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Vampiric Knight 2

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Chivalry and virtue were not dead, but you could say they were Undead. Fires raged throughout the city, mad arsonists setting fires wherever they could, women and children huddling in fear as the inferno edged ever closer towards them. Their chances of escape were slim and growing slimmer by the second. Falling to their knees, tears in their eyes, they begged heaven for intervention although several had already just given up, waiting for the inevitable.

Suddenly, the front door shattered in an eruption of splinters, nearly causing the hovel to collapse. Through the smoke and the flame she emerged, a vision of unsurpassed loveliness clad in brilliant armor the sheen of solid silver, save her beautiful face and enchanting bust bursting out of the hole specifically cut to allow ventilation for the immense heat she generated with her vast supernatural energy. "Who wants to live?" she said tersely, spitting a bit of blood, but it wasn't her blood; judging by the red tint to her fangs, she had just been feasting, and as it so happened the arsonist situation had been recently dealt with by her intervention.

She stepped aside and pointed towards a path she had forged, setting up a barrier that held back the flames, her enormous strength allowing her to cleave pillars and toss masonry as if they were pillows. Blessing her and praising her, the women ushered their children through the narrow path towards the hole in the wall, barely escaping as the barricade collapsed and the flames belched forth. They looked back in despair as their otherworldly savior was crushed by the stonework and consumed in the flames.

Only for her to emerge, pushing herself up, the rocks and timbers tumbling off her shoulders with ease, the flames extinguished when she clapped her hands together, resulting in an enormous shockwave. She staggered down the path, her chest glowing red hot now as her vampiric energy damn near sizzled; crack an egg on those bursting bosoms and watch it fry. "Thank you, thank you dear angel!"

"Angel?" she scoffed. She glanced heavenward and smirked. "I hope you're keeping score up there. I'm not all bad. Not yet." And in the glow of the fires, her armor shimmering, the embers dancing around her so elegantly, the evil that resided in her diminished, and for a brief moment she did appear as one who had descended from the heavens to bring salvation to the poor. Before she could take anymore of their baffling praise, realizing she was no longer one of them but a monster to be shunned, she pushed off and vanished once more into the night.

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Ay this is pretty cool, thank you XD

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Looking awesome! very beautiful artwork!!

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