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For commission information, please check my journal at: Commission is now [OPEN]

My recent artworks:

Blessed Mother by shizen1102    CM: Chaos and Order by shizen1102  Demon Knight by shizen1102  CM: Red Spider Lilies by shizen1102
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Very nice and dark awesome artwork! 😊😉👍

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They were the most vile of creatures, their hatred of all things beautiful and divine sending them into fits of rage, invading the nearby kingdoms and breaking their legions all in pursuit of their innocent females. Anywhere and everywhere they rooted out the most beautiful of these delicate creatures, leading them away bound in chains to inflict torments indescribable upon them. Tortures and punishments dealt out without mercy for the sole crime of being beautiful and desirable. One such fate awaited the princess, more evil and cruel than any inflicted upon her subjects, as they gruesomely nailed her to a cross and raised her up for all to see in her humiliation and ruin! From her lofty vantage point she hangs in abject misery, slowly wasting away, forced to watch these filthy savages torture and mutilate her helpless people, praying for death that will not come! Tears mingle with blood and flow freely down her cheeks as she witnesses the unending slaughter, the horrific cruelties inflicted upon innocent women! Woe, woe, woe a thousand times woe, would that fate were kinder to her and she could die!