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I'm not sure whether I'm just not motivated or your commissions bore me (I think that's it XDD), but I need to get these off of my shoulders and not need to worry about them. You'll all (most) be getting a point refund (except the ones who wanted icons (50x50) and the bundlers)
The reason I'm doing icons is because the animation site I use is not working.
Don't argue, suggest, or say anything. I'll feel guilt in about a week and probably do them anyways XD
Commissions will open in January sometime, but money commissions will be open...

Also, I want to work on my page...Woooo...
I'm making Christmas gifts and want to work on my style.
Thanks for your interest in commissioning me, just hold your idea for a few weeks, and ask me when I'm open. Don't be mad at me! D:

Just my final decision...

If you'd all rather take a certain amount of 50x50 icons instead of a refund, I'd be HAPPY to take it. I'm up for pixelling.
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Submitted on
December 23, 2012