with a speeding truck), Possesses an incredible healing factor, Is completely immune to all known drugs.Weaknesses: Has a split second temper which prevents him from thinking things through.Battle begin!Humming to himself as he finished the last few stitches Kanji bit off the end of the string to finish up his repairs to Naoto’s jacket before lifting it up to inspect his work, grinning to himself as the tear that once marred the material of the jacket was now fixed to the point that the clothing looked like it had never been damaged.Setting the jacket down he then reached for his phone to text Naoto to tell her that her jacket was ready when the sound of shattering glass and something crashing through his family’s textile store downstairs made him jump out of his seat “what the hell?!” he exclaimed, jumping to his feet and grabbing his own jacket to throw over his shoulders as he stormed out of his room to head downstairs.Expecting to find someone ransacking his store Kanji burst through the door already swinging but to his surprise the only person he found in the store was unconscious and the way he was strewn out across the knocked over tables and sewing equipment showed that he was thrown inside rather than smashing through the window himself.Looking out of said broken window Kanji then saw the culprit to all of the property damage, a well dressed blond man standing in front of the store dusting himself off with a look of disgust at the man he had thrown into it before turning to walk away.“Hey jackass!” Kanji snapped drawing Shizuo’s attention “ya think you can just wreck a guys place and walk away?!”.“Take it up with my employer, it’s not my problem” the Bodyguard stated taking another step away only to stop when the stores cash registers suddenly struck him in the back of the head.“I’m making it ya damn problem!” Kanji barked as he then ran at Shizuo full pelt and rammed his Fist to the Bodyguards face before he could fully turn around, the punch having more force behind it than a speeding truck as it sent Shizuo straight off of his feet and sending him across the street to crash into the wall of the adjacent building.Rebounding off of the wall to land on one knee Shizuo hissed in annoyance as the hit has broken one of the lenses of his glasses, the Bodyguard rising to his feet only to suffer another punch to the head as Kanji lunged at him, Shizuo this time quickly recovering to then catch another swing from the Persona user stopping his arm in its tracks “you’re strong kid” he ‘complimented’ as he forced Kanji’s hand back whilst standing up “but I’m just stronger”.With that he pulled Kanji closer before harshly headbutting him across the street, Kanji clutching his head as he slid to a halt just in front of his store nursing his now spinning head, looking up just in time to see Shizuo calmly take hold of a Street Sign and rip it straight out of the concrete as if it was nothing “holy shit…”.Smirking at the look of shock on Kanji’s face Shizuo then spun the Sign like a Baton as he charged at the Persona user, swinging the Sign like a Baseball Bat as Kanji raised his arms to shield himself, the Sign bending in half at the handle as it made contact with his body showing an unnatural toughness to him despite the grunt of pain he let out from the hit.Cursing Shizuo gripped the Sign tighter to bend it back into shape which left him open for a left hook from Kanji, staggering him which left him open for several more brutal punches, each one resonating through his body making him stagger and stumble before Kanji landed a crushing blow to the top of his head with a jumping elbow attack to his skull and a shout of “get bent!!!”.Being brought to his knees by the blow to the head Shizuo then suffered a brutal knee to the face sending him onto his back, just managing to roll over of the way as Kanji then brought his foot down hard enough to leave an indent in the concrete where the Bodyguard had just been.Spinning himself up to get back on his feet Shizuo kicked out at Kanji’s legs as he did so, knocking the Persona user to the ground before grabbing his leg and throwing him full force back into his store, further wrecking the inside of the store as his body crashed through the remaining equipment that was still standing.“Oh, you’re gonna get it now!” Kanji’s voice came from inside the store as he then stormed out carrying a metal Folding Chair with him, the Persona user then raising it high above his head before running full pelt at Shizuo.As Kanji jumped at him with the Chair Shizuo swung his Street Sign to intercept the Chair, both metal Weapons rebounding off of each other before Shizuo then swept the Sign upwards to strike the Persona user across the jaw, lifting him off of his feet before he swung the Sign like a Bat again to send Kanji flying across the street again and down an alley, his Chair clattering to the ground as he did so.Slamming his hand to the alley wall to slow himself Kanji winced as he clutched his aching gut, the Persona user then looking up as he heard the clanging and groaning of metal from the alley entrance, his eyes widening in shock as he saw Shizuo lifting a car high above his head “eat this!” the Bodyguard then barked hurling the car as hard as he could at Kanji, the tight constraints of the alleyway cutting off nearly any point of escape for Kanji and helping the thrown car make a beeline for him.“Shit!!!” Kanji exclaimed raising his arms to shield his face as the car came down towards him, bracing himself for impact when he suddenly felt a surge of power from within him and heard the car smash into something in front of him.Looking up Kanji grinned at the sight of his Persona standing before him having blocked the car “good to have you back man” Kanji sighed in relief as Takeji Zaiten then cast the car away, sending it flying out of the alleyway making Shizuo duck “now let’s kick this bastards ass!”.As he ducked to avoid the car Shizuo left himself open for Kanji to rush him, the Persona user tackling him full force before throwing him upwards for Takeji Zaiten to attack him with its Flaming Sword, hitting him three times in a Kill Rush attack with the final blow slamming him back down to the concrete.“Ziodyne!” Kanji then commanded prompting his Persona to which it cast a Thunderbolt down upon Shizuo, severely shocking him before he could get back to his feet, damaging his clothing and slightly charring his skin.Despite this Shizuo still rose up swinging, clocking Kanji in the jaw hard enough to make him stagger before forcing him back with a brutal punch to the gut, leaving him enough space for him to head to the nearby Street Light and grab hold of it.Gripping the metal of the Street Light hard enough to start to warp it Shizuo then heaved with all of his might, grunting as the concrete around the base of the Light started to crack and give way until he finally tore the Light out of its moorings, dragging the live wires out with it which he then lashed out at Kanji, the live wires swinging around like thrashing Snakes as they then wrapped around Kanji’s body sending thousands of volts through his body.Grinning as he expected Kanji to fry from the voltage Shizuo’s smile fell as Kanji still stood strong, his hair simply standing on end as the strong current coursed through his body “this barely tickles” he stated as he then broke free of the wires and grabbed them, using them to drag Shizuo forward via his grip on the Street Light.Wrenching Shizuo off of his feet Kanji then tore the Light out of his grasp and threw it aside before starting to rain brutal punches upon his face and upper body, making him recoil harshly with every hit before pulling him in for a bear hug “you seemed fine with the first shock but let see how you deal with this one! Takeji Zaiten! Maziodyne!!!” he then barked commanding his Persona to attack again.Raising its Flaming Sword high Takeji Zaiten then summoned an even more powerful Thunderbolt down from the sky to strike both Kanji and Shizuo, the Persona user tanking the Bolt in his stride whilst Shizuo screamed in pain as his body was quickly overwhelmed by the Lightning strike, the entire area flashing white for a few seconds before the attack ended.As he gradually was able to see again Kanji then flinched with an exclamation of shock as he found Shizuo was reduced to a blackened skeleton in his grasp, the Persona user quickly dropping the ashen bones and dusting himself off “god damn, I went really overboard there” he commented before looking back at his ruined store “Ma is gonna kill me…”.Winner: Kanji TatsumiWell that fight was shocking...yeah I should never try to imitate Boomstick.So anyway, why does Kanji beat Shizuo?Well in everything aside from outright strength Kanji has Shizuo beat, he’s tanked attacks from a literal God and thanks to his Persona possesses speed that allows him to dodge Lightning and even Lasers meaning that whilst Shizuo would be able to put a hell of a beat down upon Kanji anything he does simply wouldn’t be enough to put Kanji down before the Persona user quickly overwhelmed him.

Mature Content

Protect You Page 24 by KR-YaoiCrossover
Protect You Page 22 by KR-YaoiCrossover
Fem. Shizuo
Kanra x Shizuka ~ Durarara by NatsuLannister

Mature Content

doujin preview 81 by michelous

Mature Content

doujin preview 99 by michelous
doujin preview 319 by michelous
Shizuo x OC
Your Not Alone by Tasuke1993


Durarara!! - Shizuo Heiwajima by BastisHasi Durarara!! - Shizuo Heiwajima :iconbastishasi:BastisHasi 44 1 Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara - DURARARA!! by Midgard1612 Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara - DURARARA!! :iconmidgard1612:Midgard1612 39 0 51 PAPERCRAFTS!! by nursal1060 51 PAPERCRAFTS!! :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 41 39 Shizuo Sushi by EloAngui Shizuo Sushi :iconeloangui:EloAngui 15 0 Durarara!! by Danielle6518 Durarara!! :icondanielle6518:Danielle6518 29 5 DRRR!! Moonshine Love Hate Izaya Shizuo by sanaya DRRR!! Moonshine Love Hate Izaya Shizuo :iconsanaya:sanaya 74 7 Posing(AKA Ridiculously Photogenic Enemies) by the-PKMN-trainer Posing(AKA Ridiculously Photogenic Enemies) :iconthe-pkmn-trainer:the-PKMN-trainer 111 78 Shizuo Heiwajima by zlRedemptionlz Shizuo Heiwajima :iconzlredemptionlz:zlRedemptionlz 29 5 DRRR - Shizuo by kimchii DRRR - Shizuo :iconkimchii:kimchii 412 23 Shizuo Sketch by Hitoriedo Shizuo Sketch :iconhitoriedo:Hitoriedo 3 0 Be Mine Forever by LeMonisa Be Mine Forever :iconlemonisa:LeMonisa 89 11 DRRR!! by Antiquity-Dreams DRRR!! :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 572 112 Shizaya by Antiquity-Dreams Shizaya :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 950 144 Shizuo Heiwajima Theme Windows 7 by Danrockster Shizuo Heiwajima Theme Windows 7 :icondanrockster:Danrockster 52 2 Shizuo Heiwajima Pack Icons by Danrockster Shizuo Heiwajima Pack Icons :icondanrockster:Danrockster 17 0
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I'm doing this only because it takes an awful long time sorting through submittions to the featured folder. The folders are pretty straight forward, there really aren't rules to them, but we have a journal for folder rules if you want to go through them.
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Group Info

Shizuo Heiwajima (平和島 静雄, Heiwajima Shizuo) is the man renowned as the strongest man in Ikebukuro. He currently works as Tom Tanaka's bodyguard, and he is shown to be familiar with some of the major characters in the series(Durarara), including #Izaya Orihara and Celty Sturluson. He was a member of the Dollars group.
Shizuo is a often seen wearing his trademark bartender suit and blue sunglasses. As a child he had brown hair, but dyes his hair blond later on.

And the most important:

He's sexy as hell! ~
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