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Okay, I'm tired of this crap, tired on repeating for over and over.
No, I'm no longer playing any I.T. based games except Land of Wolves or Feral Heart (though I don't play those game that often as I've used to), so don't bother me with questions about the game stuff or just to join the gameplay. I won't be playing any of those!

Just to let you know that the person with the wolf that's really look alike my fursona ( check there screenshots… ) is NOT me. Yeah, I made an account but infact I don't play this game nor I gave the rights on using or impressionating my character. If you see someone impressionating me/using my character - report them. Why? Well because they're violating copyright for both mine as a buyer and AzureHowlShilach's as a seller.

Seriously, I'm tired of that bullshit happening for over and over. And just in fact that no matter how good the game may be still I won't be playing for multiple simple reasons:
- the community itself (more clearly because of multiple members)
- the violating copyrights over mine character
- lack of time - like due to the problems at the factory I'm kinda stuck with lack of cash do atm I'm trying to focus on earning enough of money (you may agree that about 116$ ain't that much for a month)
Yup, I'll be gone aon 13th of July, so while I have couple of days I have to trade/sell away the rest of my open designs.

Here's rest of open designs I have so far:

OTA/Point Adoptables - June (OPEN - 2/4)

Leftover adoptables (OPEN - 10/24)

PREMADE OTA Adopts Batch 1 (1/3 OPEN)

OTA/Point Adoptables - April (OPEN -1/4)

Cock or a Phoenix (OTA/Points)

OTA/Point Adoptables July - OPEN (1/4)

NY Adoptable Wolves (OPEN) - 1 left

NewYear Pointables Wolves (OPEN) 3 LEFT

New-Year Wolf Pointables NEW PRISES (1 LEFT)

Dragons Premade Adoptables OTA by ShizukaTW

Min price for every (exept the latest dragons) have their prices mentioned in describtion.
For every dragon min price is 800:points: + extra 1000:points: for customised coloring of your choice.

However you can pay either with points, money (only for Russian people via Yandex Money), art, or other designs.
Hi everyone! 
First off I'm not dead, I'm just on sort of vacation (mostly checking up multiple doctors from time to time). But anyways I and my friend Cate (aka Blendamend) have decided to redo out FAQ collaborated video.
Yeah, we did one, but in fact it was for russian members only and I was the only one to voice it back then. So we thought on redoing this video from a scratch so everyone can ask us any question and we'll try to answer it. While I'm on a vacation you have a plenty of time to leave your questions under this journal, and later once the video will be online I'll notify you with new status post.

So, the questions can be towards me, Cate or both uf us, our collaborated project/story/characters - any questions, as long as if those aren't tolerated about anything extreemly personal stuff. 

Yup, lately this type of subject has been bothering me quite a lot lately. But I need to say that. Not a rant, but still clearing some facts up.

Lemme start from the beginning. A couple of months ago (don't remember what caused me to bring up this subject) I've asked my dad if that's okay if I do not (the key words do not) share hatered towards germans. And guess how suprised I was when he said that he and my mother do not share hatered towards germans as well. But my grandmother shared opposite view towards them - blaming them for the events of 1941-1945. I may understand her, but both I and dad brought up one tiny fact - it's been decades since the Saint-Petersburg's blockage and yet the current generations do not have anything to do with the events of the long past. Dad also brought up quite interesting fact that I've heared for the first time - tell me, why the russian army was ready for the german attack before hand (like already made posters and the tank armament was already ready for action)?

In fact when I was studying at schools and lyceum the teachers taught us to hate germans for those events (even all of the books were telling as if the germans are the enemies for life), but even back then I did not share that hatered sadly compared to my countrymates. I mean 'cmon - 1) it's been over 70 years ago; 2) germans in fact did not want to invade the Russia; 3) the one who's responsible for everything that happened had committed suicide.

I've been on D.A. for 7 years, and believe me, in fact I've met multiple germans and they are not as bad as we've been told - they're just people like us who wish to leave in peace like everyone else.
In my case I've met such amazing persons like Kiriko-Windgeist, OokamiKuna, Samoki, Lunegrimm and KibatheMonster and guess what? Non of us shared any hate or whatsoever towards eachother, but in fact I admire them and feel sorry that my countrymates may throw at the entire Germany their hate of something that happened long time ago and the current generations are not responsible of.

And worst thing is that if you have opposite opinion of this subject the fellow people may call you crazy or worse - a nazi, just because you're more reasonable about this whole nationality thing.

And now I'm wondering is it that bad to judge people not for the things that happened in the past but rather their personalities of each person and the current timeline events?
First of all I want to thank you, every single person, who favourited my latest fan-art, helping on reaching the record number (of favs at least), and everyone else who's been supporting me.

I've been thinking on slowly returning on YouTube and here it is - the first video since my absence.

And yeah, according to the "math problem" of the activity of art popularity (a.k.a. fan-art of global projects get more attention rather than original art-works) I've been thinking on accepting Free Requests of the fan-arts.

You are free to suggest any global project that you would like to see as a fan-art from me.
It can be any projects - like dragon Arman from the Russian movie "He is the Dragon", "Godzilla", Kaiju from "Paciffic Rim", ect.
The only projects of what I am NOT gonna make a fan-art - any human/humanoid beings (sorry but my human anatomy sucks), "My Little Pony", "Winx", "Angel Friends".
"Wings of Fire", "Warrior Cats", "Naruto" and "Pokemon" may be accepted as long a there won't be a fight over those.

Decided to post a list of possible characters for the next fan-art. List shall be updated with each new character that you can suggest in the comments bellow. The one who'll get most votes shall be drawn in the first place and next according to the numbers of votes as well. 

:new:New more characters to vote for. If you have anything to suggest feel free to comment just read the article above for further information.:new:

- The Great Animal from "The Swan Princess" - 1
- Any dragon from "Guild Wars II" - 1
- Any monster from "Monster Hunter" - 3
Falkor from "Neverending story" - 2
Sea Dragon Leviathan from "Subnautica" - 1
- Arman in dragon from from "He Is The Dragon"/"Dragon" (this is a russian movie so in foreign countries it may be renamed sligtly different) - 1
- Any dinosaur from "The Isle" - 1
- Any creature/monster from "Silent Hill" - 1
- Any creature/monster from "Resident Evil" - 1


Daria Gromova
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My second account (mostly for playing older games that registradet on that profile


Stamps <3

Happy early B-day :D Shizuka-stamp by AzureHowlShilach Cm-Aiden stamp by AzureHowlShilach Takishko-Stamp by AzureHowlShilach Sirla-stamp by AzureHowlShilach B-day gift-stamp by AzureHowlShilach
Ruuza-stamp by AzureHowlShilach Kaitou-stamp by AzureHowlShilach Kane-stamp by AzureHowlShilach Locin-Stamp by AzureHowlShilach Luna-stamp by AzureHowlShilach Rex-stamp by AzureHowlShilach

Have a nice day <3



Guys, if there was a strange activity from my accounts (not only on D.A. but also on other services/websites) like messages and stuff, that WASN'T me. Recently my account was hacked, so if there was something keep in mind of that. Either way PM me via Notes/Discord/ if there are any doubt of recent activities from my profile.
Not dead yet. Sorry guys. I just had to move temporary to discord and VK.
To keep you in touch, those who's still following my activity n artworks please note me so I can send you link to the discord server of mine.
In a fiew words how's my situation - yup, the job problem ain't gone, but that's not the worst thing.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!
Officially back!
Sorry for my overlong absence but I just needed to be offline.
In fact I did come back at 14th of August, but when I came back my mother did some changes in apartment (ceilings etc). But that's not the reason of my absence... the real reason was father's scandal over nothing which happened in the beginning of September... I know what you might say: "Duh, scandal is not a reason to just disappear and drop everything." But believe me, there was a reason and I just needed to calm down. The scandal was over nothing, even father literally was acting like 16 years old child, but yet he yelled that hard at my mom that she was crying really hard and she was nearly at the edge of mental break. I hope that I don't have to explain to you on how both and upset and mad I was back then, especially taking in fact that that mess reminded me the "incident of 2000".
Now I'm officially back and with some changes - due to the lack of work it might take a while to earn enough of cash (unexplained reason of lack of work in my factory, yet getting fire and research for new job is not an option) in order to refund everyone whoom I owe. Also once I'll finish the owned artworks I'm thinking on moving (the censor in our country is out of control of adequate people) to FA or to my private Tumblr page with personal stuff while on DA there will be no more personal content but rather fan-arts and adoptables but then again this subject is still gonna be reviewed.
As for now the schedule is the same - drawing only on Saturdays and Sundays.


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