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Elna looking beautiful!

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Elma looking beautiful.

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loving that armour!!

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Elna looking pretty cool. =)

Mystically gorgeous

bouncy too

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Staggering across the room, she burst into the bath, slamming hard against the wall. The heat was intense, almost unbearable, and she ripped off her breastplate with an astonishing new strength, allowing her heaving bosom the opportunity to breathe. Remarkably huge now, and growing larger by the minute, her lithe figure was rapidly evolving into a series of breathtaking curves, her waist narrowing, her hips widening, her legs lengthening, her heels forcing her calves up and curving inside her armor. "What...what have they done to me?" she gasped, clawing at the edge of the basin and pulling herself to her feet to gaze into the mirror.

Only to see nothing gaze back at all.

"NO!" she screamed, shattering the glass with one blow of her gauntlet. As her body changed into something more lusty and busty, her very soul had been ripped from her being, wholly against her will. She pulled down her collar and rubbed her neck, the twin fang marks still fresh and dripping with the venomous blood that now coursed through her veins. She screamed and doubled over, clutching her stomach as the ravenous hunger took hold, every organ, verily every individual cell in her body screaming in protest as the terrible transformation took hold, generating an immense heat that caused her chest to swell, boiling over with supernaturally charged energies, inflaming her brain and filling her with every imaginable lust and desire, both of the flesh and the soul.

No longer was she the honorable knight who strove for good, duty bound to her king and kingdom - now she was a ravenous creature of the night, and nothing would ever be the same again...

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She looks very beautiful! Great artwork! ❤️❤️❤️

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