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CM: Succubus

Commission for :iconmorgothmelkor: 

A piece of commission I did like last Thursday XD around 8 hrs on PTS CS 3 ^^~

Hope y guys'd like XD

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Thank you so much ^^~
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Just wanted to let you know that someone seems to like it very much. Enough to claim it to be theirs :>

Succubus by HeiBaiWushuang

Dunno if you should feel proud or whatever xD
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Lol thank you for notifying me, that deviant has just created his/her account for 3 weeks, I guess it's just some random art thieves trying to draw attention haha TvTb 
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Well, I guess you should feel proud then! You have created something someone felt it was worthy enough to steal it xD
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Thank you haha XD thou it's not the first time I got into situation like this TvT, dunno if I should feel proud or not lel.

Anyway I filed a DMCA report, hopefully they take it down soon. Thanks again for letting me know. 
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Wow - this is an amazing fantasy scenery, and a quite good composition. I love the amount of details you put into the armour, and how you chose those colors. They make a quite "harmonious" impression, and like they were chosen with care.
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incredibly impressive
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Amazing attention to detail. Pure epic it looks and feels. Amazing job you did there. :)
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So beautifull! <3
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This is breathtaking!
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it's so beautifullll!!! (and the wings are a great reference for me to get the proportions somewhat right XD)
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Thank you so much ^^~
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Wow. This piece is really interesting to look at. I like the colours you used here. The character looks so awesome. *o* Great attention to detail. You did a great job on this! :thumbsup: 
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XD Thank you so much ^^~
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Thank you so much ^^~
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