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Just some interesting info on my babies <3 enjoy.

Lore - Yes, this cherry-headed, cone-tailed, gold-sashed wolf is my biggest OC, towering over any human, feral and anthro. Close in size to Giraffaroo, Partypants, Lore is almost an eye-popping 9' tall. He has to be of decent size to kill dragons, hahaha.
Lore is a dragon slayer, mainly, but also takes on the task of killing monsters and such.

Rodrick - Grown since he was first mine, Rodrick contends as another of my megafauna characters. That means BIG. He is almost 5 1/2' tall as a feral. Due to popular belief, he is not a dog. Nor cat. Not any known critter. He is simply a monster called a Unicorn Dog. His horn cannot break, he is very snoody, and a lot of the time, grumpy.

Sullivan - Sullivan is a guard in the dark world of Purgatory. He resembles a dark lion with ram horns, wings, bob tail, and glowing attributes (i.e. tail claws fangs wings mane). He keeps the souls from escaping, dragging them back down when twy attempt to escape. When agitated, his mane ignites into a scorching hot blue flame.
He's tired, he's grumpy, he doesn't want to deal with your shit.

That's all I wanna write for now~
Want to know more about a specific baby of mine? Ask!
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Submitted on
March 5, 2013