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Heavenly Songstress

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Beautifully epic work 💜❣️

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Vast cosmic forces awoke in the span of nanoseconds, expanding rapidly from an infintesimally microscopic point in space-time to suddenly forming what was the nascent universe. Into this primordial cosmic soup of the basic building blocks of physics, hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, so on and so forth, appeared the Heavenly Powers! Necessity! Equity! Infinity! Eternity! Order! Chaos! Life!

Death! Judgment! Mercy!

And Destiny...

In the midst of this grand conflagration of powers and principles appeared the fate maker, She who controlled all the strands of destiny so delicately woven together in a divinely appointed tapestry. From her fingertips sprang the music of the spheres, the harmonics of the very stars themselves singing in joyful unison to her majestic chorus. All across the universe her song spread, touching each star, kindling its luminosity and providing warmth, light and ultimately life to the smaller worlds encircling each one! The more she played, the more intricate and complex the pattern became until at last the entirety of her grand symphony, impossible for mortal minds to comprehend save in simple terms as music and song, became the foundation of the entire universe itself from which all other lesser patterns sprang, becoming one enormous story interconnected with each other from the smallest grain of sand to the mightiest galaxy reaching farther than the eye could see. Such was Her incredible gift to the universe, and from Her all other stories would ultimately return.

mystically gorgeous

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Well for one thing..she really is heavenly..glad to see her music soothes the soul.

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this is soooo good!

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Thank you ;;;;;

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Awesome and very beautiful artwork! ❤️

mystically gorgeous

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