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Hi everyone,

I just want to take a moment to announce an update in my commission info:

-Standard full-body artwork is now $144 - this month's discount will reduce it to $120 until 3/31/19.  (more info here: 

Commission is now [OPEN]

Commission is now [OPEN]

[Last updated on 10/05/2021]

Hi people ^^~,
For commission information, please take a look at the following examples:
Full body character plus completed background:  
($155 for returning customers)


* Adding a character to a full-body artwork will cost $65 for each character being added
(depending on the settings of the character(s) in the artwork (i.e if you wish to add a character whose figure is obscured by

-Sketchy commission full-body removed, I will now only offer a general category in sketchy art call "sketchy illustration" - which goes at $60/piece. Sketchy timeline completion changed to ~9 days. (more info here: 

Sketchy Commissions are now [OPEN]Sketchy Commissions are now [OPEN]
*Notes: Sketchy commission are generally less detailed than normal commission arts, if you're aiming for quick overall conceptual art that focus on composition/simple character design, this is great for you.

But if you are looking for complex artwork and detailing, please check my standard commission journal at:

Commission is now [OPEN]

Sketchy Full-Colored Artwork: $70 for one character,+$10 for each additional character. 


*Payments are via PayPal only at: 
(Half of the full payment must be sent before I begin your piece)
Thank you for your interest in my artwork, I hope th

Thank you very much for your support ever since ;;-;; I really really appreciate them all ^^. 

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